My not-so-new house – the endless project

We’ve now been in our house over three and a half years. Is it finished? Is it beautiful? No and not everywhere. The kitchen is beautiful, the main bathroom is beautiful, the downstairs toilet is beautiful, but some parts of it are still not great.

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We decorated the kids’ rooms before we’d even moved in (and we decorated our younger son’s room again last year), whereas our own bedroom was just literally somewhere to sleep. We moved it around a couple of years ago and the space works better, but we are still using the wardrobes the boys had at the old house when they were tiny. And I bought some bedding entirely on the basis that it was cheap. I like bright stuff, but it’s a bit too loud. So our bedroom needs a bit of work to make it feel more relaxing.

Bedroom, Bed, Bedding, Our not so new house

Realistically, we’re going to be stuck with our wardrobes for a few more years (dance lessons, school trips, school uniform and endless new trainers and football boots don’t leave us with a lot of spare cash), but there is more we could do to make the room feel like a bedroom. Changing the colour of one of the walls would be good, as would one or two nice new pictures. They don’t need to be expensive.

As we move towards winter, the garden becomes less demanding and we tend to spend more time working on the house. Getting the bedroom sorted will be a really positive step.

But it won’t be the end. I’ve talked before about our horrible pink 1980s ensuite, which I’ve been desperate to get replaced for years. I live in hope that maybe it will happen next spring. Now not only does the shower not work, the toilet doesn’t work either. The bathroom exists entirely for teeth cleaning and face washing.

After that we’ve ‘only’ got the upstairs toilet (yes, we do have four toilets), the utility room and a few unfinished window frames to sort out. And by the time we’ve finished those, the kids’ rooms will need decorating again. Our house really is an endless project!



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  1. Mine & my fella’s bedroom is the only room we haven’t decorated properly since we moved in here 7 years ago. It is always at the bottom of the list. Oh my goodness! 4 toilets. We only have the one and it is a long walk from upstairs in the middle of the night. hehehe Good luck for getting your pink bathroom replaced. It really isn’t nice. x

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    • Us parents are always bottom of the list, aren’t we? My husband is talking about decorating my daughter’s room at Christmas, rather than ours! Four toilets is a bit much! Three would be quite nice though. I can’t wait to get the awful pink bathroom sorted.

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  2. Oh I know this feeling, I’ve had my house for 13 years and it’s still nowhere near as I want it, we have so much work to do and no time or money for it!

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    • It’s so frustrating! We will get there in the end, by which time some bits will probably need doing again! x

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