The Gallery: My view right now

This is the view from the back of my house. At our old house, I always looked out the front, but at this house it’s all about the back. Partly because I spend my days sat at the dining table working.

The big house to the left is my younger son’s best friend’s house. He was his best friend before we moved here. Our garden used to be part of the garden of that house, and it was the owners of that house who decided to garden grab some of their own garden, downsize and build our house for themselves. There have been at least three owners of the big house since then and we’re the third owners of ours (the original ones didn’t stay long).

I’m not sure who lives at the white house with the pointed roof in front. There are actually five gardens which back onto ours – on three different roads! Down the right sid,e the garden backs onto houses from our old road. Only the garden closest to ours on the right is actually on our own road.

The garden is still overgrown, with lots of beautiful flowers and just as many weeds. The red brick wall around the garden is a historical feature of the centre of our village – I remember learning about the red brick walls at primary school! (The school where my kids go now.)

At the bottom of our garden is a red brick outhouse, which I imagine was once an outdoor toilet, which serves perfectly well as a place to keep bikes. There’s also a half-fallen down greenhouse which, one day, when the bathrooms and kitchen are done, the weeds are all gone and the gloss is all finished in the house, I guess we might just take down. It serves no purpose.

And do you see that sky? It’s bright blue. There’s been a lot of blue skies this year. I’m not sure we’ve really given this summer the credit it deserves – it’s been very hot every day for weeks now.

So that’s my view right now.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Great view. Hope you were able to savour that sky today – who knows when the real British summer will arrive.

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