Opening the presents (birthday girl)

We take birthdays pretty seriously in our house, but I don’t think a birthday has ever been quite as anticipated as this one. Not our 40ths last year, not any birthday ever. I don’t know why my daughter decided her 8th birthday was going to be so special and important. But she did. And it was.

She started counting down over a month ago. She made a kind of birthday advent calendar that ran to three pages. She made endless lists – of party guests, food, activities and presents. My girl likes to be organised. She can’t get her head round the fact that it’s her birthday and it’s me and Daddy that are the ones who make it special for her. She doesn’t have to worry about if we’ve got her a cake or not. Because we will do it!

It was the first birthday in our house, so I guess that made it a bit special for all of us. (Although possibly not the boys, who weren’t too pleased at having to get up at 6am to watch their sister open a load of clothes.)

The night before, Daddy and I got all the presents arranged, along with the all-important Pumba, who has held cards for every birthday for the last 20 years. (We only unpacked him this week, I’ll admit I was getting worried we wouldn’t find him in time!)


My daughter had asked for an iPod, which she got and was very pleased with. We’d added Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, One Direction and various other songs she likes in advance, so she could get dancing straight away. Other people had mainly bought her clothes, which ALWAYS goes down well with my daughter.

At the last minute, Daddy had sneaked off and bought his own present. Something illegal. Something which probably made him the best Daddy in the world EVER. Friends and people who follow me on Twitter will know I REALLY HATE hair donuts – those things that make it look like you’ve got a massive bun. I’ve seen them bigger than people’s HEADS. I think they look ridiculous and chavvy. Also, surely the point is to make it look like your hair is longer than it actually is. If your hair is down to your bum, as my daughter’s is, surely this isn’t necessary? Every week when she goes out with Daddy, she shows him the donuts and tells him how she really wants one and Mummy won’t let her have one (Mummy is trying to save her from herself, you see, to teach her good taste). So Daddy went and bought one. His view (which I can understand) is that he doesn’t want her growing up thinking Mummy had stopped her having something she really wanted.

She opened this thing and her face was an absolute picture. She fell about in absolute hysterics, that Daddy had broken the rules. It was the nicest laugh I’d heard in ages. Who am I to deny her that on her birthday?


‘We’ve got you a present,’ said my younger son.

They hadn’t.

He built up the drama and raised the excitement about this amazing present he and his brother had got for my daughter.

Once she was all excited, he said: ‘It’s this battery. It says March 14 on it,’.

Instead of shouting at them for being mean (as I was inclined to do), her face lit up.

‘Does it?’

A battery. A dead battery. That said March 14 on it.

Her naivety and absolute trust and faith in the brothers who can be quite mean to her was a joy to see. She couldn’t see they were teasing her. She genuinely thought they’d done something kind by giving her a battery with her birthday on it (and maybe, in a very small way, they had). She might be growing up fast, but her reaction was a reminder to me that she’s still a little girl deep down.


The birthday morning finished with something which we’d never done before, but I suspect will become a new tradition – Daddy made a cooked breakfast (for the three of them that will eat it). A cooked breakfast for the girl with the world’s smallest appetite might seem strange, but she loved it.

She’d had a really special morning and her birthday had hardly even started.



Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oh how lovely! And how funny of your boys, so pleased your daughter took it in such a lovely (if perhaps unintended!) way. I hope she enjoys her party! x

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  2. Ahhh what a brilliant birthday and so lovely that your daughter loved the battery. I’m trying to imagine the boys faces, slightly surprised maybe 😉 *whispers* that donut is fantastic!!! I actually want one now*

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  3. That’s so sweet. And a timely reminder that no matter how mature they may seem our kids are still just kids. I often forget that too with my oldest son, who’s 6 going on 36.

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  4. Such lovely smiley photos and I love the story about the ‘illegal’ present but it obviously made your daughter’s day

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  5. Between the donut and the battery joke, it was a very good start to the day!
    I was so pleased she took the joke well, way better than intended.
    Definitely easy to forget our eldest kids aren’t mini adults, Tim. My eldest was the eldest of three at 4. I reckon in some ways I expected more of him then than I expect of my daughter now!

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  6. Oh, I love this! Happy belated birthday to her. The donut and battery must have made it loads of fun and wonderful to watch, too x

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  7. I love it. Something my older brothers would have done to me for sure. I love that she loved it too. A battery with her bday on it how cool is that! Happy birthday to her. Glad she had such an amazing day.

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  8. Birthdays are always a joy cuz of the GIFTS!!!!

    Looks like she had fun on her day!


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  9. Oh bless them all, sounds like you had a fab time 🙂 love the donut hair!

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  10. Awww bless her and her cheeky brothers! She seems so sweet and lovely – hope she had a fantastic day xx

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  11. Her brothers are hilarious! Nice of them to notice and think of their sister too.

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  12. Oh bless her 🙂 I think that this is the age where you can really, really get excited still 🙂 It sounds like she had a wonderful day – and I do actually like her hair (although I would side with you!). Thanks for linking to Magic Moments x

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  13. Brilliant Sarah, sounds like she had the most awesome birthday. I’m still laughing at the donut although her hair looks great and the battery scenario must have been very funny too. Thanks for sharing with #whatsthestory

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  14. Oh, this is such a lovely post, I was smiling all the way through x I’m glad she had such a great start to her day, and the donut and battery certainly made her laugh, which is perfect xx #WhatstheStory

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  15. Sounds like you have a very good natured daughter who is used to pranks from her brothers. Happy birthday to her

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  16. Thanks very much, ladies!
    I must admit I like her hair more than I expected to Victoria, but still glad you would take my point of view!
    That’s such a lovely comment, Sara, thank you! It was a fabulous start to her day – and the best bits were the unexpected bits.
    Poor girl is very used to pranks from her brothers! I realise she gets them from her Daddy and her Grandpa too. It’s pretty much constant pranks for her!

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  17. Lucas & Grace say – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
    Lucas says – Birthdays are always MEGA important and I’m glad your daughter was taking it so seriously! Cool trick by the brothers………….. BTW Excellent Mummy points for the yummy breakfast too *high-5’s* #magicmoments

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  18. Sounds like an excellent birthday and it was special as it was the first one in your lovely new home. I am with you on the hair donuts as well!!! #magicmoments

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  19. Thanks, Lucas and Grace! You can borrow that brother trick for future reference for any younger female friends or relatives, Lucas!
    Yes, more donut support for Mummy! Thanks, WWoL.

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  20. Aww beautiful post, birthdays are such special times 🙂 thanks so much for sharing at the weekend blog hop…
    I’m sorry to say though I’m with your daughter on this one, I love do nuts too, I know they are chavy on some but they are also classy too..depends on who you are? ha:):):)x

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  21. Wonderful post – what a fantastic sounding birthday and you’ve enlightened me on what those doughnut things are for and I think her hair looks very pretty done up like that. I think her brother’s gesture was really sweet – they’d at least noted the date and thought of her! xx

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  22. Thanks very much, ladies! I think her brothers were a little bit thoughtful, Emily, even though they were trying not to be! x
    To be fair, Claire, the donut looks better on her than I expected it to! x

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