What she (didn’t) wear: Birthday rejects

Most of us have them (I don’t, to be honest, but I don’t think I’m a ‘normal’ woman most of the time) and feel a little bit ashamed for having them. I’m talking about unworn clothes here. My daughter currently has two items of clothing in her wardrobe she has never worn and now I doubt she ever will.

I know what my daughter likes. She likes pretty dresses and she likes short shorts with funky Tshirts, bright tights or leggings.

So when she opens her birthday and Christmas presents from other people every year and I spot something I’m not sure I about, I ask her ‘Do you like it?’


‘Are you sure? Because we can take it back and change it for something different if you don’t like it…’

‘I like it!’

But clearly she doesn’t. Because there are two items in her wardrobe which she refuses to wear – a navy and pink floral dress with three quarter sleeves from Mothercare and a short, tropical butterfly print skirt from M&S Autograph collection. I’ll be honest, I like one of these myself and I’m not so keen on the other. I’m not saying which is which.


She claims the M&S skirt is too big – and she’s probably got a point. M&S stuff usually is too big for her – she’s slim and, being above average height, can’t usually go down a size. And the dress? She claims she ‘doesn’t like the sleeves’. What is it with sleeves?! Personally, I don’t know why you can’t find a winter dress even for a child with sleeves these days, leaving my daughter thinking dresses shouldn’t have sleeves. Being a practical type, I like sleeves BECAUSE THEY KEEP YOU WARM.

I’ve told her I’m not happy with her for refusing to wear these things and that she must be honest with me in future if she doesn’t like something.

Do your kids ever refuse to wear clothes? Do you make them wear them?

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. made me smile. I can’t remember from their childhood, but last Christmas I bought Holly (21) a pair old funky gold brocade shorts from ASOS. Never worn!! Apparently too baggy around the crotch and make her feel like she has a willy. Interesting! BTW, she’s 6ft and a size 8. Grrrrrrr!

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  2. It’s infuriating when they refuse to wear items of clothing and I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news – but it only gets worse! Don’t buy any clothing for my 2 now unless they’re actually shopping with me!
    If I buy clothing as a gift I always pop the receipt in and tell them I won’t be offended in the slightest if they want to exchange.

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  3. Thanks, ladies! I’m not at all surprised to discover it gets worse! I’m pleased to say she always likes the things I buy for her, but wish she’d be honest when she didn’t like other things!

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  4. I dread this day Sarah so already feel your pain! It must be so frustrating. POD is three on Christmas Day but already has an opinion on what she wants to wear *sigh*

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  5. Thanks very much, Charly. My daughter has an opinion, but I’ve always known what she likes. I suspected she wouldn’t like either of these things, so I asked her and she said she did! I wish she’d be honest so we could change the for things she does like.
    Although I do remember one or two things my mum got me as a kid that I didn’t like, but didn’t own up to not liking…

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