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June is always a busy month for us. We have two birthdays and other stuff just keeps cropping up all the time. Our lives are always busy anyway, with three kids, three schools (OK, not right now) and loads of after school activities. But this year, with one child just finished GCSEs and one about to leave primary school, June has taken on a whole new level of craziness. Things that I should be enjoying just become a massive chore to get through because there’s so many of them and I just need to get through one thing before getting on to the next.

Well, apart from seeing Little Mix. That wasn’t a slog or a chore, that was totally amazing and I would recommend anyone to go and see them.

This is what last week was like. This is in addition to all of the usual extra-curricular stuff we do – five dance lessons a week, Scouts, Explorers, athletics club etc etc:

  • Wednesday – daughter’s swimming gala
  • Wednesday – daughter’s school concert
  • Thursday – daughter’s secondary school open evening
  • Friday to Sunday – boys at different camps (I had a two and a half hour round trip to take eldest to his)
  • Friday – daughter’s athletics competition
  • Friday – daughter’s friend staying over because his parents were away (not a ‘proper’ sleepover!)
  • Saturday – daughter’s dance show dress rehearsal
  • Saturday – we went to see Little Mix!
  • Sunday – daughter’s dance show (including me chaperoning for five hours)

Phew! What a week! It would be better this week, right?

Maybe not.

  • Monday – son’s prom
  • Tuesday – son’s 16th birthday! (That’s not a chore or a slog either)
  • Tuesday – daughter’s sports day
  • Wednesday – small family birthday party for son (not a chore or a slog)
  • Thursday – younger son doctor’s appointment
  • Thursday – son’s 6th form induction
  • Friday – younger son’s inset day
  • Friday to Sunday – daughter and eldest on different Scout camps (including driving them to both camps)

It’s not going to get much easier in July either. This whole leaving school thing means loads of extra activities, plus the induction days for the new school. Then there is at least one child camping every weekend until the middle of July.

Maybe I’ll get a break in August before we descend into September and new school madness…

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I think I wrote a post very similar to this a couple of years ago (funny that?) and I love the end of term but also quietly dread it as it is so full of things, there literally aren’t enough hours in the day, week or month. By the time we get to the summer holidays, I need six weeks to recover!

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    • I’m not surprised you wrote something similar! Wouldn’t it be lovely if all this stuff was spread out over several months so we could actually enjoy it, rather than it become an exercise in survival?!

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    • Thanks very much! I think I should get the break in August, when school and all the hobbies are taking a break!

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  2. Oh wow! You are so busy….
    This time of year does get a little crazy with the end of term. Our calendar is full of just school things.
    I hope you get a rest when school finishes x

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    • Thanks very much! I know June always gets busy for us, but I’m sure this is the busiest one yet! x

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  3. With my eldest leaving elementary, and youngest leaving preschool, added to the usual chaos this year, our June was a bit like this! Thank goodness we’re on holiday now 🙂

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    • Enjoy it! It sounds like a very similar situation to ours. The schools do like to cram a lot in when kids are finishing – it’s great for giving them lovely memories, but exhausting for the parents!

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  4. Sarah,

    I’m exhausted just reading all this!
    You’ll need that break in August, to get ready for son 1 starting A-levels and daughter starting grammar-school.
    Can you fit in a nap during lunchtime?

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    • Eeek! It’s not exactly going to be an easy ride in September either, is it? Plus my younger son’s school is always especially full-on at the start of the year too.
      I have no idea how to nap!

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  5. Oh wow that’s crazy busy. Ours hasn’t been too bad so far bit I hope you get your break! This whole changing schools thing is a lot though isn’t it.

    We go to see little mix in November can’t wait!

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    • There’s so much work involved in changing schools! Not to mention doing GCSEs too… You will love Little Mix! They’re amazing.

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  6. Oh my goodness Sarah, you need a break! Although I must say I’m always more productive when I’ve got more going on, you sort of have to be don’t you?

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    • I so need a break! I’ve hardly got any work done lately as there simply aren’t enough hours in the day/ week. Work is like a hobby I fit between giving the kids lifts at the moment! x

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  7. Oh God this sounds like my life Sarah, I’m exhausted! We’ve got proms and transition and moving my eldest out of halls! We’ll need a holiday after this. X

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    • Oh goodness, moving your eldest out of halls too! Thank goodness one of my kids is only in year 8, so he’s not so full-on! x

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  8. Sheesh that is a lot and our July is starting to look a bit like this. We’re trying to split ourselves so that we can take turns and go to everything z related as well as go to work…and we’ve only got the one school kid yet!

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    • Our July is terrible too! Pretty much everything falls to me as I only work part-time and husband’s work is full-on at all times. It definitely gets worse with more kids!

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  9. I guess that’s what my mum’s life was like with us too – I did music, sport and dance, and my brother was really sporty too. I do wish N would be keener to try new things like music and other sports, but I’m glad in a way he doesn’t. Because tennis once a week outside school, and swimming once a week is quite enough!

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    • I did a few hobbies as a kid, but not as much as this. N is still very young to do lots of stuff. We didn’t do anything other than swimming until the boys were about 10 and 7.

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