How does your garden grow: The new flowers

I’ve shared a fair few photos of my beautiful garden, both here on the blog and on Instagram, but they’ve only ever been on one side of the garden. The beautiful side still had a fair few weeds, but it also had all of these lovely flowers and colour.

But the OTHER SIDE?! Oh my goodness!

I suspect, due to the canes which looked like they once had beans growing on them, that it had been a vegetable garden at one time. But the previous owners of the house were very elderly and probably hadn’t grown beans for a fair few years. The weeds had completely taken over – they were as tall as me and EVERYWHERE.

One day, one stupidly hot day, my husband went out there and started digging up weeds. He dug remarkably fast, considering the oppressive heat. He dug up the weeds and the dead wild grasses and pulled out the canes for the beans. He trimmed the plant from next door which had made its way down the wall and, suddenly, there was space. And the soil looked remarkably good, no doubt as a result of everything  that had been planted there before.

I really do know so little about gardens, but what I have learned from watching the garden flower over the last few months is that we needed some perennials. We needed plants we could put in, which would grow and flower and do their own thing. And be back the following year to do it all over again. In the past, we’d only ever planted bedding plants, which needed a lot of watering, died at the first sign of any hot weather and then had to be pulled out, to be replaced by yet more bedding plants.

On a whim, we went to the garden centre and started looking for perennials that we liked the look of – that’s as much thought and planning as went into it. The weather was so hot my daughter felt sick and had to sit on a garden chair inside with a glass of water while we took it in turns to choose plants.

PicMonkey newflowers2Collage

We chose four plants which are more leafy, bushes if you like, and five flowering plants. We were particularly taken by the lupins, so we got two in different colours. Perennials aren’t cheap, so we knew we had to get it right. For once in our lives, we followed the instructions and actually dug the holes as deeps as they needed to go. We added the compost and the bone meal and watered them well both before and after planting. We’ve carried on watering them daily throughout the hot weather.

We’re very pleased with our new flowers and the improvement of the overgrown bit of garden. It was transformed remarkably quickly and easily once my husband we’d started. All being well, these plants should grow and flourish and give us pleasure for many years to come, just like the rest of our garden.

PicMonkey newflowersCollage



Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I love those tall colourful things, are they lupins? As you can see I am completely rubbish at gardening. I never really know the difference between weeds or flowers.

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  2. They’re very pretty and looking healthy. They’re not cheap, so I find myself actually doing it properly when planting, too! Though I tend to buy my plants when they’re in the sales, I still want them to last!

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  3. The purple and yellow lupins are really striking, lovely! I agree with you about the perennials. We’ve bought quite a few for the front garden this year, otherwise you end up doing a lot of work each year and don’t really get to sit back and enjoy it. You’ve chosen lovely plants 🙂

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  4. Buying plants from garden centres can be really expensive. I get so fed up if I spend a lot and then they die on me! I’ve started looking at cheaper options like plant sales and even the pound shops because I think if they fail I won’t be so disappointed! Really like the look of what you’ve bought and that soil looks good.

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  5. Good choices! I totally get what you mean about reading the instructions and taking time to make sure the holes deep enough ect, something I too haven’t done enough in my time. As I get older I seem to value things more – the grinch in me thinks if I’ve shelled out lots of money for plants then I NEEEEED for them to grow well!

    Lupin love here *strokes screen*

    Thanks for joining in again x

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  6. I love lupins, my mum has loads in her garden and they bring back lovely memories of my childhood. Many a potion was made with lupin seeds in it 🙂 #HDYGG

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  7. Lovely lupins! This is the first year I’ve even remotely come close to reading the planting instructions, I’m sure it’s not a coincidence this also the best our garden has looked!

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