Young Voices 2014

Until my daughter joined year 3 and the school choir, Young Voices was something I’d only heard of in passing from my boys. They were both jealous and in awe of it – because kids who took part got home at MIDNIGHT and were allowed the next morning off school.

But then my daughter started singing. I heard the Family Film Medley and the Pop Medley, I heard Mr Blue Sky and All the Thinks You Can Think. The choir started learning these songs way back in September, all working up to Young Voices at the NEC this week.

Young Voices is the biggest schools’ choir event in the world, and takes place at four big venues over a number of nights, each with THOUSANDS of kids taking part. It is a big and exciting deal.


I must admit I was slightly sceptical, concerned even. My baby girl would go to school as usual in the morning, eat lunch, then get a coach to Birmingham for 2pm, rehearse all afternoon and perform at 7pm, getting home between 10.30 and 11 (midnight of course being an exaggeration by the boys). It seemed an awful lot for a 7 year old, especially one given to travel sickness.

But she was excited and she kept on singing. They were rehearsing hard at school and she was a little worried they didn’t know some of the songs as well as as others. I still really know what it was all about. I knew they’d learned a lot of songs, but how could it go on that long with just kids singing?

Well, it was spectacular and much more than just kids singing! I’m so glad I went.

The arena is half filled with primary school kids, all wearing identical Young Voices Tshirts. The rest of the arena is filled with parents. The organisers arranged the seating so parents are sat opposite their own school. But they are so far away! I’m so grateful to the mum (hello, you know who you are!) who pointed out where my daughter was. Although I couldn’t make out her face, I recognised her movements.

The show opened with a dance crew, a street crew, but with a bit of a ballet edge. Just my daughter’s cup of tea. I felt myself welling up knowing just how much she would love watching it.

Then they started singing – The Addams Family, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Supercalafragilistic (I probably spelt that wrong). The Family Film Medley! After all those months of hearing my daughter singing snippets of it, it was magical to hear thousands of children singing it. When they got to If I Was a Rich Man, the volume went through the roof. The kids love this one – because it contains the word ‘bum’. Not in the bum context, just in a nonsense context: ‘All day long, I’d biddy biddy bum… ‘ That is VERY funny if you’re 7. Or 10.

The concert had only just started and I was in bits. Properly emotional. It was just so beautiful.

The kids’ songs were interspersed with performances from the dance crew and singers Wayne Ellington, Keith Semple and Stacey Solomon! The volume of thousands of kids cheering at Stacey Solomon is quite incredible. And how bizarre to hear her talking in real life when you’re so used to hearing her unique voice on telly.

The songs were accompanied by simple dance moves. Now my daughter will never do a dance move anything less than 100% perfectly. She was a tiny dot in the distance. I couldn’t see her face, her glasses or her hair, but I would know those arm movements anywhere! I could just tell how much she was enjoying it. Singing and dancing herself, plus watching singers and dancers on stage. For my daughter, it doesn’t get any better than that. I knew I never should have worried about the long day and the coach journey. She literally couldn’t be happier.

After a very rousing performance of Livin’ On a Prayer (which the mums and dads joined in with VERY enthusiastically), the show closed with my daughter’s other favourite – the Pop Medley. One Direction, Taylor Swift, Olly Murs, Labrinth… The kids sang their hearts out and the parents almost burst with pride.

If your child ever gets the chance to take part in Young Voices, tell them to go for it!

My girl is in there somewhere!

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Sounds like an amazing experience for your daughter and as a parent, I can understand how proud you must be. It’s great when your children get to do things that they love. X

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  2. Sounds a fab experience for you both. Something for your girl (and you!) to be really proud of 🙂

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  3. Thanks very much, ladies. It really was fabulous. If your kids ever get the chance to do it, encourage them! I’m going to try to persuade my son to do it next year.

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  4. Wow it sounds like an amazing event and the energy in there must have been something else. The size of the arena looks humongous!

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  5. What a truly #magicmoment. I hadn’t heard of Young Voices until I read your post (we are at the resisting Junior Choir stage) and it sounds truly motivational. Can quite see how it nearly brought a tear to your eyes!

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  6. What an amazing experience! I think anytime your kids get opportunities to be involved in something big like that you should go for it – those are moments that stay with them for ever and often end up having an instrumental role in their life decisions. I took part in a public speaking competition which gave me the confidence I needed to get into all sorts of other things including teaching.

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  7. That sounds like an awesome experience that neither of you will ever forget! I haven’t heard of Young Voices but think it sounds like a fantastic thing for kids to do #MagicMoments

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  8. Sounds like an amazing show and such a great thing for your daughter to have been a part of.

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  9. Thanks very much, everyone!
    That’s just a tiny fraction of the arena, Notmyyearoff!
    Good to hear how these experiences can inspire children for the future, Judith! I really want my son to do it next year too – I’m sure he’d love it. Being in the choir doesn’t really fit the ‘boy’ image, but a few of his friends are in it.

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  10. awww Sarah this gave me goosebumps what an utterly amazing experience!! well done to your daughter for all her hard work to get there!

    thanks for sharing and linking up with #MagicMoments x

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  11. Ahh, that’s amazing. I was brought up playing music etc, and took part in events like that, I can imagine how magical it is to watch your child up there on stage. I bet you had goosebumps and lots of tears. It’s lovely that you can record that moment here too.
    Well done to your daughter. x

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  12. Wow! That sounds like an amazing event! I had never heard of it!!
    Sounds like a really wonderful experience for you both x

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  13. Oh wow Sarah that’s amazing, what an achievement. You must have been so proud – I would have completely lost the plot watching, I’m sure you had more composure! I’ll keep an ear out for this in the event POD can sing. Lovely post, thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

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  14. Thanks very much, ladies. It really was a very special experience. If your children ever get the chance to do it, I would recommend they give it a go – and they need to be able to sing, Charley! 😉

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  15. Grace says – wow – this is right up my street and I think this looks really cool…….
    Lucas says – Cool!!! They got to say bum!!!

    Fab post and congrats to your daughter – it sounds like they did a great job #whatsthestory

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  16. This sounds like such a wonderful experience! I remember taking part in the World’s largest Orchestra when I was at school and remember it to be such an amazi g thing to be part of. I’m so has it was a success for both of you!

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  17. Aww Wow! Sounds like an amazing night! These things involving our children usually involve us parents in tears don’t they! I think it must be pride!

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  18. I’ve not heard of that before but it sounds amazing. Such a great thing to be a part of!

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  19. Brilliant – I think music and dance can be so good for children. What a magical experience. Stopping by from #SSAmazingAchievements

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  20. That gave me goosebumps – what a totally amazing experience for her and for you – I’d have been in floods! Well done #SSAA

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  21. Thanks very much, ladies! It really was such an uplifting experience – really moving and beautiful. If your kids ever get chance to take part, encourage them! It’s so worth it! x

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  22. Thanks very much, she really did! Hoping to persuade my son to do it next year too, I think he’ll love it.

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  23. That sounds utterly amazing, I hope my daughter gets to do this next year when she goes into Year 3. I’m not surprised you were in bits though x

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  24. So many schools take part, FG, so I bet she’ll have the chance. If she gets the opportunity, definitely encourage her – it’s absolutely amazing! x

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  25. What an amazing thing to take part in, I’m getting emotional just reading about it! I’m so glad your daughter enjoyed it and you also got to go and watch this amazing event.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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  26. Thanks, Jane. It really is an emotional experience. Knowing my daughter, she will do it every year so I’ll get to experience it lots more times too!

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