Project 365 2017 Week 10

It’s been quite an enjoyable week and certainly a busy one, with the only downside a little bit of social media trouble!

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 64 – Sunday 5th March – my son didn’t have football today, which made a nice change. He asked to go back to the park where he’d found the good Pokemon yesterday, so we did. We took my daughter with us and she was far less patient and tolerant than me.

Fountain, Park, Pokemon Go, Son, 365

Day 65 – Monday 6th March – we had my daughter’s final parents’ evening, which feels like the end of an era. I’m pleased to say it was very good. The guinea pigs hung out in the kitchen for a while – look at Wilfred’s little hands in the bowl!

Guinea pigs, Pets, Wilfred, Eric, 365

Day 66 – Tuesday 7th March – I went to see my daughter dancing in a school dance festival.

Dance festival, Daughter, School, 365

Day 67 – Wednesday 8th March – recognise that header? Yes, it’s from this blog and is my own, bespoke paid-for copyright design. Recognise that Twitter account? No, BECAUSE IT’S NOT MINE. This has been upsetting me, frustrating me and making me angry since my friend Natalie from Plutonium Sox blog first noticed it on Monday. I thought it was an innocent, if rather naive mistake, and tweeted the person to ask her to change the picture. And it still hasn’t been changed! I think this is the reason I woke up at 4.30am today. I feel violated by it.

Twitter, Identity theft, Copyright, 365

Day 68 – Thursday 9th March – my blog header was finally removed from the Twitter account this morning. Hooray! I was accused of bullying, which I absolutely didn’t do. I can’t believe she didn’t take the other copyrighted image off her account at the same time. Apart from that, I had some new articles to write and it was a beautiful spring day. The daffodils in my garden are looking lovely.

Daffodils, Flowers, Garden, Spring, 365

Day 69 – Friday 10th March – my eldest and I went on the train and had a very surreal evening in Leicester. I could tell you what we went there for, but I would have to kill you! Suffice to say, it was a nice change from the norm.

Train, Railway station, 365

Day 70 – Saturday 11th March – I took 11 kids to the cinema and out for lunch for my daughter’s 11th birthday. You can see that she had a lot of fun from this photo.

Daughter, Birthday, 365, 11th birthday

Project 365 is a bloghop. Hop over to see what others have been up to this week.


Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. What a lovely week apart from the stolen header. It would have caused me upset and frustration too, and she was hardly apologetic for using it on her twitter account. Sounds as if you have had a great week, and glad your daughter had a fun time with her friends. You can’t beat the sound of giggling from 10 and 11 year olds can you x

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    • Thanks very much. It was a really good week apart from the damn header! You’re so right about the giggling! It was absolutely lovely to hear it yesterday. x

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  2. I can’t believe R is leaving Primary this year. Altougth I’ve only met you once, nearly 5 years ago and never met your family, i feel like I’ve been a part of them growing up and can’t believe how fast time has gone.
    So glad you’ve got the header issue resolved now and bullying????? i don’t think you could’ve been any more polite

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    • Thanks! It’s hard for me to believe my ‘baby’ is going to be 11. I know what you mean about following families through their blogs for many years, you definitely feel as if you get to know them.
      I’m glad you think I was polite over the blog header situation, I think I was too!

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  3. It sounds like a fab week….
    I followed what was happening with your Twitter header. I am glad it’s sorted now….
    Ohh! I am very intrigued about your night out with your eldest. hehehe x

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    • Thanks very much. Was such a relief when the header got sorted, but was a stressful few days. x

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  4. So glad you got the blog header issue resolved. If she’d replied to any of us promptly she wouldn’t have got half the tweets she did. No bullying in asking nicely for something to be removed. Love the daffs and your guinea pigs. I bet she had a lovely party #365

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    • Thanks very much. You’re so right about the header – she just needed to respond and act on it straightaway. She had a really lovely party, thanks.

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  5. So is it 11 guests for 11th birthday, 12 for 12th and so on?! Sounds like fun! Glad you got your blog header / twitter thing sorted.

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    • Ha ha, hopefully not 12 for her 12th! I told hubby this would be her last big party as it’s her final year at primary school, but I suspect next year we’ll need old friends and new friends. So it might be 12 after all.

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  6. Accused of bullying??? I didn’t know that bit! I’m sorry if I caused trouble but I’m glad it’s sorted now, it was so wrong of her to do it in the first place, I can’t believe she didn’t just apologise and take it down. Accusing you of bullying is just horrendous.

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    • You didn’t cause any trouble at all! I’m just pleased you spotted it and pointed it out to me. Luckily nobody else thinks I’m a bully, but I did feel pretty sick when I saw that 🙁 x

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  7. Glad you sorted the header thing. I was so annoyed on your behalf and it finally came to me where I’ve seen that twitter photo when I saw the advert on TV. They’ll catch up to it soon when their bots do a crawl on the internet and they may not be as polite as you were.

    Glad it was a good week other than that though with the party. We are all zonked from nieces one yesterday!

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  8. Looks like a great week, I’m glad you got your header sorted out in the end, I can’t believe anyone would accuse you of bullying. The guinea pigs are so cute, love Wilfred’s little hands. Happy birthday to your girl, my youngest is 11 in a few weeks time and it doesn’t seem more than a breath since he was born 🙂

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  9. Oh how frustrating! I’m pleased it is sorted now. The Guinea pigs are really too cute, two gorgeous balls of fluff 🙂 The photo of those daffodils give me hope spring is coming!

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  10. It must be such a relief to have the Twitter header sorted out now, although it’s frustrating how long it took and then to be accused of bullying, when you were due an apology!

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  11. I’m not a pet person but the wee guinea pig ‘hands’ are so sweet! Loving the daffodils too. It look lovely and sunny. #365

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  12. so pleased that your header was taken down from that imposter’s account – what a cheek! I hate people who do that it is lazy, rude and out of order!
    lovely shot of your cute guinea pigs -love the little paws inside the bowl. x

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  13. I am so pleased you got your header issue sorted and just saw her replies, how rude. Hardly bullying. If she’d just seen the tweets, she wouldn’t have gotten so many. Love the spring time photos. The wee guinea pigs are so cute. I am pleased she enjoyed the party xx

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  14. what a terrible carry on with the twitter account, and quite right if it is copyrighted,
    Ooohhhh at Leicester, will we find out later on what you did?
    11 kids to the pictures and a meal sounds a lot more sensible than 60 screaming kids in a hall running riot. ( but each to their own)

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