Why do we eat meals? Is it so we can grow and be fit and strong? Is it so that we have enough energy to get us through the day? Is it to keep us healthy? Is it just for the sheer love and taste of food? Or is it all of these reasons?

No. It’s none of them. It’s so we can have pudding.

That is, of course, according to my 7 year old daughter.

I have never known anyone quite so obsessed with pudding as my daughter. Many of us have a sweet tooth (the rest of my family included), but hers goes beyond that. It’s like life is an endless mission to get more pudding. Even though she knows the answer will be ‘no’, she keeps on asking anyway.

Daughter, Pudding, Baby, Birthday cake
Her first taste of pudding – her own 1st birthday cake.
From there, there was no stopping her…
Daughter, Pudding, Fussy eater, Toddler, Baby
Her sole reason for eating is meals is to earn the right to have pudding. I’ve explained to her so many times that she needs to eat the food because it’s nice and it’s good for her and it helps her to grow, but all she does is stop every few mouthfuls and say ‘Can I have pudding now?’

Her meals are half the size of her brothers’, yet her puddings are the same size. Why is this? Why is her appetite so tiny that she can only manage a small meal, yet a full-size cake, chocolate bar or ice cream are no problem for her at all?

The pudding obsession started early. As did the not-eating-very-much thing. She was late to talk, but she sure understood what people were saying around her. My boys used to love Yorkshire puddings. But we had to ban the word. As soon as someone said ‘Yorkshire pudding’, my baby girl, not yet able to speak, would forcibly plonk her cutlery down and push her plate away. We’d said ‘pudding’, it was time to stop eating! So Yorkshire puddings were re-branded in our house as simply ‘Yorkshires’.

Six years on, she knows the difference between a Yorkshire pudding and an ACTUAL pudding, but she still plonks her cutlery down and pushes her plate away as quick as she can when someone grudgingly agrees that she has eaten enough for pudding.

Then she finishes her pudding (always asking for slightly more than she’s allowed, just in case she catches me off guard) and 10 minutes later she says, ‘Can I have a Frube?’

Give me strength.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. OMG I hear you! Both boys are quite good eaters now but A is a nightmare and since when did pudding become compulsory as it seems to be in this house after every meal. L even asks for pudding after breakfast and I show him the fruit bowl, but I sometimes think that A only eats her meals for pudding too

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  2. hahaha!! Both my girls eat just to get pudding!! I always get the ‘I’m full, I can’t eat anymore’ when eating meals but as soon as pudding is mentioned there’s always room for that…lol

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  3. This had me crying with laughter! I think this must have been me, growing up. I can still feel full, totally stuffed after a meal, but then have two or three slices of cake straight away afterwards. Great post!

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  4. Thanks very much, everyone! Reassuring to know it’s not just my family!
    I must say I know slightly what she means – I can be full, but have room for pudding. But I do at least finish my meal first!

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  5. lol i think your talking about me!! in fact i would rather miss the dinner and just eat pudding 🙂

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  6. That sounds like dinner time here! The boys are just the same ‘have I eaten enough for pudding yet..?’ !! They are both good eaters, but obsessed with pudding! The wee girl has learnt the word (and sign!) for ‘more’… It’s all downhill from here 🙂 #PoCoLo

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  7. That’s so funny – it sounds like me when I was growing up. In fact it sounds like me now 🙂 I love puddings. My LO on the other hand doesnt care for them. Rather an apple #weirdchild

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  8. I have to say that over the years I have changed. I used to always have a starter in a restaurant and not enough room for a pudding. I now LEAVE the starter so I CAN have a pudding. I think your girl has started off as she means to go on :). Great post, thank you for linking to PoCoLo xx

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  9. Very funny – my 4-year-old basically lives on pudding too. Anything else is a compromise and will only be eaten if I bribe, threaten or plead.

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  10. Thanks very much, everyone. Glad to hear other kids are the same – even if they are a complete nightmare!
    Tori – I was the same as you – always had starter and no room for pudding. Now I always have pudding and sod the starter! Having kids seemed to change my tastes, and it’s obviously rubbed off on my daughter!

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