After four days of painting and two days of moving, the new house finally broke me on day 7. We’d done well – we’d painted the bedrooms, we’d moved stuff in, we’d started unpacking…

We were getting up early and going to bed late. All the paint and cleaning was affecting my eczema and my hands were cracked, bleeding, swollen and throbbing. By the evening they were so painful I could barely move them.

But in the end it was my old nemesis, the dishwasher, which was the straw that broke this camel’s back. Along with his good friends, the washing machine and packed lunches. It wasn’t the move that left me broken, it was trying to carry on with every day life on top of the move.

I’d been concerned that the new house would have no dishwasher. This is pretty much my worst nightmare, as I absolutely hate washing up. We’d spent most of our time at the rented house without a dishwasher, as it had broken, and I was desperate to get back to a life without washing up. So we were very pleased when the dishwasher was plumbed in on only our second day in the house. We hadn’t done any washing up – we didn’t need to! We were going to have a dishwasher!

We started the dishwasher. It stopped after a couple of minutes. We started it again. It stopped. We tried a different programme. It stopped. We drained it. We started it again. It stopped. We started it again and again and again.

Eventually my husband found the problem, but it was too late. All the endless starting it up when it hadn’t wanted to work had burnt it out. Our dishwasher was broken. And we were surrounded by dirty cups, plates, bowls, pans and cutlery. They were on every surface. It was so bad that I WANTED to wash up. But the sink has no plug! So the only way to wash up is in running water, squirting washing up liquid. A VERY inefficient way to wash up.

I got up early to wash up. I lay in bed worrying about washing up and lunch boxes and water bottles. I felt like maybe if I simply gave up sleep altogether, I could probably cope.

And so to my next challenge – the packed lunches. Making three packed lunches (plus my own on work days) is really flipping time-consuming. Obviously my kids don’t eat the same. That would be too easy. Luckily my younger son has school dinners four or five days a week and the other two usually have it once a week. Making two packed lunches is so much easier than three.

But the school dinner company at our primary school has gone bust. So I’m making three packed lunches a day, five days a week. And I’m struggling to get everything clean because I’ve got no dishwasher.

But at least I’d have my good friend, the washing machine.

Would you believe there isn’t proper plumbing for the washing machine? There is an in-pipe, but no out -pipe. The old lady who lived here before must have drained her washing machine straight into the sink.

Our washing machine is still plumbed in at the rented house. So I’m currently walking my washing round there to wash, then bringing it home to dry. It’s not ideal. Especially when I’m at work. If the washing machine is in the kitchen, I switch it on. If it’s up the road, I don’t. And it doesn’t take long for tween boys to run out of school shirts.

I see the dirty cutlery and crockery and the overflowing laundry baskets and I feel broken, overwhelmed and quite sad. I’m physically tired from the manual labour and the lack of sleep (I’m getting up at 5.40 to do the packed lunches and get everything clean before work) and I’m stressed.

It took a week, but the move has broken me.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oh nooooooo that’s. lot of challenges in your first few days, I’m not surprised you’re completely knackered. I hope the washing machine is fixable and is cheap :/

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  2. Oh my darling, what a lot you have achieved in such a short space of time. It’s no surprise you have finally had enough. Sending you a big squishy hug. Xxxx

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  3. Oh dear me! Moving home can be a nightmare at the best of times. I should know, this is my 8th.
    Do so hope everything settles down soon. x

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  4. woah… I could not be dealing without any washing appliances! It can only get easier tho right *offers gin* xxx lol

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  5. Knowing you as I do Sarah, I imagine that you are trying to fit a years worth of work into one week. It sounds to me like you need to step back for a day and have a rest (and yes I know that isn’t easy). The house will come and everything else too, but it will take time. You are shattered by the sounds of it. I can imagine it is a nightmare without a washing machine in the house, I would be bereft without mine but I have lved without a dishwasher for nearly a year and I think it will be weird having one again in a few weeks. I really hope you manage to get it all sorted soon.

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  6. Sorry to hear this, we have the same with our washing machine, I have to remember to hook outlet pipe into the sink before turning it on, such a pain but never got round to sorting it out.

    Take some time for yourself please, moving is stressful enough. I know its hard but it’ll be worth it in the end xxx

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  7. Thanks very much, everyone.
    You do know me well, Nikki! The problem is I have a husband who is even more energetic and motivated than me, and he just expects me to keep going.
    You would fit right in here, Dawn, with your washing machine! Hopefully ours is going to be sorted out very soon.
    Vai Chin – eight moves is a lot!

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  8. Oh dear god, how are you still sane?!? I have no idea how you are keeping going with half of this going on. Sending positive vibes that everything gets sorted IMMEDIATELY!

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  9. Thanks very much, FG! My sanity is clinging on by a thread. The dishwasher is now working, but the washing machine is still at the other house – more than two weeks after we moved!

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