Optician success

The other day my son broke his glasses. The glasses he’d only had two months, having broken the glasses he’d had for six months before that. Sigh. This is the life of a parent with glasses-wearing kids.

So I stuck him in his two-pairs-ago unbroken glasses, which he said hurt his eyes. Not surprising really, as his prescription had changed, and managed to get him an appointment for the same day. His test was nearly due anyway.

Now I’ve had many issues with opticians and kids’ glasses over the years. You don’t have two kids wearing glasses from a very young age without ISSUES. The world just isn’t geared up for the varying needs of kids with glasses. The market clearly isn’t big enough, the profit margins are obviously miniscule, so the choice just isn’t there.

My issues have included:

My son’s size and his love of plastic glasses He’s 9 years old, he still has two years left at primary school, but he’s BIG. Not abnormally big, not freakishly big, just big for his age. So big that kids’ glasses don’t fit him, so big that his glasses are the same size as mine. But is that his fault, or mine? Why shouldn’t he be able to wear kids’ glasses when he is most certainly a kid?! If kids’ glasses are free for under 16s, why don’t they actually make them to fit ALL under 16s, not just teeny-weeny petite little kids?!

And most of all – the thorny issue of free or indeed any sunglasses for my son and my daughter (this is actually one of the very first blogposts I ever wrote!) because, actually, sunglasses are a necessity for glasses wearers – the glare of the sun is so much worse through clear glass than it is for people who aren’t wearing glasses. They’re not a luxury. Kids should be able to have them on prescription without paying extortionate prices.


So you can understand that I wasn’t feeling overly positive as we entered the opticians’. But then suddenly everything went rather swimmingly…

My son had his test and his eyes had got a bit worse again (obviously I’m not counting this as an actual SUCCESS, but it’s not a problem, as he has glasses to correct it, of course!).

We went to choose the glasses. We pointed out the problem with his size.

We looked at the cheaper adults’ glasses. Now, all of a sudden, plastic glasses are fashionable! My son had literally hundreds of plastic glasses to choose from. He was in plastic glasses heaven. He picked a pair with no problem at all.

While we were choosing, somebody mended his old glasses, meaning he didn’t have to spend the next week or more wearing the very old glasses that hurt his eyes.

We went to finalise the order (yes, I would have to pay, but I don’t mind paying A BIT, I just object to paying A LOT).

And then he said it… The holy grail. The thing that made this the most successful trip to the opticians’ EVER:

‘With these, you get buy one, get one free. You can have a spare pair or a lot of people like to have a pair of sunglasses.’


Both of our faces lit up. What, actually free? Not just pay for the lenses, just pay for the tint?! Really free, like, PROPER free?!

Yes, proper free.

So we have mended glasses, new glasses he likes on order and free sunglasses that he also likes on order.

That is a BIG success.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Woo hoo, happy days for you. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 8 so I understand how difficult it can be to find attractive age appropriate specs.

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  2. we got free sunglasses for 6yo in the summer, you would have thought it was xmas by the look on her face

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  3. We are picking up my oldest daughters first pair of glasses on the weekend, she is 15 and about to start 2 years of intensive study at school for her final two years. She joins the ranks of her Mum and Dad now… they make her look very smart though..

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  4. Thanks very much, ladies! I think the glasses for kids are generally better than they were in our day, Lesley. My son certainly looks better than my brother did at his age! But there are still issues with them.
    That’s so cute, Angela! We couldn’t get free sunglasses back in the summer, which was a real sore point for me.
    Hope your daughter, likes hers Barbie Bieber. Would you believe that I have two little kids who wear glasses, yet I didn’t wear glasses until I was 36 and my husband still doesn’t wear them!

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  5. Good stuff! I had glasses as a kid and there was virtually no choice. Glad he’s found ones he likes and the free sunglasses too is a real win.

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  6. I only recently got glasses to wear at the computer but I’m really lazy with them. I’m lucky my friend is an optician and she found me some for £2.50!!

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  7. My 6yr old has been wearing glasses for just over a year and I totally empathise with the issues that come with them! He’s already on his third pair and thats not including the amount of extra screws they’ve needed, and the time he had to get them soldered when we were on holiday! So glad you managed to get prescription sunglasses. #PoCoLo

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  8. YAY! Fantastic news 🙂 Finally! Was the post about free sunglasses one of the ones I put out on Twitter for PoCoLo and included one of the opticians? I am sure that was yours! Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

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  9. Thanks very much, everyone. The choice is a bit better now than when we were kids, Erica (my brother used to wear some dreadful ones!), but still not great. You feel my pain, Mhairi! We used to spend our lives in the optician’s when they first started wearing glasses as they were only 5 and 3 and forever breaking them or needing another test!
    Tas – you make me laugh with your £2.50 glasses! But fair play to you!
    Yes, Vic, you did help me out with that one – you were very supportive, thank you very much! x

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  10. Aww great news, when you have to buy something anyway and then find out you get a free pair it really makes your day 🙂 thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop 🙂

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  11. I remember wearing glasses at school that I taped together because I was always breaking them. Glad to hear you’re finally getting success on the glassfront with your son.

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  12. That’s total success! But I have to ask, we get the glasses for free every time through the hospital. How is it that you don’t? I was extremely surprised last time we were there, because I was prepared to pay a lot of money, but they gave us the glasses with the changeable lenses for free, so I assumed everyone gets the same? (just curious)

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  13. Thanks very much, ladies. It is success, isn’t it, Orli! A lot of kids used to have them taped together if I remember rightly, Kriss.
    They should be free, Orli, but only if you have kids’ glasses! He still gets free lenses if he has adults’ glasses, but we have to contribute to the cost of the frames.

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