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Ever since we heard my daughter had got into the panto, the end of the autumn was in my mind divided into two distinct phases – Before Panto and Panto. For nearly two months, as we enter the Panto phase, there will be no such thing as normality. Or there will be a new sort of normality, far removed from the old normality.

After the world’s most boring half-term, we had precisely one week of the Before Panto phase aka normality, before entering the Panto phase (today!). I was going to relish that last week of only moderate stress (stress that was overwhelming a few weeks ago, but I’ve kind of got used to it now.)

But, with kids, and especially with three kids in three different schools, I realised there is no such thing as normality. Because different schools mean different inset days. So my daughter had one on Monday and my younger son had one on Thursday.

My work is still in a bit of a lull, but I’m trying hard to find some more. I’ve never really had to look for work before – it’s always fallen in my lap. Looking for work can be soul-destroying, but I’m trying to be positive about it. I WILL find work. Actually, one of my regular contracts has given me another two month contract, which is far better than my current contract, so that’s a really good start.

Looking for work takes time. New contracts (and old contracts) take time. That doesn’t fit well with two inset days in a week.

My car, which has served me well for 11 months, added to the whole not-normal/ normal situation by breaking on me at the end of half-term. As I went round a mini roundabout close to home, I didn’t quite manage to get it into gear. Then I realised the reason I didn’t quite manage to get it into gear was because I couldn’t get it into gear. Any gear. I free wheeled it round the corner and put my hazards on and a kind man pushed it into a car park for me and my husband came to rescue me.

Car, Mini, 365

So there was no school run for me on Monday or Tuesday while my car was mended. Luckily I have a friend nearby whose son goes to school with my son. She is in a lift-share arrangement with other friends of her daughter’s so we don’t regularly share, but it’s good to know there’s someone who can help out in an emergency.

I must admit, cutting out the drive to and from school was lovely. Leaving the house at 8.30am, my daughter and I wondered what we used to find so hard about that, back in the good old days of two kids at primary school.

My daughter isn’t the only one with rehearsals. My son surprised us all by taking part in the school musical, so there was after school rehearsals for him. He also had his first ruby match for the school’s A team, which they won comfortably. Between the match, rugby practise and his games lesson, he needed his rugby kit every one of the four days he was actually in school.

Not to be outdone, my eldest had his first after school rehearsal for senior orchestra. It’s safe to say that I’m very proud of this fact, but he’s not so keen.

Oh, and my daughter ran in a cross country competition, which involved me taking her and a bunch of kids to another school and staying to watch the races, losing myself another half day’s work in the process.

And in the tiny bits of time we had left, we managed to do regular dance lessons (apart from my own, which I FORGOT) and homework. And eat. And sleep.

Somehow, from this week onwards, I have to fit in most of this stuff in addition to a panto.

Normality? There’s no such thing!

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. the car sounds a bit scary, just as well you weren’t too far from home and husband could come to the rescue. Your kids all do so well excelling in so many things, I guess the downside is a life of taking them to one thing or another, worth it with such a talented bunch though.

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    • Thanks very much! It certainly is worth it, but it can get exhausting sometimes! It was definitely lucky my husband could come and rescue me and the car!

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  2. Oh my, you have a fair bit going on then! Will be thinking of you as the full reality of panto season descends!

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    • Thanks very much! I’m pretty certain the experience for my daughter will outweigh the hassle for me.

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  3. I’m in need of a sit down and a cuppa after reading that! Sorry to hear about your car. I’ve also been rushed off my feet for the past couple of months and am really hoping that now I can start to slow down and enjoy life again, it’s all been a bit too mad.
    Good luck with the panto by the way 🙂

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    • Thanks very much! We’re really looking forward to the panto. I’m sure the end product will be worth all the work. Every time I think my life is as busy as it can be, it somehow gets even busier!

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  4. I can so relate to this post! I can’t imagine how it will be with the panto rehearsals but no, with three kids to contend with, there is no normality. I now have a whiteboard by the front door so that I don’t forget anything as there is just too much going on all of the time.

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    • That’s such a good idea! I have an actual calendar and my phone calendars, but still forget things! Panto rehearsals are going to be interesting…

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    • It isn’t! Luckily the car was back on the road after only a few days, unfortunately it wasn’t cheap!

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  5. life is so busy with three isn’t it. My friends daughter always does panto and loves it so I hope yours does too.

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    • I wonder if it’s the same panto? I’m sure my daughter will love it, but I don’t see it becoming a regular thing – don’t think it would be right to miss school in years 6 and 7.

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  6. Phew Sarah I need a lie down after reading this. You must have to be mega organised not to forgot anything/a child somewhere. You are superwoman so I know you will be fine. Glad you have the car back but gear problems sound expensive. I speak from experience after my gear box went the other week. £400 poorer *sob* xx

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    • Yep, £350 poorer here 🙁 And it wasn’t even the gear box itself, just a dodgy connection in the gear stick. I’m trying my best to be organised, but I’m sure I’ll slip up at some point! x

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  7. Oh my word, yes with Pnto practise that is going to make life super busy but it will be so nice to watch your daughter in it, in the end. Mich x

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    • It certainly will! I can’t wait for that bit. And she will get so much from the rehearsals and working with professionals. It will definitely all be worth it! x

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