Project 365 2015 Week 9

It’s been another miserable week, with far too many trips to the hospital. But at least the weather has been warmer and spring is just around the corner.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 53 – Sunday 22nd February – I do like to take pictures of sunrises and sunsets! This particular sunrise, snapped on my phone, with no filters, was one of my most liked pictures on Instagram ever.

Sunrise, 365

Day 54 – Monday 23rd February – following her strange cold foot, my daughter had a follow-up appointment at the hospital, where she was  given a crutch to help her walk.

Daughter, Hospital, Crutch, Virus

Day 55 – Tuesday 24th February – the kids went back to school and I did lots of work. The daffodils in the garden aren’t out yet, but I have these in a vase brightening the place up!

Daffodils, Flowers, 365

Day 56 – Wednesday 25th February – I finally got my much-needed appointment with the dermatologist. I’ll share the full sorry tale on the blog next week, but I’ve got some strong antibiotics to hopefully sort me out.

Antibiotics, Spots, Acne, Rosacea, 365

Day 57 – Thursday 26th February – my third time in a hospital waiting room in four days… Today it was a check-up for my eye infection. Thank goodness that’s improving!

Hospital, Eye infection, Eyes, Blepharitis, 365

Day 58 – Friday 27th February – a very busy day of work, but I did notice these interesting shadows in my garden.

Shadows, Garden, 365

Day 59 – Saturday 28th February – it’s only a couple of weeks until work starts on our kitchen. We finally decided which floor tiles we want and picked up 31 boxes of them, weighing 24kg per box!

Tiles, New kitchen, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I really hope next week involves less illness / hospital related pics for you all 🙁 Beautiful colours though in the sunrise, daffodils and garden. Hope things pick up soon x

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  2. What a fantastic sunset photo, that sky really is amazing. I can see a face in the shadows in your garden. I really hope there are no hospital visits next week. Wishing that your daughter gets well soon x

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  3. I love that sunrise photo! Awesome colours Sarah. The daffs are gorgeous too. Wow, you have had lots of appointments to go to! Hopefully not so many again for quite a while! x

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  4. Gorgeous sunrise. I can never get the colours to really look like what I see with my eyes.

    Exciting about the new kitchen. Hope it all goes smoothly.

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  5. I really hope that you and your family are back to perfect health very soon. That sunrise pic is stunning – the colours are so vibrant

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  6. I really hope that you and your family are back to perfect health very soon. That sunrise pic is stunning – the colours are so vibrant

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  7. What a horrible run of illness you’ve had just recently. I hope that the sunshine and spring air helps to sort things out. Gorgeous sunrise, you did well to capture it with an iPhone, I always find mine doesn’t quite get the magnificence of it. This one is beautiful!

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  8. Great sunrise shot- loving the outline of the tree against the sky. Wow must have been a stressful week worrying about your daughter (and yourself). Hopefully the Daffodils and prospects of a new kitchen brighten your coming week!

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  9. Glad the eye infection is clearly up at least. It’s a pity the foot problem and the skin aren’t going away too. It is a lovely sunrise – great colours.

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  10. Wow that’s a lot of tiles, bet it all feels very exciting. Glad your eye is getting better and hope your girls scan appointment comes through very quickly next week x

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  11. I hope the hospital visits are behind you now. That is a great shot of the sunrise.

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  12. Stunning first picture. Such a beautiful sky. Feel for your daughter hope it improves soon xx

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  13. Love the combination of colours in the Sunrise shot, stunning.
    I hope you get your ailments cleared up soon and have a healthier week next week.
    And nice choice of floor tiles, look forward to seeing the finished project x

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  14. Gosh sounds like you’ve been going through the wars with hospital check ups and appointments. Hoping you are all on the mend. Gorgeous daffodil shot. I love them.

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  15. I am pleased to hear your eye is on the mend, hope that all the other ailments in your household are sorted soon too! .. i love those floor tiles x

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  16. good grief, those tiles must be thick at that weight in a box. glad I was not carrying them home.
    not a good week for the hospital, hope things start to improve this week for both of you.
    The daffodils are nice, have to say they are amongst my favourite flowers.

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  17. I totally love that sky! So pretty! I really do hope you and your daughter have turned a corner and your hospital visits are over for a long while. I expect you’ll have to go back for check ups but hopefully that’s it! Those boys have to stay healthy! Love your positivity though xxx

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  18. Far too many hospital visits for my liking….I hope you all feel better soon!
    Lovely photos! x

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  19. I do hope this week is not involving so many trips to doctors… That sunrise is amazing, what gorgeous colours. I’d love to see some daffodils right now 🙂

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