Never ending birthday

We love birthdays in our family and always take them pretty seriously. Everyone looks forward to each other’s big day and there’s always a birthday banner, some balloons and Pumba with birthday cards in his mouth (this is a tradition stretching back to living in a studio flat in Nottingham in my early 20s). My family will come round for birthday tea and the kids will get a party of one form or another thrown in there too. Birthdays are great.

But we’ve never been the type for ‘birthday weekends’ (or weeks or months) as in ‘No, sorry I cant’ work that day/ clean that day/ help out that day/ go to rugby that day, it’s my birthday weekend’. But my 40th has been something different.

One of the reasons I was looking forward to my 40th so much is that it turned into not just a birthday or an amazing birthday weekend – it turned into pretty much a never-ending birthday.

My amazing best work friend arranged a night out at my favourite restaurant without consulting me – that was such a lovely thing to do. Work nights out usually involve copious amounts of drinking shots and karaoke in a gay bar. Now, I don’t mind that. I quite enjoy it from time to time. But I AM teetotal, so it’s not my perfect night out. Plus work nights out are in the city where I work, which is not where I live. So my lovely friend arranged for everyone to come along to my hometown and my favourite restaurant.

Thai food – yum!

I usually have a meal out with my three old friends who are still left in my hometown for my birthday, but this year I’ve thrown in a few other friends – my best friend from university, a couple of my nicest mum friends and my newest friend – lovely blogger Emma aka the award-winning Crazy with Twins To be honest, I was running out of restaurants to go to, which is a really nice problem to have, so I opted for the one we went to the day after we got married, where we also celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. It’s got quite an eclectic (and tasty!) menu.

And my birthday STILL isn’t over!

My mum and dad got my husband and me the best present every for our 40ths – a trip to Amsterdam. On our own. Without kids. We’ve never been away on our own without kids in all those years. I’ve been so excited about it. Only when I get back from there will my never ending birthday really be over.

Hmm, where to visit?

It’s been a brilliant couple of weeks. I can highly recommend turning 40!

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Sounds amazing – we’re all about big birthdays in this house too. Enjoy every minute of Amsterdam 🙂

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  2. Sounds like you’ve had a brilliant 40th and the best is yet to come! Sorry I wasn’t able to come to your ‘do’, I really appreciated being invited at all 🙂 x

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  3. Thanks very much, ladies! I’m really excited about our little trip 🙂
    I can just imagine you playing in Amsterdam, Sonya (despite not yet having visited)!

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  4. Thanks for the mention (sounds strange being describe as award-winning!) and thankyou so much for inviting me, it was a lovely evening and you have very nice friends. Glad you are *still* enjoying your birthday! 🙂 xx

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  5. Thanks very much, ladies. A pleasure to invite you, Emma.
    As I write this comment, my birthday is finally over! x

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  6. Wow you really did have a great 40th didn’t you, I’m trying to stretch mine out too! 😀

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  7. It was amazing, thanks, Lou! Definitely worth stretching it out for as long as possible! It’s a once in a lifetime thing!

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