Project 365: Weeks 25 & 26

It’s a double edition from me this week! With Britmums Live and our dance show last weekend, I realised it was too much to try and post last weekend, so you get two weeks’ worth this week.

So here’s what we’ve been up to over the last couple of weeks…

Day 166 – Sunday 15th June – Father’s Day. It wasn’t the best as my younger son had a football tournament (with my husband coaching) that didn’t go well. Most of the family ended up sulking. But I love this Father’s Day card.

Father's Day, card, 365

Day 167 – Monday 16th June – with our dance show just days away, my daughter and I are practising as much as possible. There is so much wrong with this photo – I took it on my phone and the light is bad, but it captures the essence of my daughter dancing. She’s a blur because she’s in full flow. She doesn’t wear a leotard for street dance, but still had it on after her ballet class.

Daughter, dancing, rehearsing, 365

Day 168 – Tuesday 17th June – I made a fair few work phone calls outside today. I stopped and looked, and realised this is my office now. I have NO regrets about taking voluntary redundancy. It was one of my best decisions ever.

Garden, work, redundancy, 365

Day 169 – Wednesday 18th June – another day of working at home, so I’m afraid it’s another picture from my garden! My garden keeps surprising with new flowers nearly ever day. This is one of the latest additions.

Flower, garden, 365

Day 170 – Thursday 19th June – packing for Britmums Live! I thought I’d better clear my handbag out. I hadn’t realised just how bad it had got. Why on earth did I have five pairs of 3D glasses in there?

Packing, Britmums Live

Day 171 – Friday 20th June – Britmums Live! It was a fantastic weekend, but I hardly took any photos at all. This is the quirky roof of the conservatory thing in the courtyard of The Brewery, where Britmums Live is held.

Silent Sunday, My Sunday Photo

Day 172 – day two of Britmums Live. I had a great time, but my photos were truly shocking. This was a lucky find at Swindon station on the way home. There’s a story attached to it.

Swindon, station, railway, train, The Gallery, clock,

Day 173 – Sunday 22nd June – having got home at 11pm, I was at the theatre from 8.30am until 7.30pm for two performances of our dance show. It was a long, hot day! This is my daughter, looking like the cool street dancer she is.

Daughter, dancer, 365Daughter, burger, barbecue, dance, 365

Day 174 –  Monday 23rd June – to celebrate the end of a lot of hard work for the dance show, there was a barbecue at a local pub.

Day 175 – Tuesday 24th June – a busy day of work, so it’s just a garden picture today.

Flower, Garden, 365

Day 176 – Wednesday 25th June – another busy day of work, but a weird picture from the garden. These weeds are as tall as me and all their seeds have stuck to them so they look dusty and cobwebby. I think they would fit well in a haunted house.

Weeds, Garden, 365

Day 177 – Thursday 26th June – I went to see my younger son play in a school cricket tournament.

Cricket, son, school, 365

Day 178 – Friday 27th June – my eldest’s 13th birthday! We have a teenager in the house!

Pumba, Birthday, Balloons, 365

Day 179 – Saturday 28th June – the end of an era – my daughter’s last swimming lesson after five years, also the last swimming lesson for our family after eight and a half years. I don’t normally let her have a treat from the vending machine, but today was a special day!

Daughter, swimming, chocolate, 365


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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Impressed you can remember that far back – I doubt I would – I struggle with a week’s worth! Have to say I’m mighty envious of your office though – it’s rather beautiful!! Well done to your sporty family on all their achievements this week too.

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    • Thanks very much, I start the post on the Sunday and keep adding to it throughout the week, there’s no way I’d remember otherwise! Glad you like my ‘office’. Not sure how I will enjoy work when it’s the winter.

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  2. Goodness, what a couple of weeks you’ve had! I do love the flowers in your garden. It must be so peaceful to spend time making phone calls outside – no wonder you are loving your decision!

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    • It is lovely taking phone calls in the garden – so relaxing! It’s been a mad, busy couple of weeks and I’d definitely like a slower week or two now!

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  3. I do love your office. I would work outside but our wifi doesn’t stretch into the garden and the glare from the sun means I can’t see the screen.

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    • I have trouble with the glare on my screen too! I mainly take phone calls in the garden, then go inside to write.

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    • Thanks very much! I’m always busy – my kids don’t give me a choice!

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  4. Oo poppets, love those.

    Hope the dance show went well and love the floral photos. I’ve been taking a lot recently of mine too!

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    • The dance show was great, thanks. I’m sure I only ever seen Poppets at the swimming pool – do they sell them anywhere else?! I can’t resist taking photos of the garden at the moment. I’m slightly concerned about what I’ll photograph in the winter!

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  5. You’ve had a pretty busy week – those yellow and pink flowers are just gorgeous! I don’t think I’ve seen many like that around. And how big is your handbag? thats a Lot of stuff!! Mind you, I always find some really random rubbish in mine and I am terrible for clearing it out.

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    • My bag is BIG. It had got to the point though where it was so full of crap I wasn’t using it any more, but it’s all nice and clear now 🙂 We have so many unusual flowers in our garden, I love it!

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    • Thanks very much, you too 🙂 x

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    • Thank you! The garden is amazing. We could never have created it ourselves, we’re lucky it was here all ready for us!

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  6. I LOVE your office 😉 I love your collection this week – such a.great mix. I’m looking forward to the end of swimming lessons – we still have one in arm bands so it may a while!

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    • Thank you, that’s a lovely thing to say! It’s easier to take nice photos in the summer I think. We were so desperate for swimming lessons to be over, sounds like you could have a long wait!

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  7. Crikey you did have a lot of stuff in your bag!! That clock is unusual isn’t it, makes a great photo, just a shame that you had such a nightmare journey back. Your daughter has amazing hair, it always looks so lovely. A teen eh? Good luck with that.

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    • Thanks! Let’s hope we don’t need it! I knew my bag was getting heavy, but hadn’t realised how much stuff I was carting around with me!

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  8. Wow, a busy couple of weeks Sarah! Lovely photo’s…..shame we didn’t meet at BritMums x #365

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  9. Wowsers Sarah you’ve been a busy bean! Sounds like you’ve had a great couple of weeks though. BritMums Live was ace and it’s so nice being able to work at home (I say that when I’ve just committed to 3 days a week back in London!). Your daughter looks like she’s been having a ball with her street dance.

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  10. Thanks for linking up to Project 365 and sorry for the delay in commenting.

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