The school musical

Work started on the school musical in the last week of the summer holidays. Before my son had even started at his new school.

I had one of those moments where I said ‘You don’t want to do the school musical, do you?’. I was already in the middle of chucking the letter in the recycling when he surprised me.



My son isn’t a performer. My son is a footballer and a rugby player.

Yes, he did well in his year 6 assembly and leavers’ play. Yes, he’s got quite a nice singing voice, but he’s never even been in the school choir. So the school musical took me by surprise.

But he really wanted to do it. I was impressed.

He was the only boy in his class to do it, but that didn’t bother him. He auditioned for the one part suitable for a boy of his age. He didn’t get it, but he didn’t mind. He was happy to be in the chorus, singing the songs and marching round the auditorium dressed as a soldier near the end of the show.

Other opportunities for non-speaking parts for year 7s came up, but he missed them, due to leaving rehearsals early for football matches. He might be taking part in a musical, but first and foremost he will always be a sportsperson.

But he was happy. Happy to be going to rehearsals. Happy to be singing. Happy to be dressed as a soldier.

Son, School musical

And I was proud of him. I was always into drama as a kid (I couldn’t sing or dance to save my life, but I was a good actor). I always wanted my kids to follow me onto the stage and suddenly I had a daughter in panto and a son in the school musical – his final performance actually clashed with her opening night!

His first performance went well – although he didn’t have a working torch. Having a torch is pretty much his only contribution to the show, so that was key to him. He was desperate to tell me about it, but didn’t want to ruin the surprises.

We went along on the second night it was brilliant! There are so many incredible singers there. My son’s role was as small as it was possible to be. With a group of around 20 other younger boys, he stood at the side of the hall and joined in with the choruses of songs. For a few of them, there were actions. At one point there was even a bit of dancing (but I couldn’t see him at all for that bit!). Then, right at the end, he got his moment – marching as a soldier and then flashing his torch around the hall.

He really enjoyed being a part of the school musical – learning the songs and watching and listening to the older performers. And he thinks he will probably do it again next year.

I’m pleased that he goes to a school which really values extra-curricular activities and encourages all children to take part.

I’m very proud of him for going out of his comfort zone and doing something he’s never done before. And I’m proud of him for making the most of a very small part and never complaining that he had to rehearse for something so small. He really has gained a lot from taking part in the school musical. The only way is up from here!



Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. You kids are so gutsy and prepared to stretch themselves, full marks to him, I wish mine had this trait a little more.

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    • Thanks very much! I have two who will push themselves and go out of their comfort zone and one who won’t. I was really impressed with him for giving it a go as it’s really not his thing!

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    • Thanks very much! It was a fantastic experience for him and he got so much out of it.

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  2. Well done to him, he sounds like he did really really well and who knows, you may have a family that becomes very arty over the next year 🙂

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    • Thanks very much! It looks like we might! 🙂

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  3. Well done to your son for trying something that’s so out of his comfort zone, it’s no wonder you’re proud!

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    • Thanks very much! He really took me by surprise when he said he wanted to take part, but it was a fantastic experience for him.

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  4. Sarah, I loved reading this! So much to be proud of here. I was also into drama and being on stage. I don’t think it matters at this stage, whether you’ve got a win part or just a tiny one, it’s about being part of something bigger and having fun. He clearly did! Brilliant. x

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    • Thanks very much! It was definitely being part of it that counted for him. He got to meet new people and learn new skills and he really enjoyed it. x

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  5. Ahh lovely, too right to be proud. I lve it when they shock us and step out of their norm. Mich x

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    • Thanks! I do too. It’s too easy to assume they will just carry on doing what they’ve always done.

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  6. So good to hear that the school is bringing out very well-rounded pupils and well done to your son for giving something new a go.

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    • Thanks very much! The school offers so many extra-curricular opportunities and everyone is encouraged to have a go. It’s been great for my son so far.

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  7. Well done indeed! It’s always great to see kids being so willing to expand their horizons and build their confidence in unexpected directions. We need to keep gently encouraging out three not to get stuck in their individual comfort zones too. #loudnproud

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    • Thanks very much. I genuinely never thought he would be interested in taking part in a school musical, but I was pleasantly surprised!

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  8. Thanks very much! It was such an out of character thing to do, but he really embraced it and had no regrets.

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  9. What a proud moment. What a little star. I am loving reading your posts. It is such a great thing to do xx

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    • Thanks very much, that’s such a lovely thing to say! I was so proud of him as it really is way out of his comfort zone, but he really enjoyed it. x

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