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Every few weeks it seems to happen. Everything we do seems to come together and collide in quite spectacular fashion, leaving me with my brain whizzing around overtime wondering exactly how we can be in quite so many places at once. And, most importantly, how we can eat too.

Regular readers will know we’re always busy at the best of times – with Cubs, Scouts, football, rugby, dance classes and swimming lessons. Having hit 7, my daughter has now finished Rainbows (the least stressful and inconvenient of our extra-curricular activities) and decided not to move on to Brownies. This is not to make our lives easier, it is to give her the option of picking up yet more dance classes when she’s in Year 3.

Yesterday the planets aligned in a particularly special way, meaning I had TWO school governors’ meetings in one day. One at 1pm and one at 6pm. At 2.30pm, my younger son starred as Henry VIII in his class assembly. About Henry VIII (just as his sister had starred a few weeks previously as Captain Scott in her assembly about Captain Scott). Each class puts on one assembly a year and they always put a lot of work into them. I’m pleased to say the assembly was brilliant and the absolute highlight of my day. My son made a very funny Henry VIII. I never knew he could act so well.

My daughter had her regular street dance class after school and my younger son was starting a table tennis club after school. So I dropped my daughter off, then picked my son up. Then I picked my daughter back up and also got my eldest from a new club he had started at his school. Both kids finished at 5pm – my daughter’s dance class is about halfway between home and my son’s school. We got home about 5.25. Giving me precisely half an hour to get tea for all of us and for me to eat tea before my 6pm governors’ meeting. This is why microwave meals were invented.

Today it’s dress rehearsals for my daughter’s first ever ballet show. The parents all have to help out in some way and I’m going to be signing her class in and out for rehearsals. I need to be there (at my eldest’s school, coincidentally) at 3.45. My younger son usually strolls out of school about 3.25. Then I have to get home, get my daughter changed and hair in a bun and get to rehearsal. Frankly, I need a spaceship. And my own personal hairdresser.

On Saturday morning tickets go on sale for our OTHER dance show – the street dance show in the summer. I could wait a few days to get the tickets, but members of my family like an end seat, so I can’t really risk it. So I will go and get the tickets, while my husband and younger son play a friendly football match.

Then my mum will help me with my daughter’s make-up for her ballet show (because I know nothing about make-up) and my daughter will have her lunch at 10am. Then she will go to her new dance class (which she only started last week) with her ballet make-up on, wearing clothes that won’t mess up the make-up. I will pick her up from class and take her straight to her show, where I will put her hair in a bun and touch up her lipstick (or maybe ask a friendly mum to do it for me).

My daughter will perform two shows and we will watch the second one.

Sunday is, of course, rugby day. We are very near the end of the season now and both boys will play their final games. At home, thank goodness.

It is also the day of the town’s Scout St George’s Day parade, when Cubs, Scouts and Beavers from across the town come together to walk through the town. My younger son has been asked to be the flag bearer for their Cubs. This is a huge honour. He has just been made a sixer too and I am very proud of him. My eldest has been asked to be one of the flag bearers for Scouts. Again, this is a great honour.

The only problem is, there is a rehearsal at 12pm before the parade in the afternoon. At 12pm they will be finishing (or maybe still playing) rugby. They will be wearing rugby kit and covered in mud. Can they miss rehearsal? No, but it’s fine for them to go a bit late.

So my muddy will boys will change from rugby kit to uniform, hopefully covering the worst of the mud, to represent their Scout group. And I will be quietly imploding somewhere and looking forward to getting back to work for a rest.

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  1. Thanks, you know I’m always busy! This is a particularly bad weekend!

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  2. I love having diary clashes 🙂 Pity you can’t split yourself in two or three and send a bit of ectoplasm to each event x.

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  3. Phew! I’m exhausted just reading it 😉 Good luck.

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  4. Thanks very much, everyone. A time machine or splitting myself into bits would work equally well, I think, Claire and Lesley. The weird thing is, everything is quiet now. It’s defintely the calm before the storm!

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  5. Wow I have no idea how you do it, I would probably end up living out of car and it filled with empty crisp packets!

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  6. Now there’s an idea, NMYO!
    I’m sure you are busy, too, BBM.
    Thank you both for your comments, really appreciate them 🙂

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  7. I’m tired just reading!!
    I have 4 but only one doing cubs at the moment and his father leads scouts so relatively easy to arrange although madam’s social life keeps us busy!! Xx

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