My daughter, the new earrings and me

Regular readers will have got the impression that I don’t care much about what I look like. And you would be absolutely right. I don’t follow fashion, I don’t buy new clothes, I don’t have a ‘summer wardrobe’ and a ‘winter wardrobe’, I just wear Superdry jeans, T-shirts and hoodies all year round. I wear them until they have holes in them. Oh, and I wear Primark earrings.

I have always worn mis-matched earrings, it’s a throwback to my teenage rebellion. I have three piercings in each ear and used to buy my earrings from ethnic shops. But when the ethnic shops closed down, I started buying them in Primark. In Primark you get something like nine pairs on a little card for a couple of quid. When one breaks or gets lost, I simply get another one off my cheap little Primark card.

But even I will acknowledge that my Primark earrings look a bit trashy. They’re crystal ones and they look a bit too big for my ears. And while I don’t care much what I look like, the image I’m going for is not ‘trashy’. One of my piercings gets a bit sore, so I have to spray it with antiseptic every now and then. My ears would probably be better off with silver earrings. But silver earrings cost money.

We’re not poor, not by any stretch of the imagination. But when you work for yourself, it really focuses the mind on money and how hard you actually have to work to come by it. I don’t think I’ve ever had a full week with no work at all, but I’ve certainly had three consecutive days. So I have days when I earn nothing and the occasional day when I earn over £100. I’ve had weeks where I’ve only earned £40 in total. And if you only earn £40 in a week, buying earrings is definitely not a priority.

My daughter is cut from different cloth to me. I think she’s far more closely related to my mum and sister than she is in me. She takes a lot of pride in her appearance, and that extends to her earrings. She did the cheap earrings thing soon after she got her ears pierced. Then she started wearing silver earrings from jewellers.

The other day, she decided she wanted some new earrings. So she went into H Samuel. While she was looking at the earrings, I said I really ought to get some silver ones because mine were from Primark.


My daughter was horrified that I, a grown woman and her own mother, should wear earrings from Primark.

‘Well I have got one from Sainsbury’s.’ (It’s actually silver and everything.)


Apparently even Sainsbury’s is pretty bad.

So my daughter persuaded me that maybe I should part with some of my hard-earned cash and buy some silver earrings from H Samuel, in the interests of both the health of my ears and of looking generally less trashy.

And I could see she had a point.

I parted with precisely £15.98 – £7.99 on a pair of plain silver studs and £7.99 on a pair of crystal silver studs.

And they do look a lot better. My ear isn’t even sore any more.

Why did it take a 12 year old child to see sense when I couldn’t see it myself?!

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oh I’m so glad that you treated yourself! They will definitely help your sore ear too.

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    • Thanks very much! When I think about it rationally, it was so silly to avoid spending money on them for so many years.

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  2. hehehe! You do need to treat yourself more often.
    I hope this means you get no more sore ears x

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    • Thanks very much, I probably do need to treat myself more often, it’s just not something I ever think to do! X

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  3. Insert the Parks and Rec treat yoself gif. Good for you!

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    • Ha ha, thanks very much!

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  4. Oh I totally relate to this! Working for yourself is so tough, I hate those weeks where I earn next to nothing and I am also terrible at treating myself to anything and it’s definitely for the same reason, it makes you feel like you don’t deserve it. But you do, and you’ll probably save more money on the spray for your sore ears in the long run than you spend on the good earrings!!

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    • Thanks very much, that is so true! When I think about it rationally, it’s such a small amount to spend. It’s good to know someone understands exactly where I’m coming from though. X

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