Feeling hot, hot, hot

As my daughter lay on the floor moaning, ‘It’s too hot! It should be raining!’, it dawned on me. She has never known a proper summer. She was born in 2006, the last time the weather was properly hot. I doubt she remembers sitting under a sunshade in only her nappy at the age of four months. Since then it’s been floods and torrential rain and wettest summer on record, with no more than a couple of warm weeks a year if we’ve been lucky.

But now it’s been really hot for, how long?! I’m struggling to remember. Every day seems to be the hottest day of the year or the hottest day for seven years or something and today is no exception. It was hot nearly three weeks ago when my son went on Scout camp and got sunburnt (he’s got burnt two or three times since, despite constant nagging advice from me – you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink), although it was probably only about 23 degrees. Then it was cool for a couple of days and then the heat was back. Back, back, back with a vengeance. Back and then some. It was very hot when I ran the Race for Life and it’s just got hotter and hotter.

But it wasn’t a heatwave apparently. Not until today in the South West (and yesterday in London and the South East). Heatwave has a proper technical meaning, it’s not just a tabloid word (phew! What a scorcher!). In a proper heatwave, elderly and vulnerable people are at risk. As are people doing sport apparently.

So temperatures of 30 degrees are a big deal and have come as a bit of a shock to all of us for whom kagoules are usually a summer wardrobe staple. Now I’m not complaining, I’d take 30 degrees and sunny over 17 degrees and torrential rain any day of the week, but we have had to make adjustments.


I’ve started wearing DRESSES. Yes, me. Who doesn’t wear dresses. I buy a dress every time I go to a wedding. I wear it and I put it away in my wardrobe and it NEVER COMES OUT AGAIN. But our office is hot at the best of times. Air conditioning? Are you joking? We work for a council. Trousers were going to be just too sweaty, so I’ve dragged out the maxi dresses I bought for my cousin’s wedding in 2009 and my sister-in-law’s wedding in 2010 and I’ve worn them. And I’ve worn shorts at home even though my legs need waxing. Oh, I walked down to school in them too. I have no shame.

My kids are not allowed to wear jumpers to school, because I know if they put them on in the relative cool of the morning, they WILL NOT TAKE THEM OFF. On the one day I made this mistake, my younger son came out of school in 28 degrees and bright sunshine wearing his red school sweatshirt, which matched his face perfectly. My eldest has only one school polo shirt (the rest of the time he wears, shirt, tie and blazer). He’s been getting it out straight out of the washing machine in the morning and putting it on.


First thing every morning and as soon as we get in from work or school we open all of the windows. It takes a surprisingly long time. When we go to bed, we shut them all (as we live pretty much in a bungalow). This has one disadvantage…


Lights on and windows open leads to insects EVERYWHERE. Moths, Daddy long legs and lots of more unusual things in various bright colours. They’re flapping round the lights, they’re resting in the bathroom, they’re all over the walls and the windows…


I drink a lot of water anyway. My younger son drinks a fair amount of apple juice, water, Fruit Shoot, Lucozaed and any sort of squash that is going. The rest of the family, not so much. This week, I have seen my husband drink water, my son eldest down full glasses of the stuff and, most incredibly of all, my daughter had to FILL UP HER WATER BOTTLE AT SCHOOL.


Having found the Race for Life so hard, I’m accepting that excessive exercise in this weather is not a good idea. Whether or not I’m training for a half marathon. I managed an eight mile run last Thursday at 9am. The route includes a lot of shade and it wasn’t bad at all. I ran the same route last Sunday morning and it was hard. I could have done the full distance, but I wasn’t sure it was worth it. I kept getting those images of fit people who die on a run in my head. I knocked a couple of miles off. Six miles when the weather is in the high 20s is plenty, I think.

If the weather forecasts are to be believed, this could be our life for the foreseeable future. Have you and your family made adjustments for the hot weather?

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Hubs makes lots of “adjustments” as he insists on going commando on hot days! #TMI

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  2. I’m wearing dresses too….lol I only usually wear them for weddings…The windows have been open all the time which lets the bugs & flies in….Had a wasp in here the other day I did consider running out of the front door…lol It flew out of the window luckily 🙂

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  3. My baby is sleeping in just a nappy, not even a sleeping bag or anything. And I stay indoors a lot! I’m crazy I know. But the prospect of having to adequately sunscreen a crawling baby and an uncooperative almost 3yo makes me want to lie on the sofa and have a pre-emptive rest.

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  4. It’s the insects that are bugging me, they all seem to be taking sanctuary in our living room. I’m spending a lot of time shouting to OH to get “another oooooone!!!”. Your shameless legs made me chuckle 🙂

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  5. I wnt running in the woods last night and there were loads of insets, err caught 3 big flies in my mouth yuck,, I need to drink more water …

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  6. Definitely better than the floods 6 years ago. It was so bright at 5am it woke me up. I have been trying to drink more water for ages and this is really helping me. Do you think it could be like this for 30 days as that’s how long we need to break a habit.

    How are you finding the dress wearing?

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  7. What’s weird is the fact that a month or so ago, they forecasters were predicting four more years of atrocious summers!! Do they ever get it right? I’m not at all convinced we’ve made many adjustments – we have no fans at all in the house but I have succumbed to having the windows open at night , risking my hayfever and insect bites. Unbearable otherwise!

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  8. Thanks very much for you comments, everyone 🙂
    Emma – yours made me chuckle!
    I’ve swallowed a fair few flies too, Claire. Yuk!
    It’s so much better than the floods, Pinkoddy! I’m getting on OK with the dress wearing – so much so that I’ve bought myself one to wear even though I have no weddings to go to!
    We have one fan, Suzanne. My daughter had it, but we nabbed it off her as she wasn’t keen. As the kids sleep downstairs, I won’t let them have the windows open at night, even though they really need it.

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  9. I’ve been in skirts and maxi dresses and I NEVER do that ! It’s funny what prolonged hot weather can do. I loved the “needing to wax” bit :0) I’ve only just sorted that one out. Not as brave as you to do the pick up from school in shorts and hairy legs ! Popped across from #PoCoLo

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  10. I’m enjoying not having to wear a cardi – me who generally feels the cold on the hottest day! Our house has a great aircon unit in the conservatory which seems to keep the whole of the downstairs cool :). Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

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  11. I’m wearing dresses too! I’ve shocked myself!
    My son is only 10 months and my dad has been saying “Now, this is your first summer…don’t be expecting all of them to be like this!” lol!
    Popping over from #PoCoLo

    Mum of a Premature Baby ||

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  12. Thanks very much, everyone! I don’t take an awful lot of pride in my appearance, Charlie, but I did take a moment to consider whether the school run with unwaxed legs really was a good idea!
    You have aircon, Tori! I am very jealous! I rarely take my cardi off either! 😉
    Let’s hope your son’s run of summers doesn’t go like my daughter’s did, Rebecca!

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