Project 366 Week 12

It’s been a fairly pleasant week, nothing exciting, but nice enough! We’re all looking forward to the Easter holidays now.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 80 – Sunday 20th March – the kids and I all ran for Sport Relief and it was a brilliant experience. I was especially proud of my 14 year old son for running 6 miles.

Son, Daughter, Sport Relief, Running, Charity

Day 81 – Monday 21st March – it was a rare quiet day, without a lot of work to do. Those days used to worry me, but as I generally have a lot more work to do these days, I just make the most of them now! It was a good opportunity to sort out and schedule all the blogposts I’d bashed out in a hurry. And to look at the tulips coming out in the garden.

Tulip, Garden, Spring, 365, 366

Day 82 – Tuesday 22nd March – my eldest is doing work experience this week. At his school, it is common for kids to do work experience with their parents and he is no exception. He is getting a true feel for my husband’s workaholic ways and had a long day of travelling today. My daughter had a busy day too – going straight from school to her tutor, then straight from her tutor to her new ballet class and straight back to school to play in the school concert.

Violin, Ballet shoes, 365, 366

Day 83 – Wednesday 23rd March – my mum always has daffodils at Easter and so do I. It can be difficult to time them right, I’m hoping these will be at their best on Easter Sunday!

Daffodils, Easter, 365, 366

Day 84 – Thursday 24th March – my daughter finished school early for Easter and started drawing Jacqueline Wilson characters. It made a nice change from her watching TV.

Hetty Feather, Daughter, Drawing, 365, 366

Day 85 – Friday 25th March – a lovely, sunny, spring-like day. Unfortunately I was shut in my dark room as I’ve suddenly got a lot of work on!

Washing, Spring, Sky, 365, 366

Day 86 – Saturday 26th March – four months after it moved to the winter course, Parkrun was back on its summer route today. That means we do three longer laps, rather than four shorter ones. I ran with my daughter and she moaned all the way round. Hopefully now rugby is over we will be back to running every week and she will start to feel happier and to improve her time.

Parkrun, Running, 365, 366


Author: Sarah Mummy

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    • Thanks, my daughter is extremely dedicated! She says she loves a busy day (I don’t!). Happy Easter. x

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  1. You are such a busy family! Well done on the running and achievements for all – hopefully your girl will get back into it, I haven’t been out with my girl for a few weeks but need to give her a boot up the backside! I’m sure the daffodils will be perfect tomorrow 🙂

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    • Thanks very much, I think the daffodils are going to be just right! Good luck with getting your daughter running again. I don’t know why my daughter goes through these negative phases with it. 🙁

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  2. Well done your son for running 6 miles! I couldn’t even walk that. lol
    Your daughter is so talented. She is so good at drawing!

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    • Thanks very much! I’m so proud of him for the running. My daughter is pretty good at drawing, but she doesn’t do it very often. I was impressed with how quickly she managed to do this one.

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  3. Great perspective on the tulip, and I love daffodils too. Great to see blue skies 🙂 Love your daughters drawing!

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    • Thanks very much. I love my daughter’s drawing too!

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  4. gosh your daughter alone has you doing a full time job, let alone the two boys, park run and of course work

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    • Ha ha, generally my daughter is the most time-consuming on weekdays. My eldest is the one who throws curveballs at unusual times.

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  5. Busy week for the kids again. Your daughter so reminds me of me when I was a kid (although I was less dedicated to the performance side of things). Nice to see some blue skies especially if you’re running

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    • Thanks very much. I like hearing about your life as a young dancer.

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  6. This is such a good idea, whenever I come to do my weekly roundup posts I forget what we’ve done that week. I didn’t know your daughter played the violin, there is no end to her talents! I hope you’ve had a lovely Easter.

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    • I always have to write it as I go along or I would definitely forget it! She does weekly violin lessons at school. All of my kids play an instrument, but none of them are child prodigies! x

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  7. Yay for the easter holidays. Well done to all of you on smashing your Sports relief charity total ( I think I saw it on your page?). I always wanted to play the violin at school but they didn’t have one so I had to settle for the cornet! Not the same really 🙂

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    • Thanks! Yes, we set a modest sponsorship target and we did smash it, which was great. I wanted to play the violin too. I tried it for a few months, but gave up when I realised I couldn’t play Come on Eileen!

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  8. i bought myself some Daffs for the first time ever this Easter – I often buy them for others but never for myself. I have to say they really brighten up my kitchen 🙂
    Well doen to you all on your Sports Relief run and for the park runs. You are all so fit! I always imagine that the violin is a hard instrument to play x
    happy easter x

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    • Daffodils are the only flowers I buy for myself – they’re my favourite flowers and they’re so affordable too! Thanks very much, we love our running! I think the violin is hard to play, but my daughter does a pretty good job! x

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