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Regular readers will know that my son recently passed his driving test. He passed first time and just three months after his 17th birthday. His instructor only started teaching at the start of the year and my son holds his current record for the least number of lessons before a pass – 19 and a half hours if you’re interested.

We couldn’t be more proud of my son for what he’s achieved. So what was the secret to his success? Was it just pure brilliance?

No, it was actually something much more mundane than that – PRACTICE. Practice, practice and more practice!

My son was very lucky that both my husband and I took him out for a lot of practice. He was driving practically every day from his 17th birthday onwards. He’d had something like six hours of practice before he even had his first lesson.

And don’t just take our word for it that practice works. Recent research by Veygo, learner driver insurers, showed that 90% of their learner driver insurance customers who have passed their test said private practice helped them pass.

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It stands to reason that private practice can help cut the cost of learning to drive, which we know can be super expensive – my son’s lessons were £25 each, but I’ve heard of lessons costing a lot more than that.

But isn’t insurance expensive too? I’m not going to lie to you, it is! But there are ways of making it more manageable.  Veygo aims to provide the best insurance options for learner drivers. Their learner driver insurance is temporary insurance on a family member or friend’s car and it is specifically for learners themselves, so if they crash (and we all hope they won’t), it won’t affect the car owner’s no-claims bonus. A learner can use temporary insurance for anything from two hours to 90 days.

We used temporary insurance for my son on my own insurance policy, which meant we could make sure we weren’t paying for him when were on holiday and he wasn’t driving the car. But Veygo would have given additional peace of mind, as he wouldn’t have been putting my own policy or no-claims bonus at risk.

I’m so glad that we did insure my son on my car and give him chance to do some extra driving while he was learning. I’m sure it has made him into a much more well-rounded driver, used to driving in all conditions and on all types of roads, and not just driving specifically to pass the test.

It’s just two weeks since he passed his test and he is continuing to drive and continuing to learn. He has driven with his siblings in the car and I am feeling increasingly confident about letting him go out. I’m hopeful that at some point it might even change my life, with him taking some of the mum taxi duties off my hands!

If your teenager (or even yourself) is thinking of learning to drive, I can’t recommend practice enough.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I completely agree on the practice front. Not being able to practice between lessons held me back significantly when I was learning to drive. Once I got a car to practice in (prior to my 3rd test) I came on in leaps and bounds. I went from a test with 3 majors and 8 minors, to passing with just 4 minors. Practice is essential. x

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    • Wow, that really made a difference to you! My son is lucky that his dad is so patient with him and was willing to put so much time into his practice. I took over in the last month, once I was sure he was already a pretty good driver! I definitely wouldn’t have had as much patience in the early days as my husband did. x

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  2. Having been through this process once already, I know only too well how expensive it all can be and I agree that letting them practise is so important, it is like any type of learning, one or two hours a week isn’t enough. He did so well to pass so quickly, he is lucky to have supportive parents to help him with it all and it is amazing that you have so much confidence in his driving already. I will have to make a note of Veygo and take a look when R starts driving, as that only a couple of years away.

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    • I know how bad I was at driving when I passed my test and my son is so much better than that! He’s lucky to have my husband because there’s no way I would have been brave enough to sit with him for the first few weeks!
      It’s only a couple of years until my younger son starts too, that time will fly.

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  3. I would have loved the chance to practise, but my parents didn’t drive so I never had the chance. It took me three attempts to pass and maybe that lack of practice was the reason. I like the idea of a flexible insurance that doesn’t put your no claims record at risk.

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    • I like the idea that it doesn’t put your own no claims bonus at risk too! I practised a bit with my dad, but nowhere near as much as my son did. I ended up having loads of lessons as I was very slow to learn!

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  4. I am a few years off needing this but I love this idea. The flexible insurance is great and also the lessons sound good and a great price too. Well done again to your son xx

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    • Thanks very much. The flexible insurance is a really good idea, I think.
      Apparently my son’s lessons were pretty reasonable compared to a lot, but it still gets really expensive! I’m glad he didn’t need too many of them. x

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  5. Such a good idea and I think my dad would have loved this for me many years ago. I’ll definitely be taking it out when the time comes!

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    • Thanks very much, it is a really good idea.
      I don’t think the insurance cost any more in our day! I remember people buying cars and they would insure them in their parents’ names with them as an additional driver so that it was cheap! I think things are far more sensible these days as we all know young drivers and new drivers can be a risk.

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  6. Your son did amazingly well! I couldn’t agree more with regard to practice, it concerns me a bit that we aren’t taking my daughter out more as her test is in less than a month. Thanks for the tip re: insurance .

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    • Good luck to your daughter! I think the practice really helped my son, but there’s plenty of learners who don’t have much. I didn’t have anywhere near as much as him when I was learning.

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