Project 366 Weeks 42 & 43

It’s been a good couple of weeks with the highlight of a holiday to Rome in the middle of it. This did mean my phone memory got overloaded and I ended up unable to take a photo for a couple of days!

Here’s our fortnight in pictures…

Day 290 – Sunday 16th October – a day which largely revolved around a two hour round trip to pick my eldest from yet another Explorers camp. Did I mention that I really hate driving? My younger son and I had a Pokemon Go walk in the evening, which we haven’t done for a while. I took this photo in our garden. I’ve no idea what these are, but they’re welcome autumn colour!

Flowers, Garden, Autumn, 365, 366

Day 291 – Monday 17th October – my daughter and I went to an open day at our first choice girls’ grammar school, which reminded us why it’s our first choice. And I got a phone call: ‘How quickly can you get my boots to me?’. That’s the third Monday out of four my younger son has forgotten something and, yes, I know I really shouldn’t take them to him!

Rugby boots, Son, School, 365, 366

Day 292 – Tuesday 18th October – my eldest’s mocks are in December, so he really needs to start revising after half-term. I got him a couple of books to get him started.

Revision, Son, GCSEs, 365, 366

Day 293 – Wednesday 19th October – we’re off on holiday to Rome tomorrow, so packing is happening!

Packing, Holiday, Rome, 365, 366

Day 294 – Thursday 20th October – my younger son’s 13th birthday! It was an unusual one, as we set off for Heathrow to fly to Rome as soon as he’d finished opening his presents. We offered him the chance to go on holiday a day later, but he liked the idea of going on his birthday.

Aeroplanes, Airport, 365, 366, Heathrow

Day 295 – Friday 21st October – our first full day in Rome! We went on an open top bus tour to see all the sights. There are so many incredible buildings in Rome. This is the Vittoriano and I fell in love with it!

Vittoriana, Rome, Bus tour, Holiday, 365, 366

Day 296 – Saturday 22nd October – after a failed mission to visit the Vatican City, we decided to visit the Vittoriano and took the lift right to the roof. The views were spectacular! I would recommend it to anyone visiting Rome.

Vittoriana, Rome, Holiday, 365. 366

Day 297 – Sunday 23rd October – we did the thing you have to do when you visit Rome – we visited the Colosseum! It’s such an incredible building, inside and out, with a remarkable history.

Colosseum, Rome, Holiday, 365, 366

Day 298 – Monday 24th October – sadly, it was time to head home. We spent most of the day travelling. I had to take pictures of the kids’ breakfasts. Who can guess which is which?


Day 299 – Tuesday 25th October – a day of unpacking, shopping and endless washing. I actually managed to squeeze a little bit of work in too. I’m cheating here as I couldn’t resist sharing another Rome photo. Look at that weather!

Vittoriano, Rome, Holiday, 365, 366

Day 300 – Wednesday 26th October – the suitcases are still out on the landing and I’m still struggling to get on top of the washing. I went a lovely walk with the kids and couldn’t take a single photo as my phone is so full.

Suitcases, Holiday, Rome, 365, 366

Day 301 – Thursday 27th October – my daughter went to a drama workshop and my younger son spent the day with friends, so I was actually able to do more than a couple of hours’ work for the first time this half-term.

Day 302 – Friday 28th October – another day with my daughter at a drama workshop, another day of work and another day of my phone refusing to let me take a photo!

Day 303 – Saturday 29th October – I finally deleted enough photos off my phone to be able to use it. All five of us started Parkrun this morning, the first time since my husband’s bike accident, although my eldest hurt his knee and didn’t finish.

Parkrun, Autumn, 365, 366

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    • My son is fine, thanks! Rome was brilliant. I swear the washing lasted longer than the holiday though 🙁

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  1. I would love to fly to Rome on my birthday – looks like an amazing city for a break! Doughnuts and scrambled egg for breakfast??! I’m dreading the whole GCSE and revising – Y6 sats is bothering my girl enough! I bet it was good to get back to Parkrun – hope your boy’s knee recovers soon x

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    • Thanks, his knee seems to be fine! I thought the donuts and scrambled egg were particularly gross. My daughter isn’t worried about SATS – the grammar school test was the big thing for her! x

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  2. I love your Rome photos, it looks like such a brilliant holiday and I now miss the food :). I might have to take my boys there soon. Hope your boy is ok!!

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    • He’s fine, thanks 🙂 Rome was brilliant. I wish we were still there!

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  3. Happy belated birthday to youngest son.

    I love to tour round ancient buildings when on holiday but amazed you get the kids to enjoy it, ours never really did.
    Nice to get back to park run, hope the knee is not too injured.
    yeuch to sugary doughnuts and scrambled egg on the same plate.

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    • Exactly what I thought about the scrambled eggs and donuts!
      My kids seem to really enjoy looking round historic buildings, thank goodness!
      My son’s knee is fine, thanks.

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  4. donuts and scrambled eggs for breakfast, a balanced meal I’d say. Our eldest who has an August birthday had all his celebrations on holiday every year and he loved it. I hate the unpacking part of any trip and have to force myself not only to empty the case, but to put it all away also. Glad you enjoyed Rome, it’s somewhere on our bucket list. Sorry I missed you this trip, there’s always next year.

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    • Thanks very much. It was an amazing trip. I swear I spend longer doing the washing after a holiday than we’re actually away! We will definitely catch up next year!

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  5. A busy couple of weeks for you. Rome looks wonderful. Nice for you all to be doing the park run again – hope the injury isn’t too serious.

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    • Thanks very much, the injury is fine! Rome was amazing. I wish we were still there!

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  6. More gorgeous pictures of your Rome holiday. Ah what a shame you didn’t get to the Vatican though. Good idea to do the bus tour on the first day to get your bearings x

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  7. what a lovely couple off weeks. I bet Rome was an amazing city to visit, so much history and culture to explore and breath in. I have to say those breakfast plates did make me chuckle, what interesting choices! And i love the photo of you – you look so happy and relaxed. I hope the injury was not too bad?

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