Saturday is sore foot caption day

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. ‘Yeah I just hacked my foot off and stuck it in eBay. Look – Already at £7.30… That PS3 will be mine…’

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  2. That cracked me up! Thanks very much. Sounds like the sort of thing they would do!

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  3. “Mum, you said this was a luxury holiday, this isn’t quite the foot spa I had in mind!”

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  4. Thanks very much for all your comments, everybody, they really made me laugh.
    My son got the biggest splinter in his foot I’d ever seen on holiday. After several people tried and failed to get it out he had to go to Italian A&E where they removed it and bandaged it. Then he had to bathe it and change the bandage every day for the rest of the holiday!

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