The bedroom mystery

When we moved from a rather cramped three bedroom bungalow (albeit one with a loft conversion) to a spacious five bedroom house, I never thought we’d have difficulty fitting our stuff in. Because it came out of a small house. It’ll easily fit into a big house, right?

Actually, not really.

For all it’s smallness (that may or may not be an actual word), the old house had quite big bedrooms. Our old bedroom was lovely and spacious – large enough to swing a whole litter of cats. It had two big built-in wardrobes. The boys’ room was a good size, but it had two untidy boys in it, so never felt particularly spacious. Mostly it just a felt like a tip. The boys had two double and a single wardrobe which reached almost from floor to ceiling, which theoretically they could keep all their possessions in and keep their room tidy. This didn’t work, but it was a nice idea. My daughter’s room was the smallest, but still a good size with plenty of room for her lovely furniture.

But in our new house, everything is different. The boys both have their own rooms, which is a really good thing and is working especially well for my younger son. But all of the kids’ rooms have slanted roofs. They look good and quirky, but they make fitting stuff in a bit more of mystery. Plus my eldest and my daughter both have built-in wardrobes, which they didn’t actually need. And mummy and daddy, who did need them, don’t have them!

There’s no way those old, tall wardrobes would fit in my younger son’s little room so, to avoid them going to waste, mummy and daddy have the two double wardrobes in our room. They look a bit teenage, but they’re not too bad. My daughter’s expensive white M&S wardrobe, which matches everything else in her room, was far too nice to ditch, so she’s still got that, despite the built-in wardrobe. So her room feels a little cramped with too much furniture, but it’s beautiful and she’s happy with it.


We managed to squeeze a tall oak bookshelf in our bedroom next to the tall wardrobes. It shouldn’t work. To be honest, it doesn’t really. But it’s OK and it’s better than I thought it would be.

Our new bedroom isn’t quite the haven of the old one – it’s very cramped and a bit higgledy piggledy. But I still feel relaxed when I go in there. And I realise I don’t actually need a haven of a bedroom like I did at the old house – because I’ve got space elsewhere. When the rooms aren’t cramped and we’re not all living on top of each other, the bedroom can just be somewhere to sleep, not somewhere to hide unwind.

Our bedrooms aren’t perfect, but I think we’ve solved the mystery of how to organise them pretty well.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I love that you have a bookcase in your bedroom. It must make it so cosey. I used to have one in for years and gaze at the books a lot. Our current one is too small. Maybe one day again!

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  2. Its amazing how hard it is to move stuff into a new house. I went from a flat to a house with a kitchen three times the size of my last place, but soon found with no larder I couldent get everything in **sigh** 11 years later and my food is still stored on the cupboard under the stairs.

    You’ve done a great job and as time moves forward you’ll get it all just how you want it x

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  3. Lovely to have a bookcase in your bedroom – I’m starting to plot how we can manage that.

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  4. You’ll get there hon, and soon enough it’ll be like you’ve always lived there :o)

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  5. Thanks very much, ladies. It is fun working it out, Mrs Tutey, but it can seem quite confusing! It was a nightmare getting those wardrobes in! I love my bookshelf. This one used to be in the lounge at the old house and I had a short one in the bedroom. That’s on the landing now!
    Thanks very much for the nomination, Lesley, really appreciate that.

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  6. Our bedroom is a right old mismatch- we have an antique pine chest of drawers, and a unvarnished pine one. A gorgeous carved dark wood vintage wardrobe, and a canvas job from argos- chaos! But one day, ONE DAY, it will all be as lovely as the antique wardrobe….

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  7. That does sound like a mismatch, Sonya, but I’m sure it suits you and your house perfectly! I hope you get it all as nice as your antique wardrobe one day! x

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  8. Glad you are getting there Sarah, all change eh 🙂 thanks for linking up to the weekend blog hop…

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  9. Yep, we’re getting there bit by bit! Thanks very much, Claire 🙂

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  10. Your room sounds like it will be a lovely haven with the bookshelf. When we move back to UK I’m going to have to readjust to the whole wardrobe situation as US houses all seem to have built in or walk in closets. #weekendbloghop

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  11. That will be far more challenging than just swapping a few things round, Kriss! Thank goodness Ikea etc do reasonably priced furniture! Thanks very much for commenting.

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