Six years of Superdry

It was six years ago, on my 35th birthday, that my husband first persuaded me to buy Superdry, then a relatively new and unknown brand. I couldn’t buy it! I was 35! I was too old!

Hard as it is to believe now, I’d actually been going through a phase since my third pregnancy three years earlier of dressing a bit more like a grown up – I wore knitwear, blouses and tweed-look trousers (cheap ones from Primark on the whole!). Because I was in my 30s! People in their 30s didn’t wear hoodies.

My husband already had a couple of Superdry Tshirts – he’d been taken in by the hype of a ‘must have’ Tshirt which David Beckham had worn and was flying off the shelves at an incredible rate. It seemed an awful lot to pay for a Tshirt. Especially as we were quite poor and my husband was way too old for wearing ‘that sort of thing’.

But I was persuaded to buy some Superdry – I chose a pink zip-up hoodie and a green striped polo shirt. And I loved them! I wore them all of the time – they were so comfy and they looked good. They lasted incredibly well too.

It was the start of a beautiful relationship that has lasted six years and is still going strong. Once I had that pink hoodie in my wardrobe, I never looked back.

After the initial hoodie and polo shirt combo came a pink Tshirt that a friend gave me, then a red Tshirt for Christmas. Then it all became a blur of Tshirts, hoodies and gilets. I once counted all of the Superdry in my wardrobe and was shocked to get to 50 items. Needless to say many of those items have now worn out or faded and been passed on (including to my own sons).

Three years ago I bought my first pair of Superdry jeans – second-hand. But once I had a second-hand pair, I started ‘needing’ new. I’ve just got holes in my two favourite pairs and am trying to find the right jeans to replace them. Buying jeans is an art, and once you’ve tried the best it’s very difficult to go back to ‘ordinary’ jeans from Next.

Superdry clothes look cool. They last well and they wash well. They’re practical for the life of a mum – knitwear and toddlers are not a good combination, but hoodies are perfect! Because they’re on the expensive side, you can get away with wearing Superdry jeans and Tshirts in places where jeans and Tshirts might otherwise be unacceptable (well, that’s my belief and I’m sticking to it!).

At 41, I am almost certainly too old for Superdry. But, do you know what? I don’t care. Because Superdry makes me happy! And I will continue to wear it for as long as it does!

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I think Superdry is a fab company. My hubby loves it and their stuff is always classic. I reckon it’s ok to wear it till someone reaches about 60ish.

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    • Thanks, that’s good to know, although I’m sure the company wouldn’t agree! I think they only want it worn by 15-25 year olds. It is stylish and it’s timeless, which suits me just fine!

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