Double Covid jabbed

It felt like I was the last person of my age to get my first Covid jab. Once I’d got it, I felt happy that I was that little bit safer. There had been such a strong message about the importance of that first vaccine and how it would make such a difference to the virus.

But as soon as I’d had my first jab, that message changed a bit. The Delta variant started rearing its ugly head. And everyone else was getting their second jabs. Once more, I felt left behind and a little bit unsafe.

Over the last few weeks, it feels like there has been a really sustained effort to get second jabs into people in their 40s and to get first jabs for the very youngest adults. I don’t think anyone has officially said that we are in a third wave of Covid, but the case numbers suggest we are.

16,000 new cases per day sounds pretty bad to me. It is definitely hitting the younger, unvaccinated population the hardest. In the past couple of weeks, my boys have had three friends test positive for Covid. One was ill for a few days, one had very mild symptoms and one had no symptoms at all. Which is kind of reassuring. At least the numbers of deaths and hospitalisations are staying low, but all the vaccination focus is on those all important second jabs.

I got my second jab last week, nine weeks after my first. And two days after my 19 year old son (well, he’s actually turned 20 since his jab). My son was especially happy to get his as he’s very keen to travel. But it looks like he’s going to need to be double jabbed before he can do that. While the UK government say he can go to Malta without quarantining, Malta won’t let anyone from the UK in without quarantining unless they’ve had two vaccinations. Which means he’s stuck in the UK for the foreseeable future.

So, whatever your priorities – staying well, seeing family and friends, going on holiday and/ or avoiding quarantine – those double jabs are essential for the months ahead.

I’m pleased to say my second jab was even slicker and quicker than the first. I even ran home afterwards. I had mild side effects the first time and had none this time, apart from a slightly aching arm. My husband had much worse side effects than me first time around and very mild side effects this time.

We’re still following all the rules, but it’s nice to know that we are that little bit safer now (or we will be in a couple of weeks when it’s kicked in fully).

Hopefully with lots more in our position, the Delta variant can sod off and leave us all to enjoy the remainder of the year in some sort of normality.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I had to wait nearly 13 weeks for my second jab, but all adults in our house are now double vaccinated apart from my eldest son, who has only had one. Now I have to think about my soon to be 16 yr old who also has underlying issues. But you are right, we all need to do this and get this virus under some control so we can get on with our lives.

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    • Wow, 13 weeks is a long time to wait. Glad to hear most of you are now double vaccinated though. It sound like a big decision about your nearly 16yo. My younger son will be 18 in October and can’t wait to get his jab.

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  2. That’s great news. I am glad everything went well and you have had your 2nd jab. The side effects were much easier to take with the 2nd dose for me too. x

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    • Thanks very much! It’s so good to get it done. I’ve heard of a couple of people who had worse side effects second time around, but it does seem like most people had fewer side effects from their second jabs. X

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