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I’ve written before about how much I dislike our bedroom. Some readers might have thought it was just a cunning way for me to make money from sponsored posts, but it’s all true! I really, really disliked it. It was too small and too cramped and too untidy. Yes, the lack of tidiness was our own fault, but we didn’t have enough space to keep things neatly. The bedroom isn’t even in the same ball park as our lovely loft conversion at our old house, but I just had to accept it. I just slept in there, I didn’t use it for anything else and I figured that the rest of the house is pretty amazing, so it’s not all bad really.

But my husband wouldn’t accept it. He thought it could be better. Either it was going to get better, or he was going to move upstairs and swap rooms with our eldest. Our eldest’s room always seems bigger than ours, but it’s probably the same size. It has a large fitted wardrobe (I would LOVE fitted wardrobes) and is generally a nicer room. BUT IT HAS NO ENSUITE. Now our ensuite is a total sh*t-hole, but I’d still rather have it than not have it. I didn’t want to move upstairs.

So, after deciding to give up rugby, we had a bit of time on our hands on Sunday morning and we agreed to tidy it – sort it out and get rid of some of the piles of papers, clear out a few old clothes so we can actually shut the drawers, get rid of the TV we don’t use that’s been sitting on its side next to the bed since January last year…

Then I just went for a quick walk in the (very rare) sun with the kids, my parents, my sister and brother-in-law and niece and nephew.

When I got back, all hell had been let loose. A lot of eggs had been broken, but the omelette was far from made.

My husband had decided that the solution wasn’t just to clear out some paper and a few clothes, it was to move the bed. To move the bed, he had to move the wardrobes. The very big, very full wardrobes. To move the wardrobes, he had to empty them…

It was truly hideous, but it was surprising how quickly it took shape. I’m the first to admit that I’m not very good at tidying and organising and try to avoid it whenever I can, but I thought I’d better do my bit, seeing as he was working so hard.

The hardest bit was sacrificing my large oak bookshelf. As an avid reader, books are important to me. I like to surround myself with them (as my bedside table will testify). My husband doesn’t get this at all. We are most definitely not on the same page (see what I did there) when it comes to books. He was going to put it in the GARAGE. My lovely bookshelf and all of my lovely books. Sacrilege! But my eldest decided to have the shelf, which didn’t seem quite so bad and I displayed my favourite books on the other shelves in the house.

My husband also insisted we get rid of our chest of drawers. I’ll be honest, apart from my pyjamas and my waterproof trousers, the drawers (all six of them) were largely full of crap. They served as a useful place to stash things like 3D glasses and banners from birthdays four years ago. They were also a good place to pile paper before you found a real home for it in about a year’s time. So the drawers went in the garage.

And, suddenly, I very nearly had the bedroom I wanted. There was space on the floor. There was no clutter. The wardrobes only contained clothes we actually wear – and they were well-organised. The room felt lighter. I could see the photos on the wall.

It’s not perfect (I still need somewhere to store my pyjamas), but the reorganised bedroom is like a small miracle. It’s actually a pleasure to go to bed now.

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The ‘after’ picture. There are no ‘before’ pictures.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Haha I love you Sarah!! This sounds so much like us! That is totally what I would come home to if my husband was tidying the bedroom. And we have the Man Drawer as well, with lanyards from conferences and converter plugs and receipts for appliances we no longer own and currency from countries that no longer exist. Who am I kidding – our whole house is a man drawer!

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    • Thank you! That makes me laugh, glad we’re not the only ones! Surely it’s obligatory to have a drawer full of that sort of stuff?

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    • Thanks very much! It is so much better. I’m not much good at sleeping however tidy or untidy it is! x

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  2. Oh wow that’s a major declutter but it looks very spacious now. I’m obsessed with space right now so anytime you want to come and do mine you’re more than welcome 🙂

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    • Ha ha, I would be useless! My husband, on the other hand, is very good!

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  3. Books in the garage??! Noooo! I have to admit, though, your bedroom does look nice and airy now. And I’m glad you managed to re-house the books in a more civilised manner 🙂

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    • I know! How wrong is putting books in the garage? I have to admit the room looks better without the bookshelf though!

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  4. HOORAY! It is SO important to have a nice bedroom as it’s the place where all the lovely sleeping should happen. So glad you are happy!!!! xxx

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    • Thanks very much! It’s such a relief to have it looking better! x

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  5. Looks lovely Sarah and well done to the hubby for starting the job. I LOVE a good declutter (yes I am a little crazy) and can’t possibly sleep if my bedroom isn’t tidy. When I was in hospital having the kids hubby was delighted to chuck his clothes on the bedroom floor lol x

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    • Ha ha, I quite like leaving stuff lying about in the day while hubby is at work! I’m very lucky that hubby is good at decluttering as I’m terrible at it! x

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  6. OOh no you can’t put books in the garage!! Our bedroom used to be like that but we moved rooms and forced me to sort out and shape up last summer. I love my room now, so it is a really good thing to do and if you are already happier with yours, that is great and even better that your husband helped, mine looked after the kids while I did ours.

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    • I know, it’s all wrong to put books in the garage, isn’t it? Glad you’re happier with your room too. I’m pleased that my husband is really good at sorting things out because I get confused by it all and don’t know where to start!

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