The new bedroom

It’s over six years since we moved into our house and we’ve finally spent some time and money on our own bedroom.

When we moved in, we gave the whole house a lick of paint and had new carpets throughout. The whole thing was done in a matter of a few days. The kids’ bedrooms had a bit more attention – painted in colours of their choice. But the rest of the house was magnolia – the quickest way to get rid of floral wallpaper.

Since then, we’ve done a proper job on around one room a year. Last year, it was the lounge and the year before that it was our ensuite bathroom. Two of the kids’ rooms have also been repainted. But our own bedroom was a tip.

Our old house had built-in wardrobes, but there’s no such luxury here. Instead, we moved the boys’ old wardrobes (that we’d had since they were 7 and 4) into our room as a ‘temporary’ measure. Six years on, they were still there. As the wardrobes were quite big, they were also full of clutter.

I’m not the worst hoarder in the world, but I do like to keep ‘special’ things. And I tend to think more things are special than my husband or kids would. I’d been hiding special things in the wardrobes for six years. I also had a big area of the wardrobe dedicated to Christmas and birthday stuff and a random drawer containing a mixture of running gear and stationery. Basically, I’d bunged the stationery in with the running gear when we moved house as a way to transport it and had never found it a proper home.

I had a bedside drawer crammed full of receipts and more ‘special things’, an underwear drawer that wouldn’t shut and a massive pile of books by my bed. Not to mention the massive pile of books concealed in my wardrobe.

The bedroom was a tip (sadly I don’t have any photos of how bad it was).

A tip with large children’s wardrobes in it.

When we talked about redoing the bedroom, I’d just assumed we would get new wardrobes and paint the walls, but my husband had his heart set on everything new. (Buying new stuff doesn’t sit well with me, I worry about the environmental damage.)

We looked into fitted wardrobes. They would certainly make our bedroom looked tidier. Oh my goodness, fitted wardrobes are expensive! Even with so-called ‘reductions’, it was going to cost £4,500. FOR WARDROBES.

We didn’t get fitted wardrobes.

We went to Oak Furniture Land and looked at normal wardrobes that cost a normal amount of money.

Furniture, Bedroom, Wardrobes, Drawers, New bedroom

Then we looked at matching drawers and bedside tables and even a matching bed.

For less than £2,500 we got two wardrobes, two sets of drawers, two bedside tables and a bed. And they all look very nice.

Bedroom, Bed, New bedroom, Bedroom furniture

We also treated ourselves to a new carpet, new curtains and new bedding. Not to mention that much-needed lick of paint.

Decluttering was a nightmare. A lot of my books went to the charity shops and I kept a few of my favourites. I put my Christmas bits and pieces in a sensible big box and put it back in my wardrobe. I thinned down the special things. I probably didn’t need quite as many year 2 exercise books as I’d saved. My new drawer had room for all of my underwear and would shut!

Bedroom, Drawers, TV, New bedroom, Curtains

Our bedroom was finished two months ago and I’m so glad we took the plunge and went for everything new. (Although the pictures on the wall and the cushions on the bed are all old, not to mention our crap TV.) It looks so much nicer. The bedroom feels much more peaceful without the clutter.

Bedside table, Bedroom, Bedroom furniture, New bedroom

We’re still stuck with lighting from the 80s. The electrician came to give us a quote just before lockdown, so goodness knows when that will be done. We actually bought the lights back in January and now we’re not sure about our choice of ceiling light. We may have made the wrong decision on that.

Curtains, Window, Bedroom, New bedroom


My daughter has decided she wants a lot of our old furniture, so that is good. Some of her old furniture is being used in the spare room and even as storage in the garage, so there hasn’t been as much waste as I’d feared.

The only problem is that my collection of books is already growing again. I just need to pile a few books up by the bed…

Wardrobe, Furniture, Bedroom, Bedroom furniture, New bedroom



Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Looks lovely Sarah! Really like the grey furniture. Could you put up some shelves for all of your books? Sounds like you might need some!

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    • Thanks very much! We’re really pleased with it. We don’t have much space for shelves, plus my husband really hates shelves and books – he sees them as ‘clutter’.

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  2. What a lovely start! Now to keep your hoarding at bay (or at least hidden away in that lovely furniture!) and you have a nice blank canvas to add some of your personality to it? I think I’d start with small things like cushions, lamps, nice art for the walls and maybe something decorative for your drawers. Can’t wait to see the after piccies!

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    • Thanks very much! There is definitely a lot less space for hoarding now. We definitely need at least one more picture and we’ve got our new lighting to come, so it’s not quite finished yet.

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  3. It’s always our bedrooms which seem to be last on the list to get done up. We’re the same here.
    I love your bedroom. It looks lovely. The wardrobes and drawers are gorgeous. I’d love a matching bedroom like this. Everything in ours is a mismatch of things. lol x

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    • Thanks very much. We haven’t had a matching bedroom before and it is so nice to have! Glad it’s not just us that leaves ourselves until last. x

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  4. I’ve only ever bought one cheap wardrobe for the flat.. Every house I’ve owned or lived in has fitted ones and lots of space at that. Love the grey colour of the Wood, they look fab and I’m sure a few shelves would sort your book problem out

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    • You’re very lucky to have always had fitted wardrobes! It’s nice to finally have some decent ones and I’m sure we will keep these for a very long time. My husband isn’t a fan of shelves or books. I have now identified a place in the spare room I can probably keep a year’s worth of books. He doesn’t really go in there, so he won’t know I’m hiding them!

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  5. Sarah Your bedroom looks lovely, very bright airy and relaxing. I looked at these exact same wardrobes but I’ve gone for some which I can build the interiors ,myself as found that suits my clothing needs better. What type of light fitting have you got for? Im still undecided

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    • Thanks very much, I’m really pleased with all of the furniture. I didn’t know you could get wardrobes where you could build the interior. That sounds like a really good idea! You get the benefits of a fitted wardrobe without the crazy cost. We have bought a big light for the middle of the ceiling and now I’m not sure how well it will work. We should probably have gone for spotlights instead. We will take another look at it once an electrician is allowed back in the house!

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