Project 366 Week 6

It’s been a fairly boring week with rather more mum taxi than I would have liked – ever since my younger son started secondary school I’ve been spending more and more time driving. I’m glad it’s half-term!

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 38 – Sunday 7th February – the morning after the day before! After raining all day and all night, the park had a lake and the roads were all flooded. And my biggest boy had been out hiking and camping in it.

Flooding, Park, Rain

Day 39 – Monday 8th February – extra mum taxi duties for me today as my daughter was performing at a local theatre with the school dance club. The theatre is a very ornate one, but I couldn’t see much of it from my seat!

Theatre, Dance, 365, 366

Day 40 – Tuesday 9th February – Pancake day and we all braved flipping pancakes (without dropping them!). The boys made the batter. My younger son knew the quantities and ratios, but my eldest ignored him, so the pancakes were rather thick!

Pancakes, Pancake Day, Daughter

Day 41 – Wednesday 10th February – you can tell I’m busier with work now – my work has spread to the spare bed!

Bed, Work, 365, 366, Freelance

Day 42 – Thursday 11th February – a frosty start turned into a beautiful, sunny day.

Frosty, Garden, Frost, 365, 366

Day 43 – Friday 12th February – a lot of thought went into planning my daughter’s birthday party, then disaster! A girl in her class had a party at the same time (at my daughter’s dream trampoline place), inviting my daughter and three of her guests. Stress ensued until I managed to change the date and time of my daughter’s party.

Party, Daughter, Birthday, 365, 366

Day 44 – Saturday 13th February – a very satisfactory morning at Parkrun! I finished in 95th place out of 405 runners. I don’t think I’ve ever finished inside the top 100 before. As well as winning my age category, which I seem to do every week, I was the 7th woman across the line. I don’t think I’ve ever been in the top 10 women before either!

Parkrun, Running, 365, 366



Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Eek! With all that rain I hope the camping trip went well. I imagine there was a lot of washing for you to do…hehehe
    I’m glad you have got your girls party sorted….How frustrating.
    Well done with the running….You seem to be getting better and better every week x

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    • Thanks very much, there certainly was a lot of washing! It was frustrating about the party, but at least we sorted it! My husband ran today and said you can tell I run a lot because I don’t look fast, but I am! He can’t keep up with me 🙂 x

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  2. Well done on the run and I adore that frost shot. Looks like your son would have been floating rather than camping in that! Sorry I keep forgetting to link up to loud and proud – will try to do it after the holidays x #366

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    • Thanks very much. My son enjoyed his camp, despite the rain! He’s a brave boy. x

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  3. Well done on your parkrun! I love the frosty pic but not so much the flooded field – your poor boy!

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    • Thanks very much, I was so pleased with the Parkrun! Luckily my son is very resilient – I wouldn’t have liked hiking and camping in those conditions.

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  4. Wow well done on your Parkrun position Sarah. So glad you managed to change the date of the party, it must have been stressful for your daughter when she received the invite. Love your frosty shot. Have a great week and hopefully less driving for you x

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    • Thanks very much, am definitely looking forward to less driving! It was a bit stressful about my daughter’s party. I’m so glad we could move it. x

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  5. Well done on the 95yh position. I bet you can smash that in no time! And long live lots of work on your spare bed!

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    • Absolutely! I’m looking forward to messing the spare bed up with even more work over the next few weeks. 🙂

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  6. Great pancake toss picture. Looks like her wrist is feeling better now. Love the frosty photo

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    • Thanks very much, her wrist is definitely better! She wasn’t quite brave enough to toss the pancake without help.

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  7. well down on the park run. I hated mum’s taxi days, but i miss them now, studied for my degree in psychology from my car when various children were at various activities, I averaged 10 hours a week, stationary in car parks or on the side of a football pitch. Glad you got your daughter party date rescheduled and great news on the work front, you must be relieved.

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    • Wow, that’s definitely using your time wisely! I don’t wait in the car much – I either drive there and back or sit inside at ballet lessons etc.
      I’m very relieved about the work – and the party!

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  8. Well done on another personal best, and getting so high up the finishing order as well.
    Adore your frosty picture, and oh dear at your puddly picture, our park is bad at the moment as well.
    Glad you got the party sorted.

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    • Thanks very much! It was such a relief to get the party sorted. I was so pleased with my Parkrun finish. Our park isn’t flooded any more, but is still very flooded!

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  9. Great result on the run. Must be brilliant to know that you’re improving all the time.

    I love the frosty leaf photo. I’m always out too late to get frosty photos at the moment

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    • Thanks very much, I was so pleased with the run! You definitely do have to get out early to capture the frosty pictures!

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  10. What a great shot of the flipped pancake! and also the frosted leaves photo is fab too. That park is so flooded and i cannot believe that you son had been camping there! Well done on the running time too – you are so fit and active. Birthday parties really should not be that stressful should they? I have a few to organise in the next few weeks and i am trying not to worry/think about them too much xx

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  11. Well done on the Parkrun, that’s fantastic! I wouldn’t fancy camping in that weather, so good on your son. Love the frosty shot, so pretty x

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  12. Well done on the Parkrun, what a great result and I am impressed that your son for staying out in the camp, I certainly wouldn’t have liked to in that weather!

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