Stealing the show – AGAIN!

Well, the panto is all over now and all we have left are some very special and proud memories.

On the opening night of the panto, my daughter stole the show in her role as a little security guard. For a budding actor and dancer (not to mention a proud parent), the role was a dream come true.

When I watched the panto two weeks later I realised she’d got even better! Was that even possible? But there she was – more confident and more slick.

And the ‘evil stepmother’ knew it.

Every day, she leaned a bit closer into my daughter’s face to deliver her nasty lines. And my daughter just took it. Remaining strong and totally in character.

But this is panto and all about the laughs. It’s OK if the cast make a mistake or deliver a few ad-libs or laugh when they shouldn’t.

And the evil stepmother admitted to my daughter that it was her aim to make her laugh before the end of the run. But it was my daughter’s aim to absolutely not laugh, whatever the stepmother threw at her.

This time, my daughter got bigger laughs and louder applause than on opening night.

As she marched the stepmother across the stage to cheers from the audience, the stepmother said ‘We work for two hours, she crosses the stage three times and she gets more laughs and applause than we do’.

I couldn’t have been prouder.

A few days later, after I’d treated myself to a solo morning trip to the panto, I bumped into the wicked stepmother in Tesco. She told me how much she enjoyd working with my daughter as she’s so strong and confident and stays in character. She says she has fun with her and knows she can push her hard and she won’t crack.

And she said my daughter gets the most applause and cheers of the four girls who share the security guard role. I was so happy to hear that, that I grinned all the way home!

A week later, my daughter came home buzzing. She’d had her best performance to date – probably because she knew her best friend was in the audience. When they go off stage, the evil stepmother always high fives her. But that day, she had laughed so much at my daughter that she had to sit on a chair in the wings to calm herself down!

I watched my daughter in panto five times and I can safely say I loved it every single time. I knew a lot of the script and a lot of the songs by the end, but I never got bored.

On the final night, my daughter was still sticking firmly to her resolve not to laugh at the evil stepmother. The stepmother dragged her line out for even longer than usual, all the while keeping her face just millimetres from my daughter’s. After several seconds, the stepmother gripped my daughter’s face and turned her round to show the audience. My daughter didn’t move a muscle on her poker face.

‘She’s good, isn’t she?’ said the stepmother, then she turned back round and slipped back into her role.

Later, as she was marched across the stage by my daughter, to cheers from the audience, she shouted: ‘Never work with kids’.

My daughter may never get a role like the security guard again. It has been a brilliant experience for her and for us. I was particularly pleased and proud that my eldest, normally her biggest enemy, loved the panto and was so proud of his sister. After two months of saying nothing nice about the panto, he watched it and totally got what it was all about. And he knew how brilliant his sister was! I never thought I would see the day when he would say anything nice about her, but he was genuinely proud.

Roll on panto 2016, it’s less than nine months until auditions!

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I can’t imagine how proud you must have been. Heck, I am proud and I’ve never met your daughter! I’m so pleased that you all enjoyed it so much and the stress of the rehearsals was worth it.

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    • Thanks very much. The stress of rehearsals was SO worth it! Love that you say you feel proud of her too! I think a lot of my regular readers feel the same and that really means a lot 🙂

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  2. It must be great watching your daughter in Panto. Middle man loved the Panto this year and I hope one day I will be able to watch him up there x

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    • Fingers crossed you do! It’s such an incredible experience. A lot of hard work, but so worth it! x

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  3. Ditto what Rachel In Real Life says!! She sounds like such a pro; you’d better prepare yourself for a lot more attendances at shows!

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    • Thanks very much! I think we know that’s where we’re heading now. Counting down to panto auditions in September is keeping us sane at the moment!

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  4. I loved this post. Your daughter is a superstar! I’ve no doubt that she will be back in that panto next year. No wonder you are proud – justifiably so! x x

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    • Thanks very much, that’s such a lovely thing to say! She’s definitely going to audition again this year and I’m pretty sure she’ll get in again 🙂 x

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  5. Aww what a wonderful time it’s been for her. This choked me up a bit! That stepmother sounds a very good laugh and well done to your girl for not breaking role, ever!! 🙂

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    • Thanks very much! The stepmother was amazing! She was the one actor who really took time for the kids and cared about them, but my daughter was determined not to crack!

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  6. Again, I’m sorry I missed this; what a great experience for her (though I am rather aghast that the wicked stepmother was played by a woman!).

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    • It was absolutely amazing! I didn’t think the stepmother should be played by a man – the men played the ugly sisters.

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  7. Your daughter sounds like such a pro! You have every reason to be proud! She has been amazing!

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    • Thanks very much, she really has and I couldn’t be prouder!

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  8. So cute! Well done her! 😀 😀 😀 xxxx

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  9. You can read your pride in this post, I imagine you smiled all the way through typing it! It sounds like your daughter loved it too. Look forward to reading about her in lead roles, in years to come xx

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    • Thank you, it may happen one day! She loved every minute of it and so did I! x

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  10. I’ve been following you panto journey since it began and I really admire all the commitment you’ve had to put it, not just your daughter, with her fantastic skills, but you for all the ferrying back and forth. I know after a while, all the kids drop offs and pick ups can start to rule your life, but you never complain about it. xx

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    • Thanks very much! The drop offs and pick ups were hard at times and I must say I surprised myself too by not moaning! It was all worth it for how much she enjoyed the panto and learned from it. x

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  11. Aww sounds brilliant! Congrats to your daughter for being amazing in her panto – I bet she had the best time. I did panto too as a child and remember how much fun it was! You’ll be going to watch her in the West End in a few years time 😉 xx

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  12. Definitely a proud moment, and one to remember. I’m sure she’ll remember it forever, and hopefully it’ll carry her through the year to further shows.

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