A monumentally rubbish day

It was one of those monumentally rubbish days where all the stresses and pressures of my busy life combined with the stresses of living in a rented house in a thoroughly pear-shaped manner…

As the house isn’t ours and we’re not going to be here long, we don’t have our own internet. For the first couple of weeks we were able to use my friend’s contract, which we expected to end on 1st December. I wasn’t sure how I would cope without it. When it didn’t end on 1st or 2nd or 3rd December, I thought we might get to keep it. So it took me completely unaware on the morning of the 5th when it had disappeared. I really do need the internet, not just for my blog and social networking, but for school governor work and internet shopping and a million and one other reasons. It’s only when you haven’t got it you realise how much you need it.

I was just getting dressed when I heard ‘Mummy, I haven’t got a school shirt!’. Not at all. Not a single shirt. Because lots of my boys’ things went missing in the move. He couldn’t put a dirty one on because they were actually in the washing machine and it was going round. He couldn’t wear his sister’s as he’s so much bigger than her, so he wore a dirty one of his brother’s, which is a proper shirt rather than a badged school poloshirt.

It was Ofsted day. I’ve had kids at school for over eight years and never once have they gone to school in anything but correct uniform. His shoes have got holes in too because between work, dance classes after school and my daughter being ill, I hadn’t been able to take him to buy new ones. Ofsted meet a ‘random’ sample of kids. Whenever any visitors meet a ‘random’ sample of kids, they meet my two. Funny that. I imagined them sitting there opposite him in the wrong shirt and shoes with holes in them, thinking how lovely it is that the disadvantaged kids at school are such high achievers. I just hoped nobody would tell them he was a governor’s son.

Talking of Ofsted, I’m a very hard working school governor. We’ve been getting organised and prepared for it for months now. We want to support the school to the best of our ability and don’t want to let them down. We’ve got lovely big files of paperwork so we have all the information we need at our fingertips. Except all the information I need got lost in the move along with my boys’ clothes and a lot of other stuff…

But I digress, I still had to get out of the house to school. I got some money ready to take to buy my son a new shirt from the school office.

My husband had taken my car to work and I was going to run to pick it up. He’d forgotten his phone, so I thought I’d take that with me.

My son had borrowed some trunks for school swimming from one of the boys in his class because his trunks had fallen into the big black hole of moving, so we took those to school too.

Between the extra phone, the money and the swimming trunks, I realise I’d forgotten the arm band I use for my phone when running. Never mind, I’d just run with it in my hand.

I ran to town to get my car back. It wasn’t far, so I thought I’d run a bit further. But it didn’t happen. Instead, I tripped on some cobbles right opposite my husband’s office and went down like a ton of bricks on my knee, my elbow and my iPhone screen.

The screen is smashed. It’s smashed because I was too busy thinking about school shirts and swimming trunks to remember my arm band. And I need my phone even more than usual because I can’t use my computer because I haven’t got any internet.


It was only 9.15am. It had been a monumentally rubbish morning.

This post was typed on an iPhone with a cracked screen using the worst, most intermittent 3G ever.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oh gosh, that sounds like a horrendous day 🙁 I hope that’s the one and only one before your next move and you manage to get all the black hole stuff back xx

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  2. Oh No sorry to hear your having such a tough time at the moment, it will be worth it in the end when you get into your new house.

    Keep strong (((((hugs)))))

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  3. Deep breath hon, it won’t be for long and then this can all fade to a distant memory xx

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  4. I’ve actually laughed out loud at this!! Love that line about disadvantaged kids. So funny. I bet you were laughing writing it (or crying!!). What a shit day!!

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  5. Oh no!! By the way, just walked past our branch of Timpsons, and they have a sign outside saying they replace iphone screens in 20 minutes…might be wirth seeing how much it is!

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  6. How on earth are you still upright after all that?!? I was going to say that it’s time for a large glass of something but then I remembered you don’t drink. So what I will say is that this will become a story to share and laugh about in the future, as with all crises. Here’s hoping that’s all your bad luck done for a while.

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  7. Oh no what a nightmare! I don’t envy you as you are in such limbo so to have all that on top is awful for you. Roll on that move day so that you can get yourself sorted.

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  8. Thanks very much, everyone! I can’t wait for that moving day now!
    It was rubbish at the time, but I did laugh as I wrote it, Uley Girl!
    Good tip about Timpsons, Sonya! I will check it out.

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  9. Oh no, I’m just catching up now (not been the best week here either), and I was just smiling at your post on the temporary house, and now I’m not! What a truly rubbish day – I’m working my up your posts, hope things have improved… xx

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  10. Thanks, Sara, it was a rubbish morning! My life feels very up and down at the moment as there’s just too much going on! x

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