Lockdown 3: The end is in sight…

Well, the kids have gone back to school, we’ve got the government’s ‘road map’ and the end of lockdown 3 is in sight.

I don’t know about you, but every lockdown has felt very different, while also feeling very familiar. During lockdown 1, I counted the weeks for a long time. I remember everyone was so hung up on the end of the first three weeks and many people genuinely thought life would instantly get back to normal then. I wasn’t one of them, but I would never in my wildest dreams imagined that it still wouldn’t be normal nearly a year later.

Lockdown 2 in November was a very half-hearted lockdown in retrospect. The kids were still at school and it was a mere four weeks. A Mickey Mouse lockdown.

And here we are at lockdown 3. I haven’t counted the weeks at all. The only way I can have any idea of how long it’s been is the sheer number of crime dramas we’ve watched. It seems a really, really long time since we watched The Serpent and Traces.

I know a lot of people have found lockdown 3 the hardest. I don’t know whether I have or not. I guess I’ve just been resigned to it. We’ve got so used to restrictions over the last year that it doesn’t seem strange any more. It’s just life, isn’t it? The kids are at home (well they were until last week), the shops are closed and everybody’s hair is too long. I can hardly remember life being any other way.

But we’ve got our road map out now. As long as there are no catastrophes along the way, we will all have a lot more freedom from 12th April. The shops, gyms and hairdressers will be open again. Self-catering holidays will be allowed (but guess which family had a holiday booked for the week before?!), we can go to zoos and theme parks and we can eat or drink outside a pub or restaurant.

It won’t be quite ‘normal’, but as far as I’m concerned after all these months of restrictions, it’s normal enough. We’ll have the rule of six outdoors, but slightly better than the rule of six, because it’s six people or two households – so our family of five can meet up with my mum and dad at the same time. To me, that will feel like lockdown is over.

I know many people will still be waiting to meet others indoors and to be able to go to pubs and restaurants with their friends. I know businesses will be desperate for that to happen too. But I’m not going to get myself too excited about 21st June, when supposedly all restrictions will be lifted. We still have to be sure that everything is as safe as possible.

We’ve got a long way to go until then, but I’m just glad that there is some end in sight.

What do you think? Are you ready for lockdown 3 to be over? Are you worried about it?

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. At the first of the first lockdown I thought the kids would be off school for 3 weeks and then we would have some sort of rules but nothing like what has happened over the last year.
    This third lockdown has been the hardest. The gloomy weather and having full on home learning to do.
    It does feel like the end is in sight now but I don’t think all restrictions will be lifted on the 21st of June. I think that date will be pushed back. I am looking forward to my eldest being able to meet up with her girlfriend. They could now but want to be safe and wait until more restrictions lift which is very sensible of them x

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    • That is very sensible of your eldest and her girlfriend! It can’t have been easy for them. My son has been for a walk with his girlfriend once a week throughout lockdown 3.
      I haven’t found lockdown 3 any harder than the first lockdown, but I’m lucky that I don’t have to deal with home schooling as my kids are totally independent.
      At the moment I’m thinking the restrictions will be lifted on 21st June as the cases are falling so fast, but I suppose it depends a lot on what is happening in other countries too. x

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  2. I’m the same. Lockdown just is, it’s fine, just get on with it. Tbh, even when things opened up last year, apart from tennis we didn’t do anything. I went to National Trust once, we went to a safari park, but that was it. No eating out, no going out shopping or meeting up with people. I’m not ready for June to be everything open again. Tennis will be back, I need to book in a hair appointment (last one was Sept, Jan appt was lockdown), and get back to the dentist before they kick us off their NHS list. But I’m certainly not ready to go back to the office as it was before, much as I’d love to. I’d be happy come Sept, although we don’t know if there’ll need to be restrictions. There are some dance events booking in for August, but hundreds of people indoors, getting close with each other when it’s all hot and sweaty, no thanks. I don’t even particularly want to go back to the theatre, certainly not until we know what everyone vaccinated will do in autumn/winter. I’ve got rescheduled tickets for October I think, from last year. I have booked Christmas at Blenheim because I had priority access due to unused tickets last year. But we’ll just have to see what happens. I can’t see us being back to normal, just heading out and about at will like we used to – the OH will have a right old moan about that as he sees it as pointless car journeys. But maybe meeting friends outdoors and gradually getting back to a social life again. Fingers crossed, it’s just not too much opening all at once again.

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    • I feel like in our family we will go back to normal in the summer – just because our normal never involved going out that much anyway! We’re confident that athletics competitions will be on and we’ve got a holiday to Padstow booked and one to Center Parcs (rearranged from last year). I do have a concert in a very small, crowded venue which was rescheduled from December 2020 to 2021 and I will have to think carefully about that one!
      My daughter and I actually went to the theatre on 23rd December 2020 – it was a two-man show with a socially distanced audience and no interval, so it actually felt pretty safe. Who knows when we will be able to do anything like that again? The kids and I also went to the dentist in February half term, which also felt very safe. My son will lose his free appointments soon, so I wasn’t going to miss that!

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  3. It’s nice to have the roadmap towards getting out of it isn’t it? I’m so glad we’re pressing on with the vaccines. I really hope things go along as they should. I agree that the two households or six people rule is much better than just six people! I look forward to being able to take my children swimming and pop round to my dad’s. Nothing too exciting but those are the main things I’m missing!

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    • Exactly! It’s not the big things we need, just the small bits of normality! Hopefully not too long until you can go swimming and see your dad. x

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  4. Mine went back and then small boy is at home isolating after only 6 days at school. I don’t want to throw a downer on your optimism but it doesn’t feel over here yet.

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    • That’s so frustrating about your little boy. My daughter had the same (twice!) before Christmas and it’s not a lot of fun.
      I’m not counting my chickens, but I’m cautiously optimistic. Cases in our area are right down, there’s nobody left in ICU with Covid and neither of my kids’ schools has had a single positive test since they went back. Obviously the big one will be 12th April when a lot of things reopen.

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  5. Hard to feel too optimistic, better to be cautious than disappointed!! Taking one week at a time, will be interesting to see the knock on of return to schools first of all, then concern about levels of vaccine uptakes in the younger age groups. Is all a wait and see….

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    • It certainly is! I’m only ever cautiously optimistic and I’m not one of those people who is waiting for the pubs to open. One week at a time is definitely the best way to go.

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  6. Fingers crossed we are going on the right direction. Only my youngest is back at school from this week, but the boys mid-April. xx

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    • I’m sure we are going in the right direction! I hadn’t realised your boys weren’t back at school yet. That is still quite a long wait until they go back. x

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  7. The June 21st lockdown has already changed too hasn’t it (June 30th?). I am no longer thinking about the future just the immediate one. Like you two households being able to meet will make the world of difference. As will being able to meet in groups of 6 with other runners and swimmers.

    I have to say I am going to miss my husband when he finally works at the office again – it has been nice having him around. I will definitely feel much better when he is vaccinated too. People are definitely being a lot more complacent this lockdown I feel.

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    • I haven’t heard anything about a potential move to 30th June. My son won’t be happy about that as his birthday is 27th June!
      I haven’t really noticed more complacency around this lockdown, although the traffic on the road suggests more people are going out to work. It must have been nice having your husband around for all this time. My husband finds it far more productive (and comfortable!) in the office, so I totally understand why he has been going in. It makes sense when the place is empty.

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  8. This lockdown has been so different for me as I have worked full time all the way through leaving everyone else at home and I cannot wait for a break at the end of this week. I am cautiously optimistic, I was glad that the roadmap was a gradual process and that things are moving slowly as I think that is necessary. As for the teens, they are desperate to get back to sport and partying and haircuts!! |I can’t say I blame them either. It does feel like most people have already come out of lockdown already but we are still taking things slowly

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    • It must have been very strange to be going to work every day with everyone else at home. I’m not surprised you need a break! I’m cautiously optimistic about the road map too. Hopefully it’s sufficiently slow and going into spring and summer should be a help too. I haven’t seen that much evidence of people coming out of lockdown – possibly because I live in a village mainly full of old people! We certainly haven’t rushed things – I finally drove a short distance to go for a walk for the first time yesterday.

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