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Regular readers will know I have suffered from acne since I was 12 and am still suffering now, at the age of 40. After being on various different forms of medication since I was 16, I recently took the difficult decision to go on Roaccutane, the strongest acne treatment available. It can have some nasty side-effects, but I’ve been lucky and I’m really pleased with how my skin is improving.

I’ve been very fortunate to have a supportive GP, who just happens to be a skin specialist. But not everyone is as lucky as me. Other people may choose not to go down then medical route to sort out their acne. For those people, Sk:n Clinics offer a real alternative. They offer adult acne sufferers their own tailored programme of treatment and access to medical experts and dermatologists, prescription medication and clinically proven products.

Sk:n recently invited me to London to take part in their latest project – highlighting the effects of adult acne on sufferers. They have made three videos – of a clear-skinned model and journalist being transformed with prosthetic acne – and some 40 year old mum talking about living with acne for most of her life.

Oh, that would be me.

For Megan, a model, to suddenly be faced with appalling acne must have felt horrendous. The prosthetic spots were certainly worse than I’d ever suffered from – and she felt her confidence drop. She said it wasn’t just about what others thought of her, but her own self-esteem. Which is pretty much how I’ve always felt about my acne.

As adults, we are all terribly polite and nobody has ever really acknowledged that I have spots. But I know they’re there and so do they! Strangely, for me, after the initial shock of Megan’s spotty face, I soon didn’t see it. But maybe it’s easier for me as a lifelong acne sufferer to be blind to spots and see beyond them.

I’ve never done a vlog before and I’m not keen on seeing myself on screen. But if you want to see me talking about my acne story you can see it here!

It’s a very nice, professional video and they’ve done a fantastic job.

If you want to see a model being transformed by prosthetic acne, you can see that right here!

If you suffer from adult acne, it would be well worth checking out Sk:n Clinics to find out how they could help you.

I spent the day in London filming this video with Sk:n Clinics and was compensated for my time. All opinions are my own.


Author: Sarah Mummy

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