Project 366 Week 50

So it seems that Christmas has finally arrived in our house, if this week’s photos are anything to go by. Although the tree still isn’t up!

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 346 – Sunday 11th December – we went to a neighbour’s house for coffee and mince pies (not that I actually like either!).

Mince pies, Christmas, 365, 366

Day 347 – Monday 12th December – my eldest was off school ill, even though he is currently doing his mocks. My daughter had two more panto performances and my younger son and I bought a robin decoration.

Christmas decoration, Robin, Christmas

Day 348 – Tuesday 13th December – my son was back at school and so was my daughter. I worked hard on my books for work and even found time for a bit more wrapping. I’m less stressed by Christmas this year and I think that’s down to doing wrapping little and often, rather than trying to do it all in one big session.

Wrapping paper, Christmas, 365, 366

Day 349 – Wednesday 14th December – my daughter had two panto performances, followed by her final school Christmas concert.

Christmas concert, Daughter, 365, 366

Day 350 – Thursday 15th December – I got some chocolates for Christmas from a grateful client – and I won’t be sharing!

Christmas chocolates, 365, 366, Work

Day 351 – Friday 16th December – I went to see the panto for the second time this morning. I decided yesterday that I NEEDED a Christmas jumper, and my husband and daughter went out especially to buy me this one! The boys broke up for Christmas, but my daughter is still at school until Tuesday. And she even managed to get to school for the afternoon after her morning’s performance.

Christmas jumper, 365, 366, Christmas

Day 352 – Saturday 17th December – I’m feeling quite chilled that the boys have finished school and my husband has supposedly finished work for the year. Everyone apart from me was too tired for Parkrun, but I will definitely be getting them out over Christmas. I was just two seconds outside my PB, finishing in 23:25, the fifth woman over the line and winning my age category by a minute. One day I’ll beat that PB!

Parkrun, Running, 365, 366


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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. You need to get your tree up….hehehe Mine seems to have been up for weeks.
    Ohh! Very Christmassy! You do right not sharing those chocolates. They look very yummy!
    Fab photos…I love the jumper!

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    • Thanks very much! I think the tree is definitely going up today (Sunday). I think the chocolates would be wasted on the kids, as they’re quite rich and they probably wouldn’t even like them much! 😉

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    • Thanks very much. I’m so pleased with my jumper. I’ve never had a Christmas jumper before, so I wanted a tasteful one!

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  2. I do like your robin decoration – he’s really cute. Don’t blame you for keeping the chocs to yourself.

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    • Thanks very much! I did reluctantly let the kids have one chocolate each 🙂

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    • Thanks very much. Have a lovely Christmas too!

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  3. Wow, amazing achievements in Parkrun this week, you’re flying! I like the Christmas jumper and love the fact that your client sent you chocolates. There’s only one thing better than a grateful client and that’s a grateful client with chocolate!

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    • The chocolates have certainly put a smile on my face 🙂

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  4. I dont blame you for not sharing the chocolates, do you think christmas is less stressful this year because you’re not having to pretend there is a santa when it comes to wrapping the presents? Love the christmas jumper, i only wore mine the once and i nearly passed out in the heat

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  5. I love mince pies but cannot eat them without 72 hrs of pain and misery. Hope you enjoyed your visit to your neighbour regardless.
    Some schools seem to have finished up very early this year, feel it makes the wait for Santa seem so much longer.
    Nice Christmas Jumper.

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  6. Love the jumper and the robin! Your daughter must be pooped out by now. I’m with you on the coffee and the mince pies too 😉

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  7. Goodness, your daughter must be knackered, she is amazing. Love the jumper it is fab. I am a fan of mince pies x

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