Under pressure

How often do I write about feeling under pressure? Too often. Is it time I got a grip and sorted it out? Probably. But I don’t think it’s going to happen just now, so I’m under pressure yet again.

After a pleasant week off, work, school, governors and hobbies are back with a vengeance. And I am left wondering how I am even going to find time to cook a meal, let alone keep the house clean. Which all makes for an unhappy me and an unhappy family.

On Monday my daughter starts ballet classes at 4.30pm. This is a dream come true for her. She has wanted to do ballet for as long as I can remember, but we could never find a class to fit in with the demands of my work and the other hobbies. So she started the street dance. She will carry on with that, but I know that if I want to give her the chance of being the dancer I think she can be, she needs to do ballet. So ballet starts on Monday and she is beyond excited.

Also on Monday I have governor training, from 6.30 until 8. My sons go to Cubs and Scouts at 6 and 7.15pm respectively and my husband goes to football at 7.45. I decide I will leave the training early rather than get my mum to babysit because a) I ask too much anyway and b) it’s good to have in reserve if I need it again in the future. I just need to get my husband home on time – he always got home at 6.30, but recently it slipped to 6.45 and now it’s slipped again to 6.55.

But then I have an email from the chair of governors – he would like an extra meeting at 5.30 before the training. I have never missed a governor’s meeting in two and a half years and I don’t intend to now. So now I need to ask my mum to look after the kids on Monday after all. Which means I can’t ask her to look after them on Tuesday, when my dance class clashes with my husband’s football committee meeting… So either my brother-in-law looks after them or I miss my dance class. And when on earth am I going to eat?!

On Thursday my younger son is going on a school trip, so ever-helpful Mummy volunteered to go along. He’s really pleased I’m going. In nearly seven years of having kids at school, this will only be my second school trip, because they usually fall on work days. It will also be the second trip I’ve been on with my younger son. This HAS been noted by my other two children, so I’m in their bad books even if I am the best thing since sliced bread in my younger son’s eyes.

When I signed up for the trip, I failed to notice that it was the day before the all-day governor training I volunteered for about six months ago. So that’s the whole of Friday wiped out too.

Will I receive any thanks from home for my selfless behaviour on behalf of the school and my kids? No, I will just be asked why I haven’t done the hoovering and cut the grass and tidied up those funny messy corners we all have. And if I moan that I feel tired or down or under pressure, I will receive no sympathy, because it’s all my own fault.

When will I ever learn? Three kids plus a job plus a house is plenty to keep me busy. I DON’T NEED TO DO ANY MORE.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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