Lessons learnt

A strange thing has been happening lately. I’ve been left at home. On my own. At the weekend.

First there was the camping trip to Snowdon, then my husband went to see his mum taking the two younger kids with him while my eldest went to a party and then they all went to a Man Utd game. Leaving me home alone three times in the space of six weeks.

Of course I could have made arrangements. Done something lovely with my friends like go out for lunch. But I’m not a go out for lunch with friends kind of person. After 13 years stuck at home with kids, it just doesn’t occur to me to do this sort of thing. I just think I’ll stay at home, earn myself a few mum points by doing useful things like mopping the floor and cutting the grass and mess about on my blog a bit.

Oh, and the weeds really, really needed doing. For a few extra bonus mum points, I could get some of those up too. I toyed with the idea of getting some gardening gloves from the local shops to help. (In case you’re building up a picture of the ‘local shops’ as some darling little bijou boutiques or maybe a friendly corner shop, that’s not what I’m talking about. I live near a retail park. I can get anything I possibly need there. I don’t ever need to go to town.)

While I was at said ‘local shops’ (not buying gardening gloves), I started getting tweets from people telling me they couldn’t get on my blog. What was wrong?

I got lots of very supportive tweets from some lovely people who were all trying the help me get my blog back. Then my blog designer/ host Geek Fairy looked into it for me. My blog was clean, but it still wasn’t working! My head was full of blogposts, I had time on my hands and I couldn’t blog. Disaster!

Eventually it became clear – my domain name had expired. Despite the email I’d had telling me it had renewed. So I paid up, sorted it and started weeding.

After we’d got a grip of our garden over the summer and planted some lovely flowers, something went wrong. Badly wrong. The weeds had completely taken over. They would be a nightmare to get up.

But apparently with a spade, they’re not too hard at all. Big, thick, tall weeds can be dug up pretty easily. But it would have been a whole lot easier if they hadn’t have blimmin’ well grown in the first place. Oh, and some of them are REALLY spiky. They hurt. Those gardening gloves would have been a good idea.

So even at 41, every day is a school day. I’ve learnt:

  • Check your domain name has updated, whatever the email says.
  • Weeds come out pretty easily with a spade
  • Weeds should never be allowed to get that big
  • Weeds can hurt – buy yourself some gardening gloves at the local shops
  • Just arrange to do something with your friends and avoid gardening altogether.

You’re welcome.

Thanks to OneDad 3 Girls, Ojos World, The Olivers Madhouse, Sticky Fingers and Me and the Tiny Three for your support. It is very much appreciated.  

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oh noo I would have panicked I think. I usually go running to my host who is excellent. I am like you and if the email says it’s ok then it must be ok. Glad you got it all sorted though (and also got lots of mum points :))

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    • I did panic! Geek Fairy looks after these issues for me and worked it all out, thank goodness!

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  2. Oh bless you, that really wasn’t a good day! At least my, slightly naughty, tweet lightened the mood lol xx

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    • It was a strange day! You certainly made everyone laugh and thanks for being so supportive. x

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  3. The first bit sounds so just like me, why is it with extra free time we spend it doing the same things or catching up with others. The bonus being things like getting up weeds (my guinea-pigs would of love eating those milk thistles!) always make a difference, well till they grow again! 😉

    More often that not if I plan an epic blog post writing session for some reason something goes wrong and I can’t log on etc etc. I am less persistent than you and take it as a sign to do something else….like weeding, right!

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    • Glad it’s not just me that doesn’t make the most of free time! I hadn’t thought about feeding the weeds to the guinea pigs! Ours would probably love them too.

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  4. We had weeds like that as well a few weeks ago. Glad your blog was sorted without too much of a headache.

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    • Thank goodness, I don’t know how I would have coped otherwise!

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  5. You must have felt like you’d lost an arm not getting on your blog! I’m new to blogging and still finding my feet with it but even I feel a bit lost if I can’t blog every few days. I’m glad you figured it out in the end x

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    • I felt exactly like that! Thank goodness for Geek Fairy sorting it out, I don’t think I would ever have worked it out on my own. I half expected something to go wrong on the day it switched over on 30th Sept, but thought it would be OK by 5th October!

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  6. It’s so easy to fritter away time to yourself with jobs isn’t it? At a parenting course I went to they got you to write down some plans to have ready on the fridge in case of unexpected time to yourself: what would you do with 5 mins to yourself? 15 mins? Half an hour? A couple of hours? If you think about it when you are not in the situation then you have somewhere to go check when you are suddenly dazzled by freedom. 🙂

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    • That’s a great idea! All I ever really want to do is read a book, but I always get sidetracked by other, more boring stuff to be useful to other people!

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  7. Mine expired without me realising it too! How funny that it was something so darn simple – always the way! Anyway, glad you saw some ‘lessons’ in all of that. And yes, I would definitely recommend lunch with friends over gardening 😉

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    • Glad it’s not just me! There’s definitely a lesson for me next time – and I took the precaution of paying for two years this time!

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  8. You are a far better person than me. I would have soaked up the peace and quiet and lost myself in a book all day. Sod the weeds! And ours are ridiculous….probably because I spend too much time with my head in a book 😉 x

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    • I really wanted to read, but I kept telling myself I’d do it after the weeds! Next time I’ll just leave the weeds and enjoy a book.

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  9. awww pleasure lovely i am just glad your up and running again 🙂 …. if you fancy more weeding .. i have masses! lol x

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    • Thanks very much! I haven’t done any weeding since and they’ve started growing again! It’s a thankless task.

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