Saturday is lunchtime caption day!

We’ve always taken lots of photos of our kids. When they were tiny, we used to have special albums we put only the very best photos of them on their own in. We had an album for their first year and an album for their second. It was a lovely way of watching them change and grow up.

As we unpacked yet more boxes from the move, we unearthed these little treasures. Not only are they cute and full of wonderful memories, they are A REALLY FLIPPING GREAT SOURCE OF SATCAP PHOTOS.

I must be sorted for SatCap for at least a year (or until I or you get bored).

So without further ado… I give you my younger son, aged 1 and a bit, enjoying his lunch.

Can you caption him?



Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Are you supposed to actually put food in your mouth then?
    What a lovely idea too, my mum is doing this for my two as I’m never organised enough!

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  2. Orange you glad you gave me this to eat?

    Ooo now you have given me an idea- look to old baby photos! Yes! Thank you – and thanks for joining in! x

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  3. Thanks very much for the suggestions everyone. Dawn wins it hands down again. You are a Satcapping genius!
    The baby photos are a great untapped resource, Mammasaurus!
    Haven’t watched Monty Python since I was 11, Actually Mummy, so it’s lost on me sadly 🙁

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