Baby brother or sister?

My sister is pregant, so is my sister-in-law. This is very exciting for all of us. My kids do have a cousin. He’s the same age as my eldest, but he lives in America. We’ve only seen him four times in all those years.

Now all of a sudden my kids are going to have two new cousins – one of whom lives very nearby.

The kids can’t wait to meet their new cousins, but for my younger two, apparently cousins aren’t enough. Can’t they have a baby brother or sister?

My daughter gets quite emotional about this. We’ve had tears as she’s sobbed, ‘but I’ve never even held a baby!’. But you will hold one, soon. Your cousin!

The other day, when the boys were being mean to her, she sat on the floor and cried, ‘I want a sister!’.

Strangely enough, my eldest doesn’t get involved with all this wanting a new brother or sister nonsense. Because he’s been there. Twice over. He remembers. My son knows what a baby means – less attention, less time, grumpy mummy, less money…

I’ve tried explaining this to the other two, but they don’t get it. I’ve also mentioned that mummy is now quite old and a bit too old to be having more babies. And the house isn’t big enough. But they don’t understand. Why would they? They’re just kids. They don’t know the pressure a new baby can put on a family emotionally, physically, mentally and financially. They would just like a baby they could cuddle.

The younger two are the age my brother and I were when my sister was born. And it was VERY exciting having a new baby. We were old enough to really appreciate her and I was so proud to have a baby sister. I don’t remember it being particularly stressful, but I’m sure it was hard on my mum and dad.

My mum was 34 then and an old mum by 1980s standards. I’m 39 now and our lives have moved on too far. Our lives are about the football and rugby, the Scout camps and they dance lessons. They’re not about breastfeeding, getting up in the middle of the night and pureering.

It’s someone else’s turn for that. I can’t wait to be an auntie and to spoil the new babies, but my new mum days are now far behind me.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. My son is an only and we are happy that way but I’m wondering when this demand might start up

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  2. I have an only one. We are happy .. He got over the brother sister thing we had 2 cats

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  3. Aw congratulations!! Lovely when it is someone else’s! My eight year old is desperate for another baby but I have told him that the doctors won’t let me. It is hard sometimes realising that there won’t be anymore but you do move on so much, even with A only being 3, we are long past the baby stage!

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  4. Thanks very for your comments, ladies, I really appreciate them!
    Claire has obviously got the solution when the demand does start, Monko!
    Glad it’s not just my kids, Nikki! I can’t understand why any of them would want any more! I used to like the idea, but husband has never wanted more. I’m just very excited about finally having nephews (or niece) that I will get to see!

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  5. Totally agree, I feel way too old to be producing or looking after another baby! I was 11 when my first cousin arrived. I was so excited! And your kids are doubly blessed 🙂

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