Puberty at 6?

Since when did puberty for girls start at 6 or 7?

My daughter is a fairly tall, fairly skinny 6 year old. She’s not VERY tall or VERY skinny, but she’s one of the tallest in her year and I must say the other tall girls in Year 1 do have slightly more meat on their bones.

Anyway, being fairly tall she is too tall for 5-6 clothes. So she needs 6-7 clothes. Or age 6 or age 7, however the particular shops work their sizes.

But they’re all MASSIVE. Wide.

For her birthday she got a gorgeous floral playsuit from M&S (I love M&S right now because they’re the only shop that doesn’t force 6 years old into ‘older girls’ clothes). The colour was lovely on her. But, how can I put this? She didn’t fill the top out. There was no way the top half of that playsuit was ever going to stay up, even allowing for another three months’ growth until we get to proper summer.

In my daughter’s words ‘It’s too fat for me’. Frankly, it needed a pair of breasts to fill it. So it went back and was swapped for a nice practical floral gilet.

I bought her some new knickers too. She favours pants with characters on, but once you get above 5-6, the character pants come in colours like navy and red. And the non-character pants have LACE on them. I don’t even have lace on my own knickers.

So I ask again, since when did puberty start at 6 or 7? Are we forcing our daughters to grow up too quickly? Or is it the obesity epidemic?

Whichever way, how are fairly tall, fairly skinny girls going to find clothes to fit? And how are they going to actually look like children rather than mini-teens?

Author: Sarah Mummy

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