I saw Princess Anne on the train!

There is nothing deep and meaningful about this post, no lessons to learn, nothing to laugh at. It does exactly what it says on the tin. In reality, you pretty much know it all from the title, but I just had to share because I SAW PRINCESS ANNE ON THE TRAIN.

Today was our trip to London for our anniversary, which I told you about only yesterday We were sitting in first class, y’know, because we’re dead posh and that. Well, apparently off peak and booking in advance it doesn’t cost that much more (this is one of those financial decisions I was happy to let my husband take). You get bigger, comfier seats and free drinks and snacks and a posh lounge to sit in at Paddington, so it’s all good.

Well I got on the train and proceeded to eat, drink and generally cover my big, posh table in front of my big, posh seat with crap. Because nobody says you actually have to BE posh if you travel first class. I finished eating and making a mess and thought I’d take all my rubbish to the bin.

So I wandered down to the bin and as I wandered back I saw a very familiar woman sat quietly and minding her own business just two rows behind me, my piles of rubbish, my book, my phone and charger, my newspaper, my notebook and pen (I was multitasking). It was Princess Anne. Definitely. At least 90% certain. On an actual train. Just like a normal person. Albeit in first class. But I’m in first class so it’s not like it’s a big deal or anything.

I went back to my seat and whispered to my husband that I’d seen Princess Anne. I told him to go to the toilet and check. But he insisted on waiting 10 minutes. Then he came back.

‘It’s not Princess Anne, she’s too old. It’s Princess Margaret.’

I pointed out that Princess Margaret is in fact dead and had died even before the Queen Mother. Also, Princess Anne is in her 60s ie quite old.

So I went to the toilet. Y’know, because I needed to go. OK, because I needed to check. As soon as I got up from my seat I saw the hair. You know The Hair. The classic Princess Anne hair, the hair which could only be hers and couldn’t possible be anybody else’s.

I tweeted to the whole world and texted my friend. I will also be emailing Heat Spotted later. My friend told me to get a pic. I was pretty sure this was inappropriate and also that my husband would be cross with me. You get £200 for a photo in Heat though and my eldest would be well impressed with a photo of a bona fide member of the royal family.

So I wasn’t going to take one, but I just slyly got the camera on my phone ready on my return from my second toilet trip. All that free water goes right through you… But I couldn’t do it, I didn’t manage.

As the train stopped, two men and a woman who’d been sat near her closed in around her and there was a policeman waiting to meet her off the train. They walked quickly up the platform – too quickly for a person pretending to text but really getting a photo. Somebody from the station opened a big metal ‘do not enter’ gate and they walked through. We stalked followed them round the side of the gate to see them getting into a couple of black cars, then the blue lights started going and they were gone.

You learn a new thing every day and today I learned that members of the royal family do use public transport, but they have their own special means of escape. Who knew?

Also, they use their iPads. I reckon she was tweeting: Wish that woman with the crocodile on her top would stop staring at one.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I’m a terrible stalker. It’s just exciting like seeing a famous tourist site. I wouldn’t have the guts to snap a shot, but totally tempting £200 from Heat!

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  2. It certainly did make the day more fun, Lesley!
    I’m surprised my husband wasn’t more star-struck, he’s normally the one who’s a bit more stalker-like! My eldest would have gone crazy with excitement if he’d been there!
    Thank you all for your comments, really appreciate them.

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  3. Love Princess Anne, none of her children have titles (at her request) and she is incredibly down to earth and hard working. I definitely would have been with you taking multiple trips to the loo just to ‘check’ it really was her!

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  4. Oh you should have just gone up and said hello – how very exciting!

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  5. I once saw a VERY posh car driving slowly down Goldhawk Road in Shepherd’s Bush. Its not the most illustrious of areas so it stood out a mile. I took a good look into the window – only to see Prince Charles looking back at me.

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  6. oooh star spotting!! exciting! I think you should have gone for it!

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  7. Ohh I love going in first class but I’ve never seen or heard of anyone famous on the train, good job cos I make a mess too ha 🙂

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  8. Thanks very much, ladies. I should have just been brave, shouldn’t I, Pink Oddy? I didn’t want to annoy or offend her though!
    Kath – I know Goldhawk Road in Shepherds Bush – used to live very near there! It certainly isn’t most illustrious of areas. That must have been a huge surprise!

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