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I’ve been working at home on my own for over four years now and can honestly say it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Lots of people who work at home have a dedicated office space (or office corner!), but I’m a bit of a fidget, so the location of my home office varies depending on: my mood, the light, the temperature, the device I need to be using etc etc…

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The closest thing I have to a home office is my spare room. It has a desk, a desktop computer and a printer. It is where I work if I need to use Word or Excel or print anything. But it’s not great for using the internet as the wifi signal in there is a bit temperamental to say the least. It also has the BIG advantage of being warm in there, which, as my house is cold for about nine months of the year and I refuse to put the central heating on when I’m home alone, is a very good thing. Although I am perhaps being a bit silly there, because you can claim some expenses for working at home, for things like heating and lighting.

When the cold isn’t such a factor and I don’t need to use the printer, I prefer to work at the breakfast bar. My kitchen is a far nicer environment generally, the light is a whole lot better and so is the wifi signal.

New kitchen,

Sometimes, when I’m very bored (and perhaps cold), I will work on an armchair on the landing, which has the advantage of sunlight shining directly on it a lot of the time – it can make seeing the screen difficult, but it’s lovely for warmth.

When I started out, I had no idea how my work would go. I didn’t know whether I would need to take on staff or find an office outside the house. A lot of people find they outgrow their home offices when they start their own businesses. If you find you have outgrown your home office space, it is a good idea to get in touch with Commercial Estate Agents.

It hasn’t happened for me yet and maybe it never will. But who knows what is around the corner? I might just land one big contract and suddenly I need to expand. And, if I do, you can bet I will move to somewhere that is warm enough all year round and the wifi signal isn’t dodgy!

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  1. I always find it interesting to read about how other people organise working from home. We have a study which has a computer and printer in it but it tends to be hubby’s space if he is working for home as I find it too isolating in there plus the room tends to be cold. I have a much smaller desk and computer in one corner of our living room next to the window which is a much nicer place to work – it’s next to the radiator and the window next to the desk looks out on our garden. I tend to find I prefer the computer to the laptop but occasionally I’ll work at the dining room table on a laptop if I need more space for paperwork.

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    • It’s nice to have a few options, isn’t it? When my husband works at home, he always just works in the kitchen. I don’t know how he can cope with the kids and the noise around him! The spare room is definitely a more attractive option for me in winter because it’s warmer, but generally I prefer the light and the space of the kitchen.

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  2. How has it been 4 years since you started working from home, I remember clearly when you left your job and started freelance. At least you have an office, mine is the dining room table (or sat on the sofa where I am now) x

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    • It’s crazy, isn’t it? Those four years have flown by. I’m glad I’ve got the office for when it’s cold (or I need to use the printer!), but I generally prefer working in the kitchen.

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  3. I have a home office and a pic Mac that has been completely taken over by my daughter for the last 4 months – revision notes everywhere! Now that I’ve got a macbook, I actually like moving around the house to different places depending on my mood. I get bored easily so this helps me to concentrate! xx

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    • I know I struggled a bit last year with my son taking over my computer and my office for revision. Of course I couldn’t complain about it because it was necessary, but it did sometimes make work difficult. I agree that moving around the house helps to concentrate. I am a real fidget! x

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  4. We do have an office or study but I tend to tuck up on the sofa or even in bed with my laptop when I am working from home. I should get into better habits really but I like being comfortable. I love your kitchen, it is gorgeous.

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    • Thanks very much, I love my kitchen too! I’ve never worked in bed, even when I’ve been very cold and have very rarely worked on the sofa. I think sitting on a hard chair, even if it’s in the kitchen, helps me to be in the right frame of mind for work.

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