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The theme on this week’s Gallery is ‘rewind’ and Tara got me thinking about clubbing in the 80s and 90s. If I could rewind my life, I’d love to re-live those clubbing days.

I loved clubbing in the 90s.

I didn’t drink, I didn’t do drugs and I didn’t tart myself up. But I danced.

I danced and danced and danced.

I drew attention to myself because I had no inhibitions and I never ever stopped. Not that I ever bothered with the attention, I was way too busy dancing. I was first on the floor and last off it.

The clubs weren’t swanky, they were grungy. I went to alternative nights and student nights. You couldn’t beat a mix of cheesy pop and some indie and, of course, Levellers’ One Way I very rarely went to a club that didn’t play One Way. I started clubbing at 17 and carried on until I got pregnant with my eldest at 27. Throughout that time, One Way was always there.

Levellers Tshirt – check, Doc Martens – check

I dressed in combats and band Tshirts – if you had combats, you didn’t need a bag (or a boyfriend to carry your purse). My best friend from university and I went through a phase of wearing quirky dresses and tights for clubbing, always with our Doc Martens. That was us dressing up. No make-up, no heels, nothing sexy or low-cut, but in our own way we were making an effort.

I absolutely loved those days. If I could go clubbing without guilt at not being around for my kids going to bed and getting up again and if I wasn’t old enough to be the mother of everyone else out, I would still love to go clubbing now.

Sadly due to the old chestnut of my never-ending house move, I can’t find my photos of my favourite clubbing outfits, so you will have to make do with this one of the typical 1990s me.

This post was written in response to a prompt on The Gallery at Sticky Fingers. Pop across to see how others have interpreted the theme ‘rewind’.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Great memories, sounds like you enjoyed yourself. I had Doc martins too and loved them but always wanted a purple pair but was never allowed!

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  2. Thanks very much, Kizzy. I was always allowed to dress how I wanted (and get piercings) – I dressed like this from the age of 14. I think my parents saw it as an acceptable form of rebellion – better than drink, drugs and teenage pregnancy! Over the years I had Doc Martens in pink, yellow and silver, as well as black of course! I’ve been wearing them again over the last few years, I love them!

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  3. Ahhh I remember Doc Martens really well and the 90s had the best music ever. I was obsessed with dying my hair a lot during my teens. Now I just want it not go white 🙂 great photo!

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  4. Um. I was still at school in the 90s!

    I did go clubbing in the noughties and I loved mostly. I loved dancing and wish I could do it now; it’s one of the things I miss most about having this stupid illness! I don’t miss the whole getting dressed up and drinking to excess that I did though.

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  5. Love the fact that you had no inhibitions, there aren’t many people of that age who can say the same. Great memories 🙂

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  6. I am hoping there are going to be more club and hair pics on the Gallery this week. The 80s and 90s were definitely where it was at!

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  7. That’s a great photo. Love it. This is the kind of Gallery for me. Big hair and dodgy pants. Awesome.

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  8. Haha, I lived in my combats! And I rarely had a hand bag, lol massive pockets! Good times! Great photo xxx

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  9. The Levellers were fantastic, great post. I’d love to come clubbing with you any time you like : )

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  10. What a lovely trip down memory lane. I used to be rather fond of the Levellers too!! Hope you go dancing again soon xx

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  11. Oh I love a good dance when we go out, the very rare times we go out that is. I could boogey all night!

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  12. Sounds like loads of fun. I had the DMs but was too you for clubbing in most of huge 90’s!

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  13. I will happily go on a sober nights clubbing with you any time you want!

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  14. Great memories and oh yes, Doc Martins!


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  15. Thanks very much, everyone!
    Good to know other people liked their Doc Martens too – and their combats, Mama Syder!
    So many people used to dress up, Angela, I think I was the exception!
    Thanks, Emma! I’ll take you up on that one day 🙂

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