Things I love about summer – and things I don’t

I love spring and summer SO MUCH that I can barely explain it. I love everything about it. As soon as the days get a bit longer and the leaves start coming out on the trees, everything feels so much better. I am happier and the world is  just a nicer place to be.

Things I love about summer are:

  • Warmth
  • Sun
  • Light mornings
  • Light evenings
  • Leaves on trees
  • Flowers and blossom
  • Blue skies
  • Fresh air
  • Being outside more
  • Having the doors and windows open
  • Birds singing
  • The guineas getting out in the garden

Summer, Spring, Flowers, Things I love about summer - and things I don't


But the problem with loving summer so much, is that it’s always tinged with dread. Every time I look at the leaves or breathe in the fresh air or feel amazed that it’s still light outside at 9.30pm, I remember that it won’t last. That winter will come back.

And I hate winter every bit as much as I love summer.

Things I hate about winter are:

  • Cold
  • Dark mornings
  • Dark evenings
  • The lack of flowers and leaves

You get the picture, it’s all the opposites of the things I love about summer.

I’m not one of those people that loves to wrap up warm, shut the curtains and whack up the fire. I hate that stuff. I hate all of it. Which makes winter really hard.

I don’t even much like Christmas.

Funnily enough, I’m not one of those people that spends their whole lives wishing for Friday or the weekend or their holiday. I see that as wishing your life away and not a healthy way to live. But, even though I think that, I still do it about winter.

And every year, when the evenings start to get lighter in February, I am grateful that I have survived it, that winter was perhaps not quite as long as I’d thought it was. That I’d got used to it.

But when I see those first leaves and first spring flowers, I wonder again how I made it through the winter. Because winter is awful and summer is amazing.

So to get myself out of this endless cycle of loving summer and hating winter, I decided to think of some things I don’t like about summer and came up with:

  • Leg shaving (I know I don’t have to do it, but I do it for myself, and it is literally the most boring thing in the world)
  • Suncream (a necessary evil, particularly for someone on Roaccutane, but it’s such a faff and it’s a nightmare getting the kids to put it on)
  • Being too hot in the car (my husband’s car doesn’t have air conditioning and a long journey in the sun is horrible)
  • Insects (they’re welcome in the garden, but I don’t want flies buzzing round my house and particularly my food!)

But I’d still happily take leg shaving, suncream, being too hot in the car and insects in return for lovely long days, sunshine and leaves on the trees all year round!

And just for balance, here are the things I like about winter:

That’s it – one thing. And my daughter will probably only be doing two more and then I won’t even have that to be happy about in winter.

Do you particularly like or dislike any seasons? Or am I just odd?

Padstow, Harbour, Summer, Things I love about summer - and things I don't


Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. There are so many things to love about both seasons, but I agree with a lot of these x

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    • It’s good that you can find things to love about winter. I really struggle with it. I do like snow for a day or two, but generally it is very rare for us to get any (we had too much last winter!). I like the look of frost, it makes for beautiful photos, but it is just too cold for me! x

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  2. No I don’t think you are odd at all. I don’t mind the winter but there are lots of negatives, I do like Christmas but the month after is so depressing and I do hate the shorter days. I love the summer but I do hate having to wear summer clothes, I am much happier in winter clothes, layers and boots and I stick in them for as long as humanly possible.

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    • Thanks very much for not thinking I’m odd! I don’t have much distinction between summer and winter clothes – I basically wear jeans, hoodies and T-shirts all year round. I like Christmas day and the few days after it, but I don’t like the ridiculously long build-up and I certainly don’t get excited about it like a lot of people.

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