Our Little Lies by Sue Watson

I can’t actually remember when and where I picked up Our Little Lies by Sue Watson. But I know I liked the sound of the blurb, so I thought I would give it a go.

Marianne has a beautiful house and three beautiful children. She is happy to stay at home and cook and clean, while her husband Simon works as a surgeon. Everything seems fine until Simon mentions Caroline, a colleague. Caroline is a young, beautiful and successful surgeon. Marianne is convinced they are having an affair, but is she right? And, by snooping on Caroline, is she playing a dangerous game?

This is Sue Watson’s first psychological thriller. She’s previously written 12 books about love, laughter and cake (I haven’t read any of them), so it is a real change for her. I’ll be honest, I found the first couple of chapters a bit clunky. I felt there was too much information being dropped into conversation and it didn’t seem natural. And all the descriptions of a beautiful kitchen and a perfect life all felt a bit chick-lit.

But that was the plan to draw the reader in. Because this isn’t chick-lit and Marianne’s life is far from perfect, despite the beautiful kitchen.

I soon found myself hooked on Marianne’s life. It was clear that either she or Simon was at fault, but I kept changing my mind about which of them it was. This has shades of two of BA Paris’s books – Behind Closed Doors (officially the scariest book I have ever read) and The Breakdown. It also has a twist at the end I really didn’t see coming.

Our Little Lies isn’t the best psychological thriller I’ve ever read, but it is an enjoyable and sometimes scary read. If you like a psychological thriller (and can gloss over the clunky first couple of chapters), I’m sure you will enjoy it.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. This sounds intriguing and I love a story with an unexpected twist. Will add it to my to read list, thanks for the warning about the first two chapters.


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    • You’re welcome! It’s definitely worth being aware of those first two chapters because I think they let the book down a bit.

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      • Currently reading this but struggling hence why I came to look at the reviews . I’ve just looked at the bottom of my kindle and I’m shocked to see I’m 50% through the book and nothings happened. Marianne is still whinging and putting up with the horrendous Simon . I want to carry on to see where it’s going but it’s certainly not holding my attention . It’s very boring

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        • It’s a shame that you’re not enjoying it. It’s a long time since I read it now, but I do remember there is a big twist at the end!

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    • I’ve always got lots of thrillers to recommend! Hope you enjoy this one.

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  2. I am usually good at spotting plots so do love an unexpected twist that catches me by surprise. I got confused as soon as you mentioned a woman who likes to cook and clean but then again, I am not that sort of woman or not all the time anyway which still seems to my lot here. I should get into this type of book I think as not my usual sort of thing and a change is good. #ReadWithMe

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    • I love thrillers and would recommend them to anyone, but they’re not everybody’s cup of tea. I am definitely not a woman who loves to cook and clean!

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  3. This ones sounds like it could have you on the edge of your seat at times! Thanks for sharing with #readwithme

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    • It was a real page turner! Definitely well worth a read.

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    • I’m sure you will enjoy this! The twist really took me by surprise.

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    • The cover is very similar to The Woman in the Window. I’m sure you would enjoy this one.

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    • Thanks! It’s definitely worth a read.

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