The car finally gets sorted

Regular reader to my blog, and followers of my moans on Twitter, will know that I’ve been having car issues for a while. Three months to be precise.

I won’t bore you with ALL the detail, but in a nutshell… My son passed his driving test at the start of October, after only three months of lessons. He was enjoying driving and I was enjoying having another driver in the house to take some of the pressure off me. At the end of November, somebody drove into him. The guy admitted liability to my son immediately and even let him photograph his documents.


For three months, my son became uninsurable. With the unresolved accident hanging over us, the insurance company gave me a quote for the two of us to drive an 11 year old Mini of £2,700 for the year! As my son was driving at the time of the accident, there was also potentially a £600 excess to pay, rather than the much lower excess had I been driving.

The damage to the car looked like nothing. But it was right on the corner, so actually affected four parts of the car. It even needed a new bonnet.

Car, Mini, Car accident, Son, Driving, The car finally gets sorted

I chased the insurance company many times over the three months, and still the guy hadn’t owned up. In the meantime, my car had to go into the garage to be fixed. It was going to be ‘eight or nine working days’, which sounded bad enough.

At lunchtime on day eight, I was told it would be ready later that afternoon. But then it failed its quality control. Basically, because my car had faded over the course of 11 years, the new bonnet didn’t match the rest of the car. So the whole car had to be resprayed. To be fair, this is a win, because I now have an immaculate car with no scratches. Then after it had been sprayed, it somehow randomly set on fire. I’ll be honest, that was a definite low point for me.

After the catalogue of errors along the way, I’d spent a lot of time worrying that my car would be the wrong colour. There are two shades of yellow Mini. Mine is a golden yellow and there is also more of a lemon yellow. Which I don’t really like. What if the bonnet was the lemon yellow shade and they’d painted the whole car to match?

It was a whole TWENTY NINE DAYS after my car went into the garage that it actually came home. And I’m pleased to say it was the right colour. But we still didn’t know whose insurance was paying for it.

Three months to the day after the accident, I got an email confirming that the other guy had admitted liability and that the accident therefore ‘shouldn’t’ affect my no-claims. Strangely, my son hasn’t asked to go back on the insurance yet. I think we’re all a little nervous about it happening again. But I think it’s also important that he doesn’t forget how to drive.

But in the meantime, I’m going to just be happy that the car issues have finally been resolved.

Car, Car repairs, 365, The car finally gets sorted

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Well I’m glad it’s all over, but it has gone on for an age. You do seem to have been particularly unlucky. I’m sure your son will get driving again soon once the dust has settled.

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    • Thanks very much! It’s such a relief that it’s finally sorted. It will be nice to have my son driving again, but maybe we will wait until after his A Levels now.

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  2. Oh, that’s really good. I’m glad it’s all resolved. What a total nightmare you’ve had though. I hope your son does go on the insurance again and it hasn’t knocked his confidence. It sounded like he did exactly the right thing throughout and behaved very maturely.

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    • Thanks very much, it has been a nightmare! I wouldn’t have thought it would knock my son’s confidence, but it’s strange that he hasn’t asked to go back on the insurance.

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  3. The car drama really has dragged on. I am so glad that the insurance is sorted now and the other guy admitted liability. I really hope it hasn’t put your son off driving. I do love your car. It’s so cute x

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    • Thanks very much, it’s such a relief to have it sorted at last! I love my car too. x

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  4. So glad it’s all resolved now Sarah, but what an absolute pain in the backside it has been for you. I hope too that it doesn’t put your son off driving as that would be such a shame x

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    • Thanks very much. It’s strange that my son hasn’t asked to go back on the insurance, but I don’t think it will really put him off driving. x

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