The XFactor debate

The XFactor argument debate is a frequent one in our house. To be honest, it happens on an almost daily basis. Sigh… It can also be called The Voice debate or the Britain’s Got Talent debate, depending on what is current at the time. Although not the Got to Dance debate. The boys know they would be on shaky ground there.

It goes something like this… One of my kids is singing. Another one tells them to shutup, that they can’t sing, their singing is terrible, their own singing is so much better. That child starts singing. Loudly. The first child starts shouting. It all kicks off.

The argument has raged on for years. There are only two participants – my eldest and my daughter – but we all have to suffer the consequences.

I like to hear my daughter sing. She hasn’t got a beautiful voice. She won’t end up on the West End stage or topping the charts, but she has one of those sweet, innocent, children’s voices. Sometimes she sits on her own in her room and sings a hymn as she does her colouring or sticking and it is the nicest thing ever. I just stay outside the door and listen and my heart melts. Until my son comes along and yells at her to shutup…

My son can’t sing. Well, he might be able to sing, but he masks it very well in that ‘pretending to be a rock star’ thing that tween boys do so well. He does it in the shower and the toilet and the back of the car. The sound is excrutiating. My daughter shouts at him, he shouts at her and so it goes on. To be honest, I have to shout at him sometimes too. It is SO LOUD.

The argument takes other forms too. Like when my daughter comes to me close to tears because she believes she would make it to Boot Camp on XFactor and her brother has told her no way in such uncertain terms that he is upset her.

Now I’m not one of those deluded parents that would go marching onto the XFactor stage to yell at the judges for not putting my angel through. But I’m not prepared to have the Boot Camp debate right now with a 7 year old and an 11 year old. I live in hope that sometime in the next nine years, my daughter will realise her singing is only average and we will never have to go through getting her hopes dashed through the cruelty of reality TV.

The final, and perhaps most painful, form this debate takes is when it takes place in the car. The kids yell at each other for singing in the car. Now I don’t have a problem with singing in the car, if it makes everyone feel happy and helps the journey go a bit faster. But it doesn’t have that effect at all. If one of them starts singing, the other starts yelling, then sings louder themselves. Then Daddy and me might yell at them to be quiet because Daddy is driving and needs to concentrate…

So the kids came up with their own rules. You take it in turns to choose your own song. And you are only allowed to sing your own song… But still the arguments range. Someone sang someone else’s song and ruined it. Sometimes, being in such a confined space with three of them squashed in the back, they resort to physical violence. All over a bit of singing.

This is why we have DVDs in the car.

Do any other families have to suffer the XFactor debate?

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oh my do you dread X factor coming on then? It sounds really amusing but I guess it wouldn’t be if you’re actually trying to listen to the show too..,, yep thank god for DVD players!! 🙂

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  2. We don’t have the x-factor debate as they are pretty young still, but our arguments tend to range from who is the coolest to who’s sitting in the middle – always something right?! So are you dreading X-factor this year? #funee x

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  3. Really funny post although it must be frustrating for you! Great idea to take it turns though! We have a debate in our house – my husband thinks I’m tone deaf, I don’t think I am. Too early to tell with our toddler 🙂

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  4. Oooh we haven’t reached that point yet, although I can relate to the singing in the car issue. GG sings, Bug joins in, which enrages GG and it all kicks off… Thanks for joining in x

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  5. OMG that made me laugh, we will be watching x-factor or BGT and eldest girl will pick the naffest person and say “thats you” to little man…he will then wait until an advert comes on with a pig or a cow or anything she deems unworthy and then its role reversal of “thats you” so all hell breaks loose. What is worse is when they are watching one of those annoying american kids shows such as “hello charlie” and little man will say “i am gabe” so then eldest girl will then say “no your more like charlie, a girl and a baby” its never ending…im lucky in the car its my car my radio my rules…so they may want to listen to 1D or Justin Bieber but they get pete watermans greatest hits instead. x

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  6. I will be racing to your twitter account as soon as X Factor or BGT comes on…….. this is hilarious x

    I just get told that the Pink Power Ranger is better than….. at everything!!!

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  7. Thanks very much, everyone! Sadly this debate isn’t just restricted to when XFactor/ BGT are on telly. It happens pretty much all the time! But it will probably get worse when they’re on, Cathie, so worth a look at me moaning on Twitter!
    Xandi – it’s so true there is always something to argue about – we have variations on the sitting in the middle argument!
    Charly – I think I’m tone deaf too – my kids got their ‘skills’ from somewhere! 😉
    Claire – sounds like your kids are experts at winding each other up. Sigh…

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  8. Oh dear! I’ve got all this to look forward to, as my 2 are still too young for XFactor at the moment. Neither of mine have shown any particular interest in singing (apart from the Bob The Builder song). Hmmm, maybe that’s for the best – ha ha! Hello from Maddie at Gammon and Chips via #PoCoLo 🙂

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  9. lol thanks fully we dont have this debate! joshua doesnt know what singing is and Bethany tends to sing on her own x

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  10. I have had this style of debate on many occasions with my siblings over the years – it’s just one of those things I think! I would always argue with my sister over who was the better horserider! I think this will continue through the generations. Thank you for linking up to PoCoLo and for all your great support x

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  11. Brilliant! Sounds like an episode of Modern Family. My children are still too young for this, but I will be interested to see what happens in the future… At the moment my two year old spends most car journeys begging me to play his favourite song from the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack over and over and over. On a 40 minute journey he’d happily just listen to “Fly Away” and nothing else. x Judith

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  12. Thanks very much, everybody! No doubt your time will come… Or maybe you will get lucky! Although all siblings have to find something to argue about, don’t they?
    Love your 2 year old’s unusual choice in music, Secretsofthesandpit!
    A pleasure to link with up with PoCoLo, Tori – it is a fabulous idea! x

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  13. Oh gosh, I hope when my daughter gets older that X Factor has gone. I can’t stand the programme. She is a bit dramatic so I can imagine her wanting to go on some type of reality show when she’s older. x #PoCoLo

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  14. My eldest daughter can’t sing. She loves to but she really can’t! I just hope that she realises before I have to crush her X Factor dreams before Simon Cowell does 🙂

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  15. Thanks for your comments, ladies. You’ve got the same dilemma as me, Little Lilypad! You just need to hope they do realise or you have to let them down gently! My daughter’s singing is OK, but it’s never going to get her through to boot camp!
    I think all girls seem to want to do this, Seasidehills! I can’t imagine XFactor going away in a hurry. And if it does it will no doubt be replaced with something similar.

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  16. Perhaps you can have your own talent show.?

    I used to be into musicals (amateur)!… Starts to sing …..

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  17. This reminds me of our family, especially singing in the car. However we sisters loved it and it was our father who wished we would shut up! Bee x

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  18. That’s awesome, Claire! I wish I could sing. I used to do am-dram as a kid, but never musicals! Thanks very much for reading and commenting.
    Singing in the car is fab, Bee. I can imagine it must be far more harmonious (at least in the argument sense!) if the kids are getting on well together! Thank you very much for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it.

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  19. We dont usually watch many of these shows or will only watch the auditions for the comedy factor. However Cameron is only 2, so maybe I have this in years to come lol

    Catching up on the #PoCoLo posts x x x

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  20. You may well do! Kids seem to love these TV talent shows! Thanks very much for taking the time to comment. x

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