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For eight months of the year, Sunday morning is about one thing and one thing only. Rugby.

I have two boys who play for the same team – one in the under 13s and one in the under 10s.

I’m not naturally a rugby kind of person. I’ve been watching it for over two years and I (whisper) still don’t really understand the rules… I know about running and scoring tries and not passing back, but that’s it. I don’t know what a scrum is for or a ruck.


I’ve always been responsible for my younger son’s rugby, so I pretty much just watch him. I’ve seen him go from tag rugby at under 7s, which he excelled at, and now into his second year of contact rugby. Slowly, but surely, I’m getting the hang of the rules. His team are not kicking yet, because that would present me with a whole new level of confusion.

The one thing I have learned about rugby is that it is ALWAYS cold. You wrap up or you die.

I wear layer upon layer of clothing. I literally have no shame. I start with thermal baselayers – top and bottom, then move onto a Tshirt or two, a jumper or two and, finally, TWO coats. That’s two winter coats. I wear a hat, two pairs of gloves and two pairs of socks, plus fleece wellie liners and my toes are still like blocks of ice at the end. They are so bad I’m limping.

Yet theoretically the temperature is above zero. Because when the temperature drops below zero and the ground is frozen, rugby is called off as it’s too dangerous for kids to hit the ground. It’s the wind which is the killer. All those big, open grounds with no hills and no trees and that cold wind whipping across them…

Sometimes we’re at home, sometimes we’re away. Sometimes we’re training, sometimes we’re playing matches. But whether it’s September, December or April, it WILL be cold.

And that’s our Sunday mornings. I moan about them sometimes. Sometimes I think it would be nice to do something else on a Sunday. But the reality is, we would miss it if we didn’t have it. It gives our Sundays some structure, a reason to get up, ready and out. It gives us fresh air.


But most of all, it gives our boys their rugby – some exercise and some teamwork. What better thing to do on a Sunday morning?

I wrote this post in response to a prompt over at Sticky Fingers. Pop over to see how others have interpreted the theme ‘Sunday morning’.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I think the photos say it all, they look like they’re completely throwing themselves into it with a lot of passion! 🙂

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  2. I don’t know much about rugby but it looks like a fun sport and much better than football LOL

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  3. My son was always very keen to join a rugby club but they are notoriously on a Sunday and as we always go to church, we had to decline. Not sure i could stomach it as well as the footie though – well done you!

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  4. ‘Wrap up or die’ – great quote. I empathise. We are only saved from biting winds right now due to a broken arm. Picked up where you might ask? On the rugby pitch of course!

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  5. sounds like you need a thermal flask to help keep you warm on the inside too! A ski jacket that is windproof might to the trick too and make sure you have a bobble hat! I feel the cold dreadfully too so I totally get how you are feeling! My two boys have just started up football (aged 11 and 13) so I now have to stand around too! Thermals and ski wear is the only way forward! I will join in with your teen linky soon as I have a 15 y o girl too xx

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  6. I think this is pretty much every mother of boys picture on a Sunday morning, sport of some description x

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  7. They look like they are having so much fun but OMG I feel freezing just thinking about all those layers you need, BRRRRRRR!

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  8. IN BED! That’s the best way to spend a Sunday morning. NOne of my kids are sporting in the slightest and I thank God that sport is confined to school. I am too selfish with my Sunday morning. It’s about lazing around, newspapers and bacon sarnies!

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  9. We love a bit of Rugby in this household, especially as the husband has now unofficially become 2nd coach! I am truly a #rugbywidow… but I think this has made me chief WAG so I’ll be exercising some diva behaviour on the touch line from now on :))) x lol

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  10. Sounds lovely, I hope little man is into sport when he’s older however I despise the cold so don’t know how that will work out!

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  11. Thanks very much, everyone. We’re a football family too! In fact, we’re more of a football family, as my husband is the coach. Rugby is always Sunday, Suzanne, so no good for church-goers!
    The cold is hard to deal with and so is the commitment sometimes, but I think it’s the best way of parenting tween and teen boys! You get to spend time with them and support them and they are doing something which is really good for them in so many ways.

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  12. The ice block toes are a complete nightmare, Jaime! I like watching the sport though 🙂

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  13. It is fantastic that your children are into sport which as you say keeps them fit and healthy. I bet they are thrilled that you are there every week to support them and I’m sure this will earn you lots of Mummy brownie points with them. Good luck as the weather gets colder and maybe popping a hot water bottle under one of your layers will help?! Thanks for linking up and sharing their sporting fun with Country Kids.

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  14. Thanks very much, Coombe Mill, I think the kids do appreciate me being there. As far as I see it, when you have kids of this age, you go with them and support them or you miss out on valuable time with them. Which I wouldn’t want to do!

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  15. I quite miss Sunday morning rugby watching, but H decided he didn’t want to carry on. Your boys seem very keen. I don’t blame you for wrapping up warm.

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