One Way of life

This week my car went to the garage for a couple of days and I had to drive my husband’s car to work. I like driving my husband’s car because it’s got a CD player. Mine hasn’t got a CD player. It’s 12 years old and it DID have a tape player, but my son stuck a 2p in it about eight years ago and it hasn’t worked since. So I’m stuck with Nick Grimshaw. I like the music, but Grimmy’s whitterings do get a bit tiresome after a while (yeah, I know, I’m not ‘target’).

In the CD player was a Britpop album with Suede, Pulp, Chumbawamba and, oh joy! The Levellers. The Levellers are my favourite band of all time.

The track was, of course, One Way. Over the years I’ve had a slight love-hate relationship with One Way. It’s kind of The Gruffalo of The Levellers’ back catalogue. Yeah, we’ve got all these great songs (books) and you only want to listen to (read) One Way (The Gruffalo).

But it is an amazing and uplifting song. To me it hasn’t aged a bit in the, um, 22 years (surely not?!) since it was released. I realise it’s probably the song I have listened to more than other song in my life ever.

It tells you ‘there’s only way of life and that’s your own’. Well, my own life is driving my husband’s car and singing to The Levellers at the top of my voice. Just a middle-aged woman in an Audi estate doing my own private indie karoake.

Keeping it real.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about (too young or not a frequenter of indie/ grungey clubs in a past life) here it is…

Levellers, One Way, One Way of life

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. This punk never grew up! Mind you, I never circled A’s on the underpass either!! I have however done gigs supporting both The Levellers and Chumbawumba along the way!

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  2. Gutted there isn’t a you tube link on this. You can’t tell us about a song and then not share the joy! Link please!!! (them we can really imagine you).

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  3. Sonya – you supported them?! I literally want to cry. With both pride and jealousy. I’ve seen them about 30 times – starting in Glastonbury in 1992 and to Paris and Belgium plus Manchester, Leicester, Derby, Cheltenham, Bristol, Sheffield…
    Seen Chumbawamba a fair few times too – both supporting The Levellers and on their own. Also seen Pulp a few times and Suede a few times (always LOVED Brett Anderson).

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  4. UleyGirl – I’m presuming we’re talking a video of the ACTUAL TRACK rather than of me singing it? I have never put a video link in a blogpost before. You realise you’re really challenging me now! I’ll do my best… Watch my whole blog implode and delete itself.

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  5. I don’t think I remember them at all! I don’t like Grimmy much either…mind you I’m not “target” either.

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  6. Tas – I’ve added a link to the video now 🙂
    I used to like Grimmy when he did the odd week covering, but every day is too much ‘How are you?’ ‘I’m good.’ ‘Good, you’re good.’ ‘Yeah, I’m good.’

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  7. I don’t think I remember this one, I remember Pulp and Chumbawamba I loved these :)Thanks for sharing with us at welcome to the weekend hop…

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  8. Sounds like you really enjoy this band. I’m going to have to look them up. I have never heard of them.

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  9. They’re defintely worth a look, Katherine! Hope you enjoy them.
    Clairejustine – I can’t believe you’ve heard of Chumbawamba, but not The Levellers! Especially as we are the same age! I used to dance to them round your neck of the woods – Rock City.
    Thank yoyu both for commenting, I really appreciate it.

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