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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – our school gives the kids some really great opportunities. They work hard at their English and Maths, but they get to do lots of other stuff too. Something which has been amazing for my daughter this year is the school choir – it’s taken her to Young Voices and various little performances and a competition locally. It’s something which my boys never did, but I will be encouraging my son to take part in year 6.

Last week the choir took part in a local secondary school’s performance of Oliver. They opened the show as the orphans singing Food Glorious Food. Working with primary schools in this way is something the secondary has never done before, but I hope they think it was a positive experience and would consider doing it again.

As the lights went down, the kids from our school choir (all in years 3-5) filed on in size order from both sides. They all wore grey school shorts and a white shirt, the girls with their hair in buns to look more like boys, and brown face paint smudged on their faces and arms to make them look dirty.

By complete coincidence, my daughter ended up on the stage right in front of me. I hoped she could see me – I thought it would give her a confidence boost – and she could!

They started singing: ‘Is it worth the waiting for, if we live ’til 84, all we’ll ever get is gruel… ‘.

I looked at my daughter and I could see she was enunciating every word perfectly and then I realised – I could hear her. Quite clearly. There were about 30 kids on that stage and I could hear my little girl above them all. I was gone. My eyes were filled with tears.

The song finished and her face fell. I wondered what was wrong – that protective mum instinct kicked in instantly. But then I realised, she was ACTING. They weren’t just singing, there was a little bit of acting in there as Oliver asks for more and then all the boys gasp in horror before pushing him towards Mr Bumble. The reason I didn’t get it straight away was that most of the kids WEREN’T acting.

And then they filed off. In their little shorts and buns and bare feet, to sit on benches at the front and watch the rest of the show. And I watched it too. I was so impressed by the singing of kids who are only in years 7-10.

I had a little glimpse of what I hope will be our future. I did a lot of acting as a kid. I loved it and I was good at it. But I couldn’t sing or dance to save my life, which would always hold me back. My daughter can do all three. One day I’d like to see her up on a stage just like that one, giving her all as Nancy.

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  1. aww this is so lovely!! How fab that you happened to be right of her and that you could hear her singing so clearly! Lvoely post and you are right to be very proud! xx

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    • Thanks very much 🙂 And thanks for linking up! x

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    • Thank you, it was really lovely. Thanks for linking up with Loud ‘n’ Proud. x

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    • Thank you very much. Always a pleasure to link up!

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