Coronavirus, lockdown and endless cancellations

If 2020 has taught us one thing (well, it’s taught us many… ), it’s that there’s not much point in making plans. Because coronavirus, the threat of lockdown and the potential for self-isolation are always waiting just around the corner to ruin everything.

I think a lot of us has had got a bit complacent, hadn’t we? Speaking personally, I was still following the rules that were there, and I think many people were. But I’d stopped worrying. The Covid-19 death rates, although still extremely sad, were down into low double figures and the infection rates were right down too.

Life was getting back to normal!

But of course it wasn’t. Not really.

The pubs reopened at the start of the July. Lots of us enjoyed selflessly eating half price meals during August for Eat Out to Help Out and the kids were finally back at school.

My son had even managed a handful of athletics competitions. He’d got a new long jump PB, then equalled it a couple of weeks later. He had one more competition booked to hopefully break the club record, which was just 3cm away and which he would definitely have broken in a ‘normal’ year with a normal number of competitions.

My daughter was also booked into one of the competitions. But she had a cold. Quite a bad cold. But definitely a cold. No temperature and she was very sneezy and bunged up. Sneezy and bunged up are not Covid-19 symptoms. Credit to her school, when she needed a day off for the bad cold they didn’t insist she had a coronavirus test. A huge proportion of her year group had the same cold and nearly all of them had a day off for it. (So the cold spread despite masks, hand sanitiser, one-way systems, year group bubbles, staggered break times etc etc.)

My son was very worried about the cold. If my daughter turned up to the competition with the cold, she could be turned away. And, as her brother, he could be turned away too. So we took the difficult decision that my daughter shouldn’t compete. Because, when there’s a global pandemic, perception is everything. You can’t be seen to be ill.

Even if it’s not coronavirus.

But of course the worry didn’t stop there. Two of my son’s friends had coronavirus tests. If they’d both tested positive, their entire year group would have been sent home for two weeks. If one of them had tested positive, their close associates would have been sent home for two weeks – including my son.

Elsewhere, my eldest’s best friend had also had a Covid test.

We’re in an area where the figures are low, but it felt like the threat of coronavirus was everywhere.

All my son wanted was for his friends to test negative and for him to avoid self-isolation for a few more days so he could do his final competition of the year.

In the meantime, the government announced further tightening of the restrictions. There was a return to working at home, even more mask wearing and the pubs and restaurants would close at 10pm.

So, of course, the inevitable happened. The athletics competition was cancelled. It had strict hygiene and social distancing measures in place, and sport is currently allowed. But no doubt the organisers felt they couldn’t take the risk and got cold feet.

So while my son could go to the pub with us, he couldn’t compete in a socially distanced outdoor athletics competition. He didn’t have to worry any more about who tested positive and whether he needed to go into self-isolation. (At least from the point of view of his athletics competition, obviously he would and should worry for other reasons.)

Because if 2020 has taught us one thing, it’s that there’s not much point in making plans. Coronavirus, the threat of lockdown and the potential for self-isolation are always waiting just around the corner to ruin everything.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. It is such a worry espcially when people close to you are being tested for coronavirus. I feel that we have been lucky so far. No one I know has had symptoms or has even been tested, well apart from my friend who works in a care home and she’s tested every week which I think is a bit pointless.
    I have given up planning anything, everything is so uncertain at the moment. Such a shame the competition was cancelled. x

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    • It was a real shame the competition was cancelled, and there was no need to cancel it, but I can understand people feeling nervous. All of the kids’ friends tested negative, but I’m sure there will be more scares in the coming months. I think it will be a long time before we can confidently plan anything. X

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  2. Ahh such a shame he couldn’t compete in his last competition. I do hope that next year will be a much better one. I am crossing my fingers that by next spring there will be a covid vaccine and a different US president and therefore 2021 will be better… although I know we’ve got brexit to look forward to as well but surely it can’t be any worse??

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    • Thanks very much. We definitely need life to get back to normal! I’m looking forward to the vaccine, and a new US president would be amazing. Brexit will no doubt be a challenge, but as you say, it probably can’t be any worse than the impact of Covid. X

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  3. I don’t know how things will play out. It is such a shame things keep getting cancelled. I hope they calm down and he can get back to normal xx

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    • Thanks very much, I really hope so too. It would be good if indoor athletics competitions could go ahead over winter. The numbers taking part are pretty low and I know that England Athletics are working on some guidance to help them go ahead. X

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  4. So many people affected, both directly and indirectly now, with the economics and job losses kicking in too there are no plans we can make, feels like living in limbo. My sons school have had a cold virus going around and I think too many people are having tests for such things when Covid is very specific isnt it. Keeping safe as we can and riding the storm is all we can do.

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    • You’re so right! I feel lucky that we haven’t been impacted financially, when so many people have. It will take years for jobs and the economy to recover. You’re right about the Covid tests. My daughter and a lot of her year group had a bad cold and I’m pleased the school didn’t insist they had tests when they clearly had cold symptoms.

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  5. I know exactly what you mean about it closing in on us, we have felt like that this week too but so far, all tests have been negative thank goodness! It is so frustrating at the moment for the kids with everything being cancelled and uncertain. My son is convinced that we will have another big lockdown and he is really stressed about it. I hope we don’t but I don’t think we will be back to normal any time soon

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    • That’s a relief that all the tests have been negative! All my boys’ friends tests were negative too, thank goodness. I don’t think we’ll go into full lockdown again either, but I agree with you that it will be a long time until we are back to normal.

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